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User Blog

The season's over musings

Is the season over? No, I still think they're making the playoffs whatever the record may be. But after watching them take a constipated dump on Monday night, there's a few thoughts that need to be...

all is not lost


the timeline was after the Eggs game, but at least I didn't hear about it until now. And usually when this dweeb gets to ripping on Coughlin, the Giants seem to start doing good.


Call Up Jesus Montero


Great article on Jose Bautista


Read this whole thing, now. And those who say he's on roids should be stabbed in the eyes.


Why should we want Chris Singleton at #17?

via   Aside from of course that he's 6"9 230 and can guard anyone on the court and well. That he probably DWTDD coming from FSU and also aside from the fact he'll slap a Brough.


Top 5, dead or alive

Its a few days old, but I was just perousing some recent twats and caught that Chad Ford says we've dwindled down our list of potential newbockers to 5 names: Jimmer, Klay Thompson, Josh Selby,...

Thank you Golden State!


at least for now, we won't be hiring Mark Jackson. I guess this is 'payback' for them taking Stephen Curry

1 round teaser

Wear a raincoat!


How about a Proposition?

Another team sucks, Fire Pringles, bring back Cock n Chan, we need a center, Trust me for your news source not the news source, post?   No. Just a proposition for ya

El Chupacabra talks about his return, but what's going on in the background is what's really...


El Chupacabra talks about his return, but what's going on in the background is what's really important


The Fab 5

onsidering that none of us really know what to make of this current Knicks squad, I thinks we should look to the draft right about now. Why? I dunno, or here: Knicks need a bench. We have no idea...

Half Mast Mock

Lend me your rears!

Who's the best DE in the NFL?


More anger to those that wonder why Tuck ain't on the 1st team All Pro. Osi is tied for the lead in QB Hurries. Imagine if he comes back off this hip surgery better than ever? Also Deon Grant made the list for most pass defeats for a safety. Maybe that's as he was very good defending TEs this year as a LB

Darrington Hobson waived


Damn. I know its more since he's injured, but still...damn did we luck out with getting Fields instead of Hobson.


The key to beating the Eagles on Sunday night

Stop Mike Vick? No. Stop Desean Jackson from flapping his molars? No Create a genophage that cures us of all these mouth breathing Eagles fans? No.   The


Week 1 review

After 3 games- 1 against a beatable Raptors squad albeit an away game and 2 against arguable title contenders in Boston and Portland (If Roy, Camby and possibly Oden stays/gets healthy, I believe...

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