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Could Buffalo take a WR in the first?

We all know that Buffalo's biggest need is for an improved pass rush. Of course, we've all know that for quite some time and CHIX has done what about it again? Oh, yeah, bring aboard a gimpy...


Interesting GM Possibility

I'm on record for calling for the end of the Buddy Nix tenure. Here are a few concrete examples of why I don't believe that he is the man to lead the Bills back to relevance: Kelsay got a fat...


Never Saw It Coming

I had predicted a Broncos win in the Moderators Picks. Not only that, I had gone so far as to suggest that the Broncos would roll up enough rushing yards to threaten the single game record. (I'm...


Why Won't Bills Extend Johnson Now?

This angers me. The link is to a story on PFT in which Johnson states: “We tried to do our negotiating and it was turned down,” Johnson said Wednesday, via the Associated Press. I know it...

Bills 31, Eagles 24: Notes From The O-Line, Week 5


Notes from the Buffalo Bills' offensive line from their 31-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.


Thoughts On Our Buffalo Bills O-Line Notes

I began to look in depth at the Buffalo Bills' offensive line several years ago. Buffalo's line, at that point, included Melvin Fowler and Duke Preston. There was much back-and-forth (on another...

Notes From The Buffalo Bills' O-Line: First Quarter Grades


Grading the Buffalo Bills' offensive line with a quarter of the season complete.

Bengals 23, Bills 20: Notes From The O-Line, Week 4


The Buffalo Bills' offensive line really struggled with a stout Cincinnati Bengals defensive front in Week 4.

Bills 34, Patriots 31: Notes From the O-Line, Week 3


The Buffalo Bills' offensive line made mistakes early against the New England Patriots, but had corrected them by game's end.

Bills 38, Raiders 35: Notes From The O-Line, Week 2


Notes from the Buffalo Bills' impressive offensive line performance in their 38-35 win over the Oakland Raiders.

Bills 41, Chiefs 7: Notes From The O-Line, Week 1


Buffalo Rumblings' O-Line guru, Ron From NM, likes what he saw from Demetrius Bell in Week 1 against Kansas City.

State Of The Buffalo Bills' Offensive Line


Buffalo Rumblings' offensive line guru, 'Ron From NM', makes a pre-regular season assessment of the Bills' offensive line. (It's shaky.)

Classic Bills Fan Image


Fans in Lee Evans and Brian Moorman old jerseys on Fakeposters.com...


Notes From The O-Line: Detroit Lions

It's been hard to watch the offensive line during the preseason. The lack of OTAs and shuffling hasn't helped. The first two drives of this game (the last two drives of the preseason) featured what...


Lack of offseason killing Bills

The lack of OTAs and mini-camps is absolutely killing Buffalo. Far too many positions are in a state of flux: LT: Bell has struggled. He's been beaten cleanly several times in the past couple of...


Evans-less Over/Under

First, let me say that I'm ever so pissed that the Bills converted yet another first round pick into a mid round selection. I can accept it for a guy like Maybin, who hasn't accomplished anything...


Acceptable Lee Evans Compensation Poll

Well, apparently the deal is going through. We don't yet know who is trading for Evans. Arizona and Baltimore have been rumored to be interested. While it goes against the Colts' recent history, I...


The Drew Rosenhaus Client Poll

Yes, Drew Rosenhaus can be a royal pain. He and T.O. did a lot of damage in Philly and engineered an unseemly exit. On the other hand, Rosenhaus and T.O. had a fairly quiet ride in Buffalo--T.O.'s...


Any Interest In Taylor Mays?

With Donte Whitner apparently heading to San Francisco (unless, you know, he has a sudden change of heart and gives the 49ers the same finger he just gave to the Bengals) Taylor Mays has become...


Donte Whitner Poll

I've been in full-on hermit mode the past week and have been reading just about everything I can about the goings-on in free agency. Being football deprived tends to do that to me. With all that...


A rare burst of positivity

I'm known for being something less than upbeat, more like one of the site curmudgeons. However, I've got to say that I've been delighted here lately for several reasons: Football is back. The...


Impending Free Agency

Here's what we know: We don't know when free agency will begin. It is believed that free agency will begin with a week or so of the finalization of the new CBA. The theory is that teams will...


Bills Gear on NFLshop.com

I was on nflshop.com this morning looking for new Bills gear. They do have a couple of new items, like the new polo. (The back of the polo reportedly looks much like the front, with white shoulders...


New Uniform Poll

The long awaited unveiling finally took place at Ralph Wilson stadium. (Sidebar: I didn't see Ralph Wilson there in the streaming video. If he indeed wasn't there should we be concerned?) After...


On The New CBA

PFT has a story up about how small market teams could be hurt by the new CBA. That's hardly news. This tidbit in the story did catch my eye: The proverbial elephant in the room remains, for the...


What Will You Do On 6/24?

It's hard to believe but we're less than a week away from flushing down the memory hole the hideous Montreal Alouette inspired (really doesn't seem like the right word) uniforms that the Bills have...


Is There Ever Any Good Maybin News?

I was reading the Tim Graham article linked in the morning roundup section, mainly checking out the highlighted comments about Fitz throwing for 4000 yards this year. That, by the way, would be...


Whitner Says He Wants To Stay

PFT has picked up a story that came out sometime last week about Donte Whitner's reaction to comments by Buddy Nix. Here's Nix's quote: “Donte Whitner I don’t think wants to be here, and he...


I see dead people....

...or at least horrifying draft scenarios that will keep me awake tonight. Nix said the Bills won't take a receiver. He's also said that he's a pathological liar this time of the year. The first...


My Stab At Buffalo's First Two Rounds

As always, I haven't adjusted pick numbers to reflect compensatory selections as those compensatory selections have zero trade value. Everything I've read about Carolina points to Newton. The guy...

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