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Detroit Pistons - Denver Nuggets - Houston Rockets - Utah Jazz trade for the win!


The perfect summertime blockbuster. It would spell the end of the Jith/Drummroe Wars for certain. The Pistons ostensibly receive a 2015 top-1 protected 1st rounder from Denver. Denver and/or Houston send a second-round pick to Utah for their participation to keep the overstocked roster burden off of Detroit and Denver. Denver, of course, is thrilled - pretty decent consolation prize for missing out on their pursuit of Kevin Love (which they could restart at the trade deadline with their new assets) without giving up The Manimal. Houston possibly saves its summer, with a starting lineup that simultaneously becomes better defensively and offensively by putting the Jith in their proper places in the hierarchy. And, again, Utah gets a couple free picks and effectively expires Steve Novak (who would be useless for them but could help a Denver team trying to make it back to the post season). The Pistons final lineup: C Andre Drummond PF Terrence Jones SF Wilson Chandler SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope PG Patrick Beverly 1 Jodie Meeks 2 DJ Augustin 3 Javale McGee 4 Kyle Singler 5 Jonas Jerebko 6 Donatas Motiejunas 7 Caron Butler 8 Cartier Martin 9 Spencer Dinwiddie (until healthy) 10 Aaron Gray A balanced, inexpensive lineup of youth and veterans with talent and skill - what a concept! Make it happen, SVG!

Detroit Pistons should team up with Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers to acquire Kevin Love


They have the assets to acquire him between the three of them, everyone would get what they want (a future protected pick may go to Philly), and Kevin Love's trade value at or before the deadline will be higher than that of Greg Monroe, Josh Smith, and Brandon Jennings combined. This would be the best deal Flip Saunders is likely to see, let alone Stan Van Gundy, Sam Hinkie, and Vivek Ranadive's front office.


We could have had Chandler Parsons; instead we were signing Jodie Meeks and Aaron Gray.

We could have had Chandler Parsons; instead we were signing Jodie Meeks and Aaron Gray.We could have had Chandler Parsons; instead we were signing Jodie Meeks and Aaron Gray. We could have had...

Greg may block Pistons matching rights?


Kinda disturbing article from MLive's David Mayo about the possibility of Moose taking the QO, getting Monroe the heck out of Dodge with the Pistons receiving nothing in return. THANKS, JOE DUMARS!

Andre Drummond vs Thomas Robinson: college narrative vs NBA reality


Saw this on everyone's favorite website, RealGM. It's an excerpt from Jonathan Tjarks's book about the NBA draft. I post it here because he gives a neat assessment of Andre Drummond and how scouts were looking at the wrong things, allowing him to slip to #9 in the draft. Here's a bit I really liked: "If [Drummond] were an NFL prospect, the draft conversation around him would be much different. The NFL scouts would have taken one look at him in the combine and lost their mind - Drummond had measurables as good as any prospect coming into the NBA in the last generation." Yeah. We have that guy.

My new Detroit Pistons draft-night dream SENAIO


I had a whole thing written up describing why each team would do it, then then accidentally refreshed the window. When, oh when, will everything we write auto-save to the cloud? Anyway, our lineup ends up looking something like this: Starters: C Drummond PF Monroe SF Harkless SG KCP PG Nelson --- Bench: C Jorts PF JJ SF Singler SG Thornton PG Dinwiddie PF Mitchell SF Taylor SF Datome (free agent) (free agent) Thoughts?

Are the Hawks hunting Moose?


Speculation, rumor, and innuendo that Atlanta may be coming after Greg Monroe.


DBB glossary or meme reference?

Now that we're in the offseason dead zone, I was thinking: Is there, or can their be, a DBB primer for rookie posters? Somethign that kinda gets one caught up with the jargon and hip lingo and...

Best news I've heard all day?


Please let the #Pacers be dumb enough to let Frank Vogel walk. I would love to have him and Nate McMillan (if they shake up the entire staff) on our bench next season.


Don't hate the player; hate the game: a deeper dive into theories about why this Josh Smith thing isn't working.

A year ago, everyone was happy! What happened? Once upon a time in this glorious thread, after much commenting and gnashing of teeth, MFShinons* sayeth, And you enjoy telling yourself that...

Season-saver trade: Pistons/Suns/T-Wolves/Clippers


Extremely low-risk, high-reward trade for all involved except for the Pistons, but the Pistons need to be willing to take risks. Few people here would consider losing Josh a risk however ...


