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Mack's vision for Texas


"The most important strategic decision a head coach makes, whether new to a team, or established, is which offense to run. His choice of offense determines what kind of personnel he needs, how...

What our new staff should look like


Judging from the lists of defensive coordinators going traveling the rumour mill you might guess that "African American" is a qualifier for the next defensive coordinator. Somehow much of the...

Clowned again


Escaping the Circus: Nickel Rover labs had to be shut down over the Thanksgiving weekend to handle some transportation equipment malfunctions, computer issues, and other personal matters. Most of...

The House built on Sand


Most of us are probably eager to move on to basketball season after experienceing the pleasing aroma of Texas' 90-84 sacrifice compared to the burnt offering of baboon stool offered by Mack Brown...

Summa Spreadologiae


I'd like to start this post by repenting for overlooking the way Colt played here by brushing aside his accomplishments in my praise of Gilbert's natural skills. I still believe Gilbert has the...

The Replacements


Greetings disgruntled receivers of misfit toys, the Nickel Rover labs have been running at full steam to understand how things have gone so poorly. Early results have been unsurprising and we'll...

Core Strength: Our identity


We saw a glimpse of this team's identity after they submitted their 2nd dominant defensive performance and paired it with special teams and offensive football that was actually designed to take...

Rollin down Rodeo


Bye Week: Longhorn football chugged along in the off week and managed to overcome existential despair in one of the more meaningful wins in the Mack Brown era and then some other stuff happened. J...

Understanding this man...


Lest there be any confusion, my goal here is not to prevent the hatred of Greg Davis, I'm as frustrated as anyone with the product that has been on the field thus far in the season which is quickly...

Coming Out Of The Shell


They say that the team that runs for more yards has won every game since 1997 in this series, but of course Scipio partially rebuts the importance of that stat in the podcast with NorthDallasSooner...

Strategic Incompetence


How many offenses have the Wide Receiver stand still and wait for the ball at the LOS on a corner blitz? Two, Texas and UCLA. UCLA did the same thing on an Aaron Williams blitz and saw the same...

Finding Identity


Thesis: Last year's Alabama team did not have an offense that struck fear into the hearts of Texas fans. Apart from the OSU games the previous season there were few examples on tape of a team...

Test 1


Football: First of all, if the hog call hasn't become a highlight of your week you must be living either a richer or considerably duller life than my own. Blake's insight on the line and the proper...

Vision, tools and execution: what I learned about the offense from DVR


It is becoming increasingly evident that Greg Davis sat down this summer and had the following thought process, Our running game is poor from the shotgun spread and it prevents us from executing...

Vanilla Retractable Roof


Open wide barkers, wider than the Texas passing attack Saturday cause I'm going to stick another thought or two about the Rice game down your collective pie-hole. For all our sakes we're going to...

Occam's Muschamp


Taylor Bible was expected to be a dynamite 3-tech for Texas when he signed as a part of the 2010 freshman class. He very well may still be a dynamite 3-tech prospect, provided his conditioning...

Protect Your Head: NFL Preview Part II


A couple of additional thoughts on the depth chart, if it's true that Calvin Howell is worried about his propensity for concussions I'm on board with whatever he chooses to do about it. A football...

That Other League: NFL Preview Part 1


The Depth Chart is out, as you must be aware, and Scipio has opined here and here. I don't have a ton to add, it was very encouraging in its deployment of youth and had a typical surprise with...

Measuring up to the Rival


One of my favorite preseason rituals is to match up the good guys with the land thieves across all the positions and note which squad is stronger where. As a general rule OU rules RB and LB while...

Muschamp's evil plan to save the world...


...Just you wait till it's unfurled. Scipio covers much of it in his DT/DE/LB post along with his thoughts on the defensive backs. Like the rest of you I have been devouring his unit write-ups like...

Why the Offense Fails/Succeeds


Texas fans have normally taken to Greg Davis' West Coast offense like Spartans confronted with the choice of using the English Longbow. "Whats with these pussy short passes? Bubble screen, are you...

Texas Longhorns - Open Practice 1


Coming into practice we already knew the secondary was money, the bigger concern was OL play, running scheme, receiver quality, basically everything having to do with the offense. Coming out of...

As we head downhill towards Rice


That was the catchphrase used by Greg Davis in describing the progress of the offense in fall camp if you watch his practice report at Mack's site. Despite that cheesy and not clearly positive...

Texas 2-gap


Football: Amongst the innovations of the spread we've seen a return to the double eagle defense, or the bear defense, to get numbers back for the defense. Does anyone remember this? It was mostly...

Outdated offense


Football: Texas under Greg Davis has run some of the same passing concepts with different quarterbacks generally to great effect against the rest of the league. This is the OC that made Hines Ward...

Dealing with Pests: Pt. II


I was searching around the interwebs for some opinions to aid me in a planned ranking of the best offensive systems of the Big 12 in the 00's (FanTakers, still open to insights if you have them)...

Nickel Rover of the year


Scipio Tex presented the preseason All-Big 12 list with all its typical flaws and missed names. Ultimately these lists typically highlight the players perceived as best fairly well while still...

Around FanTake


Football: Over at Better Off Red, our husker site, blogger Nate posted a top 25 for the coming year. After ranking the Big 12 offenses the other day I can appreciate the effort and research that...

Dealing with pests


Football: I found a scorpion in my house the other day returning from work. Every summer they resiliently appear and this one approached with me claws out and tiny stinger raised high. It's...

Fear and loathing in the offensive coaches' meeting


Football: When reading Scipio's write-up on impact freshman on offense and his bleak thoughts regarding the quality of the 2010-11 offense I was reminded of one of the fundamental flaws in the...

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