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Curry and Lee on the BS Report.


Haven't listened to it yet - probably won't until later today.

The Warriors are in good hands


Joe Lacob's Warriors are built for success - now and in the future.

Warriors at the end of 2012: Doubts, Optimism.


Will the real Warriors please stand up?

Can the Warriors keep this up?


The Warriors fast start is no fluke

Lacob Interview


An in-depth discussion with Kawakami. I'm sure some folks will find stuff to not like, but it's almost all in line with what I'd want to hear. Here's part two: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2012/12/18/joe-lacob-interview-part-2-on-the-trade-deadline-the-luxury-tax-mark-jackson-bob-myers-and-more/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kawakami-merc+%28Talking+Points+with+Tim+Kawakami%29 And his column summary of it: http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/2012/12/18/nine-months-after-the-boos-joe-lacobs-resilient-deep-tough-surprisingly-successful-warriors/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kawakami-merc+%28Talking+Points+with+Tim+Kawakami%29

Stephen Curry is making the leap


The Warriors don't have an elite player? Says who?

Warriors need to beware of the road


Easy road games are often harder than you think.

The Warriors don't miss Andrew Bogut


How is it possible that the Warriors have succeeded defensively without their anchor?

Understanding David Lee's offense


How can the team maximize David Lee's value on offense?

What's wrong with the Warriors offense?

The Golden State Warriors are 3-4, and the list of problems seems to be growing. To focus on the offense, there's a few key factors that combine to create a stagnant and lethargic offense.

Bogut plays Friday, not Saturday


Sounds like the same thing they did with Steph in the preseason - keep him out of back-to-backs. Makes sense. Saturday is a likely L anyway (road back-to-back) so this just makes it more likely. Frustrating but glad that the team is taking the long view.


League Pass ... which five teams?

Considering the five-team league pass option for this year. Warriors, obviously, since I'm out of the local market. Heat, obviously, defending champs. OKC are a maybe - less excited for them...

Kevin Love breaks hand


Bummed about the injury. He's likely to miss six weeks. But this does improve the Warriors playoff odds. Minnesota might be dangerous by the end of the year but not having Love or Rubio early is going to be tough.

So sick of this guy ...


Just retire, Biedrins.

And WoW's most overrated player is ...


A followup to the fanshot I posted earlier with their 5-10 most overrated players. Barnes takes the top spot. Take a look at the statistical argument, which compares Barnes to average of the top 100 SFs, according to DX. Barnes comes up lacking. Do. Not. Want.

The case against Drummond


This article - which I haven't seen posted yet - covers several overrated players. The relevant section, for me, is about Drummond. The article compares him, statistically to Oden and Favors as freshmen and it's not pretty. Barnes doesn't make their list of most overrated draft picks, but this is only half the list.

The definitive anti-tanking argument


This post is one of a couple I've seen recently dismantling the idea that the right way to become a contender is to tank for a high draft pick.

MT Tweet


"According to advance stats, Monta is better when he plays with Curry but Curry is not better when he plays with Monta. #Interesting" Not surprising at all if you've watched them play. When Curry is playing, Monta plays more off the ball, there's more ball movement, and that makes Monta's drives to the rim more effective. Curious what advanced stats in particular he's referencing, but again, it's really not surprising given what we can see when we watch them play, what +/- tells us, etc.

A more realistic assessment of Lin


NBAplaybook broke down Lin's performances, and it's worth reading if you're convinced - like some people on GSOM are, that Lin's success proves our brain trust is stupid.


Clap. Clap. Clap. Hell yeah!

Yeah, I know we just lost a tough game. You know what I say? I don't care. This season was awesome. We just had a regular season where we just went 13-3. We saw our QB solidly establish himself...


The real reason for our 2-3 start

I think, like a lot of people, I'm frustrated at Dorell, and Klay's missing jump shot, at the fact that I'm missing Reggie when I really shouldn't be. And if we wanted, we could take some solace...

"A source close to this mess told me that Paul refused to sign even a one-year extension with the...


"A source close to this mess told me that Paul refused to sign even a one-year extension with the Warriors. " Bill Simmons, in a footnote to today's column.


What are players worth?

Watching the Chandler numbers jumping around, and some people freaking out because they don't want to pay him that much, and others freaking out because they want to pay him more so we get him,...


Defining Success

I like to ask this question in the preseason, as part of a process of setting reasonable expectations.  Part of the reason I like to do this is because I think people come up with inappropriate...

Tim Hardaway doing the right thing


Really nice to see this turnaround from Timmy. Way to go!


We have talent, but is it the wrong talent?

People are starting to make predctions. I'm a big advocate of the notion that opinions are like - well, body parts everybody has that don't smell so good. Nevertheless, I'm shocked at some of the...


"Wins Prevented"

Some interesting data here. Basically it looked at the WP by a player's opponent, and compared their number to the average of that team's opponents.  h...

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