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User Blog

Why NOT Kevin Love?


If we assume that the Warriors are turning down a Klay-for-Love trade for basketball reasons, what might those reasons be?

Can Livingston replace Klay?


Comparing the net statistical impact of Klavid Leepson and Kevaun LivingLove

Gentry to join Kerr's Staff.

Blatt negotiating to become Cavs head coach.

Warriors sign Steve Kerr as head coach


The front office surprises everyone by getting the candidate who we all thought got away.

Mark Jackson's Game 1 performance

The good and the bad of Mark Jackson as an NBA coach were on display Saturday. How'd he come off?

Warriors-Clippers, Game 1 Half 2.

Keep the conversation going!

Fire Mark Jackson!


Hiring Mark Jackson was a reasonable gamble, but it hasn't worked out. It's time for him to go.

SportsVU analysis of David Lee's rebounding


Motion-tracking cameras allow us to dig into Lee's impact as a rebounder. Warning: it ain't pretty.

ESPN on Iguodala's shooting


Ethan Sherwood Strauss breaks down Iguodala's hot start.

18-point-win? Ho-Hum. Warriors defeat Pistons


The Warriors make it look easy against an overmatched and under-rested opponent.

Goldsberry: Curry league's #3 scorer.


A new stat makes the case for Curry as among the league's truly great scorers.

Lowe: Time to rethink the hot hand ... again.


Grantland's Zach Lowe discusses new analysis which turns the conventional wisdom about hot hands on it's head ... or back on its feet, depending on what you thought it was to begin with.

ESPN's Sherwood Strauss on Iguodala and defense


Truehoop writer talks about defense and being underrated.


Decorum in game threads.

Niners Nation has long had a rule that you could swear in game threads, and this seems totally reasonable. Football games are intense experiences, and a lot of expletives just come out of us during...

Required Reading* for GSOMers


A nice poster of logical fallacies. Let's eliminate these from our discussions! *not actually required. Just, you know, kind of a good idea.

ESPN suggests trading David Lee


ESPN thinks we should move David Lee, and points to the Denver series as proof. Are they right?

Season Review: David Lee

The two-time winner of the Monta Ellis "Most Controversial Warrior" Award had a season with a lot of good, and a fair helping of not-so-good.

NBA Finals Game 7 game thread!


Wanna talk about the game? GET IN HERE!

Round Two, Game Six, Thread Two

You can injure our players, but you'll never take our FREEDOM!

Round Two, Game Four, Gamethread 2

Let's go Warriors!

Heimlich maneuver for the win!

Warriors avoid an epic choke job, earn shot against the Spurs in the second round.

Warriors outgun Denver

Warriors deliver the most surprising result of the playoffs, upset the league's biggest home court advantage, and suddenly we have a series.

Second half game thread! Let's go Warriors!

Can the Warriors hold their lead? Can Curry heat up? Will these dang comments load?

Grantland on Bogut


Nice article on Grantland about Bogut's impact.

Barnes dunks. Curry threes. Warriors beat Pistons.


Another game where the Warriors made a mess of it, but still found a way to win.

Grantland eviscerates Lee's defense


I actually don't know if they're being entirely fair here - the last one looks like a miscommunication, and Lee certainly hasn't made mistakes that bad very often this season. But they call him out appropriately on two other plays.

The truth behind Klay's "disappointing" season


Could Klay's apparent regression this season be nothing more than struggles due to an increased workload and responsibilities?

Warriors 108, Suns 98: Less fun than it sounds.


An uninspiring win ends a painful streak.

Thompson and Curry? No problem.


Sure-fire hall-of-famer says Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry can't play together. Steinmetz agrees. They're both wrong.

Rondo tears ACL, out for season


Kind of a bummer for Boston fans.

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