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Spurs are playing Carlisle United tonight in the Capital One cup. I am a resident of Carlisle and...


Spurs are playing Carlisle United tonight in the Capital One cup. I am a resident of Carlisle and so will be trying to track down the Spurs team before/after the game - any requests if I am successful?

Evidence that Chelsea don't care about the Club World Cup


Oscar reveals Chelsea aren't bothered about the Club World Cup. Guess this supports Graham's ascertion that we don't care about 'friendly' cup competitions.


A perspective on the decision not to sign a new striker

It would seem to me that Chelsea were having an excellent transfer window - getting all their business done early and signing up some hot young talent. Then deadline day came and somehow it all...


The magic of 82

Just for fun I thought it would be interesting to try and set a points target for the club for the season. Below are the points totals of first and second place over the last 12 seasons: 2011-12...

Madrid pull a Chelsea a la Robinho


What a debacle - guess Modric is off to Citeh then.


Recipe no 4. Didier Drogba - Aloko

By special request - the recipe series has been extended to include club legends. Drogba rightfully holds that title and this is his offering as a quick snack. Can also be served as part of a main...

Mirror launches extraordinary attack


To be fair some generally interesting points are made in the article. That said - I still wouldn't trust em.


Recipe no 3 - Frank Lampard - Chicken Milanese and Penne Arrabiata

Its the one we have all be waiting for - what does 'fat' Frank love to eat? Frank is a big fan of Italian food and loves the opportunity to load up on carbs and protein. Take it away Frank.


Was Jol talking about Chelsea?

Martin Jol has been talking to the press about his best players wanting to leave. Sadly it seems as if Fulham could well be relegation fodder this season looking at how things are panning out....


Moura or Oscar?

It seems very clear now that we are imminently going to add the young Brazilian 'Oscar' to our ranks. Graham and Stephen have being doing a great job keeping us up to date on proceedings and...

Daily Fail claims Studge off to Spurs


Daily Fail - putting two and two together and coming up with three as usual. The biggest open secret in football is that AVB will be the next Spurs manager.AVB played Studge regularly at Chelsea (in his favourite RW position no less!). Studge has a year left on his deal and the media have already cast him as some sort of pantomime villain with regards his playing demands. Spurs must want him then.How Much? 10 million sounds about right. Good. Lets run that story.


Could John Obi Mikel be our most important asset for next season?

With the end of the European club season and the EURO 2012 Competition being in full swing thoughts have naturally turned to transfers. Chelsea have already added two great young players to the...

Chelsea running new Flag competition


This is a great chance for someone from the WAGNH community to contribute to a new flag design to be displayed at Stamford Bridge before all our big games next season. I know there are some great artists and people with great ideas who frequent the blog and hopefully one/some of you can contribute. As for me - I am no artist - but am happy to pass opinion on others work. Rec if you want to raise awareness of this opportunity for your fellow commentators.

For all you soccer metric fans


Looks like Adidas will be trialling some new tech for our game with the MLS 'All-stars'. Could be a very exciting development in the soccer metrics field.

Salomon Rondon


Ok - its the Mail - but an interesting link just the same. Obviously the club can't do without a player called Salomon in the squad.

Eddie Newton bares all


A very insightful read. Gives me the impression that Eddie is crucial if we sign Robbie permanently.

Watch out David - you got competition Can you beat this?


Watch out David - you got competition Can you beat this?


Chelsea formation dictates next managerial appointment

In case you missed it we have signed a nice young chap by the name of Eden Hazard and are reportedly close to signing a guy by the name of HULK. Given the success of Mata in his debut season and...

Kagawa deal to fall through?


A wry smile comes to my face with this news. Imagine it will still go through though.


Chelsea players Statistical Analysis - part 1

With the season now over and the transfer merry-go-round seemingly already in full swing, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and look at the statistics for the last season in the Premier...

Neil Ashton confirms Chelsea will play 4-2-3-1 next season


This article has 'I made this all up' written all over it. Nevertheless it is interesting and a positive spin on the way the club is being run at present in my opinion


Should Chelsea have a star above the club badge on all kits from now on?

Hi guys appreciate this is a short post - but one that has not been tackled yet and figured a poll would be the easiest way to gauge consensus. There is no convention with regards the star with...


Forecasting when Germany will exit UEFA Euro 2012

Ok guys this is my first fan-post and I hope you enjoy reading and give me your thoughts. Now our season is over my mind was turning towards Euro 2012 and the potential outcomes of that tournament....

Chelsea Ladies could win FA Cup


I noted there was some interest expressed recently in Chelsea Ladies. For info we are apparently in the Women's FA cup final, which was news to me to be fair. Let's get behind the girls and hope it can be an FA Cup double for CFC.

Di Matteo distressed by 1 year deal


Not sure of the source article - after all it is the Sun! However the most frightening thing here is that Ron Gourlay seems to suggest it is possible we may even start pre season without a permanent manager. Also if the Villa interest is genuine the club should step aside now and allow RDM the chance if he won't get it here. Would appreciate your views.

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