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What KaPaRo? All Hail VuMuTo!


Dude. Adrian Mutu. Before we get carried away with dreams of a MutuVuci partnership in front, punching holes in stripe-wearing defenses left and right courtesy of hot, fresh, perfectly-baked...

Damn Right


Finally, someone who Prade might actually *hear* has spoken, and the good news is that he agrees with us: "If we want to compete with Inter, Milan and Juventus, we need at least two more...

They Say That "Knowing is Half the Battle."


So what do we know at this point anyway? Not friggin’ much, to be honest. While we're waiting for news to break, here’s a quick rundown to kill some time: We’re day two post-Mutufest, and...

Introducing THE KRAKEN (and More Mercato Monotony)


As some of us have noted, actual, concrete news has been in short supply lately, leaving us to roam the dark alleys of the calcio "media" (if you want to call it that) looking for something real to...

Mutaquintagliarelltista, & Other Sure Things


Here’s the deal: I’m starting out with Mutu, *not* because it’s the biggest news, but because this ongoing drama irks me to no end, and I’d like to get it out of the way. Anyway, I’ll direct this...

Did Somebody Say Mutu's Definitely a No-Go?


Well, If that’s the case, Il Capitano didn’t get the memo. Apparently, when asked about the transfer market, he brought up the need for a striker, and in the next breath he extolled the virtues of...

Venerdi Vitriol ! (and some Mercato musings)


The Roman Derby was Lazio’s most important game of the season. Francesco Totti even laid flowers in front of the Curva Nord, purely because he’s classy. Add to that the fact that Lazio’s European...

Aquilani Fights Jesus ! A Behind the Calcio special


Here’s one of my famous free translations for some pre Madrid Pleasure about the Totti-Aquilani Romanita fight they had. Let’s say scuffle. The excellent original article can be found here. I...

Disorganised Mercato Thoughts before Madrid


* game ''review'' is here Here’s a Pot-Pourri, a Melting pot, a ramassis of Mercato stuff : Let's get right in to this ! So it seems like la Roma is interested in half of La Viola ? Gazzetta is...

Roma 4-0 Parma, Romacambolesque !


Roma - Parma This 4-0 win has to be a good moral boost for the boys before the Midweek trip to Madrid. Nice Goals scored by Aquilani, Totti and Vucinic + a Giulio Falcone gift. All of that...

Luciano Spalletti knows about Turnover ?!?


This will be short and sweet (ok maybe not sweet, but definitely short) seeing how the game starts in about 27 minutes as of…now. Roma start their crucial month of March with a game in Parma, If...

Inter – Roma, Unconditional Calcio Love


38 games a season and it all comes down to this one! Inter - Roma La Liga’s big clashes manage to catch my eye but I can’t seem to get excited about the Ping Pong-ish style of The Premiership....

Roma 1 – 0 Fiorentina, Serie At it’s Best!


Roma - Fiorentina This is what happens when Cicinho starts ! Roma managed to fend off Prandelli's purple posse to gain some ground in the (re?)Opened Scudetto race. Oprah promised us a Soaring...

Video Of The Day : Cicinho à La Zampa


Now that's what i call a team effort! Cicinho 's 1st Serie A goal with a little bit of Carlo Zampa Craziness. He actually screamed gol for about 17 seconds! 2 of my favorite Giallorossi united...

Oprah presents ; The Color Purple in Rome


Roma – Fiorentina That’s right; the color purple is coming to town and is bringing Adrian Mutu along. Oprah assures us that this encounter will be nothing less than ''Joyful and soaring!'' Now...



Tensions mount as Roma await Real Reports say That Aquilani poked fun at Panucci and a little scuffle ensued. OMR was supposedly speaking to Mexès about getting a Tattoo when Alberto butted in to...

An Open Letter to Luciano...


We’re now 11 point away from Argentina, Fark! What a crappy day in football. Breakfast in front of an Inter win (to the hands of Livorno, di piu !) Followed by an afternoon with DP and ADP....

Video Of The Day : Bad V- DAY ? Need No Fear…


…Tim Minchin is here! For those who had a bad V- Day (Valentine’s day, not Beppe Grillo's Vaffanculo day) caused by a non-valentine having situation or just because that romantic supper turned into...

Video Of The Day : David Pizarro !?


In honour of Chris’s long awaited return here’s a video of his favourite player. El chilean magician manages to divide giallorossi opinion like no other player. If you ask TGIP, he’s the closest...

Video Of The Day : Amantino di Dio !


Amantino Mancini has been in excellent form recently, stepovers and all. I guess, a huge part of the credit goes to Manuela Arcuri for hooking him up with a nice Italian girl * that manages to push...

Martedi Mercato ; Matteo Moves to Milan ?


Not exactly the same stripes, but you get the idea Ferrari’s contract at Roma is ending at the end of the season and his renewal isn’t going well. Seems like Matteo Ferrari is headed to AC Milan...

Lots of Lunedì Leftovers


You ain’t goin’ nowhere Aqui ! Black, Blue and Aquilani. I’ll deal with Aquilani situation. It’s a little too e Sensitive a subject for Chris to tackle. I mean it would be like a surgeon operating...

Roma 2- 0 Reggina, Roma back to their Winning Ways


Roma – Reggina Roma shrug off the 1st away defeat of the season by beating basement boys Reggina. Finally, 3 points against a relegation battler! It wasn’t a convincing one, but 3 points is 3...

Roma- Reggina, Bring on the Basement Boys


It’s on Saturday!?! My bad, completely forgot Roma - Reggina Roma will be welcoming southern basement boys Reggina to the Olympico on Saturday night. La Magica is looking to prove that the Siena...

Bronzetti Speaks about Roma’s Mercato !


Ernesto Bronzetti, Famous La Liga Mediator, the man who brokered the Cicinho and Giuly deals, the fat, bald, stereotypical Italian peddler, always has something to say. For no justifiable reason...

Italia 3 - 1 Portugal, Blue Boys kicked Portugese Coq !


After seeing the Azzurrini beat reigning U21 Euro champs Holland on Tuesday, the Big boys decided to spank C. Ronaldo and friends 3-1 on Wednesday night! The Azzurri started off the match in their...

Video Of The Day : Italy - Portugal Goals !


Italy's 3-1 win over C. Ronaldo's Portugal in Zurich is a great morale boost for the Azzurri. They have started 2008 well. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. Here are the goals,...

Video Of The Day : Caressa Show !


I'll put up the goals as soon as there findable on the net. In the mean time, here are some good old priceless Caressa memories. It's been played ad nauseam but I just can't get enough of this...

Awaiting the Austrian Swisses, Italia vs Portugal Preview


* Free Azzurrini fix right here Italia - Portogallo It’s international soccer time again! Italy will be facing Portugal in Zurich on Wednesday. It’ll be their first match since 2004. Both teams...

In Bocca Al Lupo !


* Azzurrini update right here ! Hi guys, I'm Marco form The Livorno page a.k.a. Marco420, some of you might remember me from comments such as: ''Forza Roma !'' and ''Cicinho is a Star, Spal...

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