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SuperBowl XLVI: Giants vs Patriots -- A Biased Preview


You never get much sympathy as a casual Patriots fan living in Texas, especially in Dallas where the Rovers have made our base camp. There may not be a more hated club in America than Foxboro's...

Previewing LSU vs. Bama: The Rematch


I think most of us are well aware that the BCS is a farce and an insult to college football in virtually every regard of its existence. It gives us meaningless games that divert College Football's...

2011 Texas Longhorn Defense in Review


Since I've primarily focused on Diaz and the defense this year I thought I would review the year, what we accomplished, and how. I've broken down the review into pieces: the stats of our play, our...

Nickel Rover's All Big 12 Teams


The Nickel position has become one of the most important in football. When you see the Jets move Darrelle Revis to the slot against the Patriots you are seeing confirmation of a definite shift in...

Kansas State and Other Thoughts


BCS Standings I'm intrigued by the possibility of LSU losing a game (SEC championship game, Georgia, or Arkansas) and then losing their chance at a title to Alabama or Oregon. One common argument...

Manny Diaz versus the Spread Offense


The offenses Diaz faced in the SEC were generally running-oriented and one of our biggest questions for him heading into the season is how he would handle the way Big 12 coordinators fling the ball...

Losing the Point of Attack


Texas has won the battle in the trenches against the Sooners for the last several years. Generally, the defensive line on each side tends to have the advantage and I'm suspicious that both schools...

Ground and Pound: How Texas Can Beat OU


The Sooners under Bob Stoops have made their hay with an aggressive, quick strike offense and physical defense that exploits known tendencies -- a combo that has led to some humiliating final...

Weekend Developments


No screen shots for you this week, instead I'd like to hit on a bunch of themes from the weekend. This should not have have happened. 768 yards of total offense, 600 of it rushing. Such futility is...

Manny Diaz's 4-5-6 defense


It's everywhere you want to be. At this point in the season Texas has not been tested downfield in the passing game by an opponent and consequently our only sack has come from a defensive tackle...

Bringing the storm clouds: Defense against the run


I'd like to zoom in on our defense's execution of Diaz's mantra of "Stop the run, hit the quarterback" in game 1. At first glance, it would appear that we failed miserably but given that we allowed...

Reliving the Wishbone: Now and Then


I'm still curious about what else HarsinWhite 2011 has in mind for our Wildcat packages this season. The Jesus was dead on about having 2 different operators for those schemes (Shipley and Fozzy so...

The Harsin Offense: Making Complexity a Single-edged Sword


We've heard a lot in the practice reports about how Harsin's strategies include installing a large variety of formations and looks that put too much on tape for opposing coordinators to be able to...

Dream Wagon: Drivers and Horses


Priority one for Mack this fall is obviously determining the Quarterback to hold the reins for the dream wagon. I have an opinion or two on that front but it's important to note that the horses...

Texas vs. the Big 12, Pt. II


We're back from the Dallas Zoo where the mountain lion hides in the shade and the tattooed handler feeds mice to the bearded lizards before your eyes! In part I, we examined the lesser squads of...

Texas Longhorns vs. the Big 12 - Part I


Greetings travelers, While the introduction of round-robin scheduling led Bellmont to assure everyone that Texas would schedule more interesting games before conference play, in the year 2011...

Shoring up the defense


Greetings tote baggers, I'm back from Maui and settled in to Dallas where the Nickel Rover office has relocated and added some permanent staffing. Today I'd like to talk about the defense beyond...

Coming back to the middle


Listening to Ari Tempkin of all people, defender of Greg Davis, I overheard a fascinating point and stat about our 2010 Texas Longhorn football team that offered some intense insight into our...

NBA Finals stakes


NBA: Some of you may have noticed I was fairly off in my predictions for the Conference finals. If you didn't read that piece, do you remember which teams lost the series while only winning 1 game...

The limits of Air Power


NBA: Before the playoffs started I had (not in writing, sadly) LA-OKC and Chicago-Miami as my final four with the younger Bulls overcoming the Thunder for a finals victory. Dallas surprised me,...

Pro Talk


The Draft: I noticed that Todd McShay had Dareus as the best player in the draft and there have been some evaluations and Sports "science" stuff to indicate that he's a better prospect than...

Thoughts on Texas Longhorns Spring Game


Pro Insipiente: I'm a fan of apologetics with CS Lewis and GK Chesterton numbering amongst my favorite writers, and with that in mind I'd like to make an Apologia for my continued faith in Garrett...

Texas on the cutting edge


I was in the Tavern the other night, just hanging out with a good friend, and it turned out to have been the chosen location for an Alabama NIT basketball game viewing. I wasn't totally aware of my...

Achilles Heel? Rick Barnes' Tournament History


I believe we can all agree that this is one of the finer Rick Barnes teams we've seen at Texas, although we can't totally judge it against the previous greats before we see the tournament...

Spring Evaluations


Football: Diaz and 2 perceived leaders of the team (Gideon and Okafor) met with the media the other day, you may have read about it and noticed Oak's comment that seemed to imply that we were no...

Troubleshooting 2011: Offense


None of us want to relive the experience of watching the 2010 Texas Offense handle the football like a Monkey trying to peel a banana while tripping on acid. Greg Davis and Mack's attempts to build...

Troubleshooting 2011


Last year Scipio wrote an insightful pair of columns on matchups in the Big 12 "on the edge". There was a big gap between edge rushers and good offensive tackles and another gap between the have's...

Filling in the gaps


SuperBowl: Green Bay won, or so I heard on the Radio whilst identifying a Wandering Atrial Pacemaker rhythm and cursing my weekend schedule. I thought the Packers were a fairly close approximation...

Mack’s New Strategery: Defense


Mack maintained his new policy of finding fresh, young blood for the program with the Manny Diaz hire that everyone seems to be in love with. I love that he's another up and coming coach, I love...

Mack’s New Strategery: Offense


And we're back. Personally I've been navigating a move within Austin, an engagement to the future Mrs. Nickel Rover, and the end of my laptop's pathetic life. Mack has been similarly busy as we are...

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