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Assuming there isn't a lockout...


Lot's of big names have been signing and moving in the NBA offseason. If you were clueless to this and wish to become inform yourself you can read Dick's review of "the decision" by LeBron James. ...

Expected yield from the corn harvest


Football: Today I wanted to examine the schedule and pick out Texas' trouble spots but first there was a Huckleberry post that warrants mentioning. If you've read my recent NBA stuff you know I've...

Intelligent investment


I'm currently holding Peter Bean's "The Eyes of Texas" 2010 preseason mag in my hands and...okay it's not literally in my hands or I wouldn't be typing, but I have it and it's excellent. Within...

Rise of the Spaniard


NBA Finals concluding thoughts: No playoff opponent was able to follow the recipe for defeating the Lakers despite Bynum's bad knee because the exceptional play of their 2 main stars wouldn't allow...

Locking it up


Conference realignment: Trips Right wrapped up the conclusion (for now) of the drama and the final result of Texas remaining in the Big 12. Now you can expect only 2 columns a day here explaining...

*$#% the Lobsterbacks!


World Cup: Short of visiting the pitchmen, where they actually know about soccer and don't hide lack of knowledge with exuberance, or simply checking out Trips' thoughts on the upcoming...

in defense of the king


NBA: The King James Version of the 2010 NBA season has come under heavy fire from alleged scholars. Bill Simmons ripped LeBron James for not coming out sooner with a quote declaring his preference...

Seizing Tyche's gifts


First things first, Ken Griffey Jr. retired. When I was a kid in the 90s Griffey was the coolest superstar baseball had to offer. His menacing swing that looked like a deep fly ball waiting to...

Rickshaws and Stats


Hello everybody, Trips, Scipio and I managed to break back into the BC cubicle using a rickshaw we stole from a homeless man as a battering ram. Consequently I can regale you with my thoughts on...



Basketball: Now that Avery is gone and now that both he and James have a shot to go in the lottery the 2009-10 season looks even worse. I argued a few times that the team would be better not...

Rebuilding the Barnes Corp


Basketball: Rick Barnes is rebuilding his army in a typically impressive fashion targeting a 6'11" face-up big man from UTEP who PB at BON notes is just the right fit for the Texas high screen...

The heat of a 1,000 fiery suns


Football: In lieu of more conference realignment talk and in a fit of obvious boredom Scipio went ahead and made the case that Mack Brown owes his excellence to the acquisitions of Vince Young and...

Early depth charts and new predictions


Football: After noticing a tepid response to my post on the NBA playoffs and reading a dissatisfying thread on hornfans for this topic I figured why not make a post-spring depth chart with some...

Dangers in the wild west


Basketball: Over at Icemen they have your primer for the classic Western Conference rematch we have come to know and anticipate: Suns v. Spurs. JRo covers the need for team defense from the Spurs...

The amazing value of pigs


Did y'all know that pigs can catch eat rattlesnakes and will even seek them out as favored meals? I have only recently absorbed this information and am often surprised by what I learn about the...

The Big 12 in the pros


Football: For a fantastic draft summary and several Scipio quips check here and then report back here for the view from the Nickel Rover draft command center I constructed in the Barking Carnival...

Around the Horns


Football: Scipio chimed in late with thoughts on the spring game, both offensive and defensive. He also gave us a thesis on Malcolm Brown, the great hope for the Muschamp offense era (power running...

Forecasting Champions


Football: Notre Dame has baptized the next head coach and we now hear everything that didn't work out with Herr Commandant Weiss. TaylorTRoom's first question for a new head coach is, "what offense...

Fudge Dragons


Football: It's never too early for recruiting and I love the WWI reference by Scipio in his thoughts on the 2011 class. You can't throw more bodies at a problem, but you can always through throw...

Jack and Jill struggled up the hill


Football: Quarterbacks, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Scipio did a little review of the Jon Gruden quarterback camp featured on ESPN while NateHeupel chimed in with a little extra on...

Favorable matchups


Basketball: Since Avery Bradley is likely departing that leaves us with the Trips Right plan for 2010. Barnes failure to land players that fit his scheme and can be long-term program contributors...

First Principles


Art/Culture: Blah blah hilarious new Scipio piece blah blah. Is it time that Team America:World Police was recognized as one of the greatest comedies ever made? Nickel Rover says yes. Quotability,...

The once and future king


As if you all weren't probably oversaturated with Spring game analysis after the great jobs done by Minnesotahorn and ChrisApplewhite I'm going to add a few of my thoughts gathered from live...

Paying homage


Football: Lots of good stuff written recently and interesting developments in the Longhorn world. Were you all aware that you can watch the Texas football team play on Sunday? 4 pm, DKR, free. B...

Offseason amusements


Football: GhostofBigRoy has another strong wrap-up this time of Mack thoughts about spring practice. There is a lot to digest from it including: Aaron Williams handling punt returns. Given his...

Around the Horns


Football: There was another nugget from the spring quotes Scipio disseminated which was the move to left guard for Michael Huey. Last year's Ulatoski, Tanner, Hall, Huey, Hix had virtually zero...

Heroic figures


Basketball: How about WV and Butler in the final four? Duke could be the only no. 1 seed in the final four, if you were somehow oblivious to this fact. This has all been chronicled with excellence...

Emulating the Broncos


Scipio Tex/Football: In some of my recent work-related absences (3 12-hour shifts in a row) Scipio has been cranking out some great reads. Most recently he tackled the strange circumstances of B...

What to do with Aaron Williams


Football: I read an excellent bit on matching coverages to multiple fronts that got me thinking about how Muschamp will utilize his veteran corners next season. Last year Aaron Williams was...

The fall of Rome


Oklahoma: We all remember the terrible period between 2000 and 2005 when Stoops' squads would murder Texas every year and make examples out of 2-3 Big 12 teams. Then their run of terror in the Big...

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