Passing Lanes ARD: Everybody pulls the trigger

Inspired by a comment by MF Awesome.Hog, this is my take on the challenge offered to take over the franchise from now through the summer and describe how things would be different. I'm doing this...


Passing Lanes ARD: Trade Rumors!

Inspired by MF Awesome.Hog, I have taken up the challenge offered to me and _________ to take over the franchise from now through the summer and describe how things would be different. I proposed...


Passing Lanes: An Alternate Reality Divergence for My Detroit Pistons (Move #1: JoD's lookin' for a j-o-b)

Inspired by MF Awesome.Hog, I have taken up the challenge offered to me and ________ to take over the franchise from now through the summer and describe how things would be different. I proposed...


Why the Pistons need a "Josh Smith": a primer on stretch bigs

Amid all the debate surrounding the relative values, virtues, and vices of Josh Smith and Greg Monroe, I've been pretty surprised with the amount of bafflement I've seen lately about the impact of...

"Who Says No?!": More Trade Machine Fun


Sadly, this batch of Pistons is not cookin' so good. But, there's hope! Here's another wacky trade to solve all our problems, featuring a hometown SF, buying low on an All-Star PG, solving the floor spacing problems at PF, and everyone's favorite charity - Young Players Without Draft Picks.

Andre Drummond: Second-best sophomore?


Fun piece from TrueHoop. They like Andre.

Another Trade to End All Trades


Detroit gets the better of the Denver or NYK 1st rounder as well (likely a lottery pick). This will also probably result in Detroit falling into the top 8 of the lottery and retaining their own lottery pick, too. Thoughts?


Twas The Night Before Moosepocalypse, a.k.a. The Hacky Christmas Post

From November through Christmas, across DBB, We all hoped for a competent dude at the 3. The standings were remarkably strange in the East With Detroit playoff bound since Andre'd been a beast. ...


In case I don't have the opportunity to piss people off anymore before the 26th ...

MFMP, KS, Nobody-Beats-The Kriz, *Shinions, 1997grinchsauce, smackdabinthemiddle, the time traveler, and every other awesome person haunting, trolling, and/or edifying these boards, you've made me...

Sorry, Kriz. I think I just really want this trade to happen.

Sweetmooselogo Yes, it's a multi-team deal. Yes, it involves 14 players. Yes, it involves trading Moose. BUT, I think it would make us so much better in the long run, with the team as it is now, that it would be worth it.

For Glory! Bad Boys all day on NBA TV


Check it out. Starting at 10 a.m., they're showing Bad Boys-era Pistons games all day for the next 24 hours on NBA TV. Some epic matchups. Check the schedule in the link or on your TV box.

For DBB brethren who care: Fantasy Football League!


We are drafting a fantasy league TONIGHT! My crew of Detroit faithful. The deetz: Join Here: League ID: 1861107 League Password: football

BDL on Brandon Jennings coming to the Pistons


Another good Ball Don't Lie piece about the Pistons acquisition of Brandon Jennings.

Interesting story on Josh Smith's prospects with the Pistons


Ball Don't Lie did a nice piece that I thought everyone would get a kick out of.


The Finishing Move: What the Detroit Pistons should do to cap one crazy summer

As the Detroit Pistons enter the home stretch of their most active offseason in several years, the controversy surrounding the acquisitions via draft, free agency and trade of Kentavious...

It's OK to be excited now.


Hey, you know what? I agree. It's scary. The numbers indicate that these guys will need to do things they've never done before in order to be successful. But, they are doing something they've never done before. They're playing together. This team has never existed in the past, so the numbers, though meaningful, must be taken with a grain of salt if we want to make reasonable projections. The sheer number of above-average passers alone will alter how this offense works. Maybe talent will win out. At this point, I just think it will. I think they're a 4-5 seed in the East. Of course, if we can somehow trade Stuckey and a draft pick for Wilson Chandler and Anthony Randolph, I'd feel even better ...


Post Your Insane Trades Here.

I was just getting kinda sick of seeing them in the "normal" threads (as if any of our threads are feeling very normal these days), then I thought, "well, I feel like posting some nutty trades of...


Swivel-Chair GM: A Hypothetical Trade Scenario to Save Your Moose, Detroit Pistons Fans

There is a way out. With all the grim, whispery conviction of a conspiracy theorist in a tin foil hat, I bring you this wildly unlikely put possible trade scenario, based on nothing more than the...

Detroit's point guard options

DBB reader Ron MarsHall lists potential free agent options and trade targets the Pistons should consider to take over the starting point guard spot.

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