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TLP, Come Claim Your Prize!

On December 19, 2011, a friendly wager was entered into between myself and The Licensed Pessimist on who would be selected first in the draft. While closer than I anticipated, Luck prevailed as the...

Rumor: Grossi Removed from Browns Beat at PD


Title says it all. This courteous of Vince at

Colts Fire the Polians


The significance of this for Browns fans is that Irsay is apparently the biggest Manning fan out there, and the Polians were the ones interested in using the pick on Luck.

Cleveland Scene Browns Year in Review


Peter Pattakos (aka Frowns) has an interesting albeit expected take on the Browns season to date. I know some of you can't stand the amount of Mangini love he has, but some of his points in this article are pretty hard to disagree with.


Free Agency List

Official Free Agency List   If I am the Browns, I would make plays for these guys mainly from category 5 which is Unrestricted Free Agents. This list does not include guys who are likely to be cut...


Updated List of Draft Profiles

Here is the current composite of the draft profiles that have been done by the DBN community. The original authors can update their older fanposts with combine numbers and anything else if they...


DBN Draft Player Profiles

I thought it would be a good idea for DBN commenters to sign up for a player and create a draft player profile for some of the prospects in the upcoming draft. As draft time approaches, we could...

The Latest on Roberto Alomar


More HIV claims and domestic trouble for Alomar. Interesting article ahead of his likely Hall of Fame induction this year.

NYTimes article on Mangini


Offers a look at how he has changed as a coach his second go. Also includes some perspective on his days with the Jets.

Lerner Speaks? Part 1


Lerner who has been mostly hidden since hiring Holmgren, speaks for the first time in awhile that I can remember. I believe this will be a series of articles with excerpts from the interview. Measured responses as I expected, anxious to see what else there is.

Grossi and Shaun Rogers are Friendly


TonyGrossi #Browns NT Shaun Rogers is expected to talk today 1st time since camp opened July 31. Does anybody care? #nfl. QBComa92 @TonyGrossi no so u don't ask me any of your dumb... questions then

Could Colby Rasmus be available in the offseason?


This is a bit O/T, but there appears to be a rift between Rasmus and Tony LaRussa. If there is any way the Cards org decides they still want TLR around next year and Rasmus might be available, this is the kind of player the Indians need to strike on, especially given what we have in the OF.

Marcus Benard - Impact Rusher?


Grossi article on a LB making a name for himself.

Are defensive metrics reliable?


Colin Wyers at BPro with a very interesting article about some assumptions that have been made in the Sabermetric community concerning defensive stats. How reliable really are stats like UZR and WAR?

Colt McCoy would like to play for the Browns


Says Holmgren compared him to Steve Young and Joe Montana. Sign me up for either Young or Montana.

Brandon Marshall traded to Miami


For this year's 2nd and what is thought to be a 2nd next year. Upon completion of his physical, Marshall is also expected to sign a new deal making him the highest paid WR in the NFL with almost $30 million guaranteed.

Santonio Holmes Traded to the Jets


I have given the Steelers a hard time for holding a double standard for their more talented players, so kudos for ditching Holmes.

Fact: Joe Thomas is an Outstanding Human Being


Great read about Thomas's USO trip to Afghanistan. The emails in the sidebar are especially worth reading.


The Pittsburgh Steelers are Hypocrites?

I was wondering to myself recently whether or not the Steelers would punish Roethlisberger even if he were to escape legal trouble after his most recent "incident."  Suddenly, I recalled a similar...

One scout said of Indians third base prospect Lonnie Chisenhall, "He's going to be a star. He's a...


One scout said of Indians third base prospect Lonnie Chisenhall, "He's going to be a star. He's a bad---.'' (He meant that in a good way.) The scout said he sees him as the next George Brett but didn't wish to put Brett's name between quotes in a comparison because Brett "did get 3,000 hits.'' via Jon Heyman


If I don't give you the best chance of winning! Do what's best for both parties, it's simple either...


If I don't give you the best chance of winning! Do what's best for both parties, it's simple either pay me or let me go somewhere else! -D'Qwell Jackson via Twitter


Donte Stallworth Released


Not surprisingly, Stallworth has been released. The right decision given both his off-field incident combined with his remaining contract.


2010 Draft Thread (part 3) - Can Eric Berry slip to the Browns?

So I did a little research yesterday about what the teams in front of us will be looking for by visiting the other SBN sites. I think overall fans tend to have a pretty good grasp of what direction...

Cribbs and Agent Insulted by Browns Offer


Cribbs also tweets about the situation: "Thanks everyone, I love playing for the browns & put my all in to it, but it doesn't look good 4me at this point on returning... I don't believe I made the to do list for the team in 2010...."

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