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More national pub for our guy


Maybe one of the most pro-John Wall articles I've read (non-BF of course) since May 2010.


An out of division rival?

My roommate posed this question to me the other day and I was not really sure what to say, so I thought I'd pose the question to the community. Do we have a rival besides our NFC East Opponents a...


Crazy Trade Idea

I usually am not a fan of posts like these b/c a) they usually never work out and b) they are usually totally crazy. But what do you guys think about trading for Pau Gasol? He's heading into the...

Remember this?


Hope this brightens everyone's day!

Boycott Myron Medcalf


"John Wall plays for the Washington Wizards. That will change at some point."


What to do with all these young forwards?

Assuming the Wizards draft either Otto Porter or Anthony Bennett on Thursday, we will have the following players that need minutes at the 3 or the 4 next year: Porter/Bennet, Ariza, Vesely,...

Lots of Wizards stuff from Sharp's Lottery breakdown from grant land


FWIW I think having Sharp on staff at grantland will raise the wizards Q rating tremendously. If we start getting on national TV more next season it wont be because of Wall/Beal (Porter/Bennet/KEVIN LOVE). It'll be because Andrew Sharp is fighting the good fight.

Simmon's Annual Top 50 Trade Value Piece Part 2


Includes both Bradley and John (seriously we need a good nickname for the both of them). The Beal piece is ok. The Wall piece is not. has the 10 best plays of the Wizard's season


Lots of John Wall and Bradley Beal. Not a lot of anyone else.

Wonder what the Hibachi is doing?


Someday they will make an "Eastbound and Down" like series about Gilbert Arenas. I will watch it, I will laugh, but I will also cry a little bit.

From this week's year end SI - "Fans looking to read up on the Dallas Cowboys by going to...


From this week's year end SI - "Fans looking to read up on the Dallas Cowboys by going to will find a gay dating site that defines itself as for the "country western cowboy looking for a man to ride into the sunset with". Hilarious stuff.

Kevin Kerr of Sports Illustrated

Wizards gearing up to make a play?

In the NBA, you need superstars to be true contenders. Usually, at least 2. LeBron/Wade, Kobe/Howard(Shaq), Westbrook/Durant, etc. Oftentimes, these "superstar" players go to new teams as a result...

Another star wants immediate gratification or out


Looks like Kevin Love is tired of the "losing culture" in Minnesota and wants out. He wants to be "surrounded by better players". Sound familiar? You know what would be nice to hear, just once? Something like this: "Even though I was an all-star last year, there are still holes in my game and I am working hard on correcting them. I believe in what we are doing here and I will try my best to lead the team to the playoffs next year, especially since I just signed a 4 year deal." Wishful thinking I guess

A little different look on this year's draft class


ESPN's Doug Gottlieb gives us his top 30, and it looks a lot different from the standard AD, T-Rob, MKG, Beal mocks that have been floating around the blogosphere. Worth a read even if just to get a different perspective.


The Case for Bradley Beal

There's a month until the draft. The lottery is tomorrow, and we all know how that is going to play out (Wizards pick 4th or 5th with the historically bad Bobcats, the newly owned and Chris...

Grantland on the state of the Wizards


interesting look from an outsiders perspective

Drummond thinking about returning for Soph. Year


DA DUM DUM!!! One more top prospect is deciding to take the "Tracee Hamilton" route and return for a second year of college. Let's hope this doesn't start a "return to school" movement like last year wrecking the draft class and the Wizard's rebuild.


Why "patience" is not gonna work

I initally applauded Ted's "patience" plan. Building through the draft seemed like the the right thing to do. It worked for OKC right? A variation of this idea worked in a number of different... has the Wiz picking #1 overall


Just thought this was interesting, they updated the projected order or this upcoming draft and we're projected with the #1 pick. Andre Drummond tho? Not sure about that.


How worried are y'all about Wall

I know I'm risking sounding like a blasphemer here but after the pre-season and the first couple games this season, is any one here getting seriously worried about Wall? He doesn't look like the...



  Is it just me or does it seem like our top pick in this past year's draft is kind of dogging it this summer? I mean if I was a highly touted, yet mostly unknown to the American public,...

Drew VS. Goodman LA vs. DC August 20


probably the best thing we're going to see in a while. Plus maybe Durant will realize how much fun playing with John Wall in his hometown is.


The forward log-jam

based on BNIE's most recent article, the Wizards have 5 players competing for minutes at the SF slot - Booker, Lewis, Vesely, Singleton, and Owens. Booker, Lewis, and Vesely could also see time at...


Ok, I've calmed down, and I think we're gonna be ok

When I first heard "Jan Vesely" come out of Stern's mouth, I immediately took a big swing of the scotch I was drinking. I then, in my despair I turned off the draft and watched a movie. Now that...

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