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Matt Szczur's Bone Marrow Donor Story on ESPN


ESPN did a great story on Matt Szczur's experience as a bone marrow donor.

Seeking a Cubs Lucha Libre Mask


Just wondering if anybody has an extra lucha libre giveaway mask that they would be willing to part with? I know there are several for sale on Ebay, but I thought I would check with the good people of BCB first. If you have one that you would like to send to a new home in Southern California, message me here or email me at My ideal price is "free," but that is negotiable. I am, of course, happy to pay for shipping. Thank you! Thank you!

DH? Clayton Kershaw doesn't need a DH.


OK, I know it is a solitary example in a long season, but it is events like this one that makes me happy that there isn't a DH in the NL, and makes me fervently hope that there never will be. Because Clayton Kershaw pitching a remarkable game and hitting the game winning homer is a much better story than Clayton Kershaw pitching a remarkable game and some past-his-prime slugger trying to wring the final dollars out of the MLB cash cow hitting one out.

Milton Bradley Facing Jail Time


File this in the category of "this was bound to happen sooner or later."

Prediction: Derek Lowe Will Be a Cub


From the NY Post "Derek Lowe contributed out of the bullpen and evolved into a clubhouse presence in his short stint with the Yankees. And though he enjoyed playing for the other side of the heated Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, the right-hander’s wish to be a starter likely won’t lead him back to The Bronx. "I would like to start again," the 39-year-old Lowe said of the role he filled for the Indians this season before being released. "I knew when I came here I was going to be a reliever. My first priority is to start."" The guy wants to start, but no contending team is likely to want to take a chance on him. The Cubs sign him with both parties understanding that if he is any good, the Cubs will flip him at the deadline. This is my prediction, put here so that I can refer to it if this actually happens and amaze you all with my prognosticating abilities. If it doesn't happen, well, nobody will ever remember this post.


Let's play Relief Pitcher Roulette! Will Evan Meek Become a Cub?

Hi Boys and Girls! It's time once again for another game of "Relief Pitcher Roulette," the game in which you predict if Cubs brain-trust Theo & Jed, or "Thed" as I like to call them, decide to pick...


Did Alex Hinshaw Have the Worst Cubs Career Ever?

We all know that Alex Hinshaw's brief Cubs tenure was bad. But was it the worst ever? Depends on the measurement you use. First, let me acknowledge that this is a very small sample size - the man...

Paul Sullivan Trying to Create Controversy/Story?


In his story in the Tribune, Sullivan says that the Cubs had a "serious breach of ethics" by letting Dempster listen in to trade negotiations. Of course, he doesn't quote anybody, doesn't say that anyone with the Dodgers is upset, doesn't present any proof. But that doesn't stop him from writing a story. This seems like shoddy journalism to me - not that I expect much from Sullivan since he seems to not enjoy his job much.

Twins farmhand, college teammate of Cubs draft pick Eddie Orozco passes away


I thought some people might be interested in this article about former UC Riverside pitcher Paul Bargas, who died of brain cancer earlier this week. He was a collegiate teammate of recent Cubs draft pick Eddie Orozco, who is quoted in the article. Condolences to the Bargas family, as well as the Twins and Highlanders families.


What if Starlin Castro Spontaneously Combusted?

We all know that Starlin Castro is really starting to heat up. But he's still got me worried, and after reading an article on people just bursting into flames with no apparent reason, it led me to...


Sveum Announces Plans for PFP Tournament at 2013 Spring Training

MIAMI, FLORIDA (AP) - Following Thursday's 5-3 loss to the Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum announced to the media that he plans to build upon the success of his 2012 Spring Training...

So what happened with "It's Happening"???


Just wondering what became of the It's Happening grading.


It's a Small World, After All (A short story)

On a beautiful evening in Southern California, my friend John and I went down to Anaheim to see the Angels' season opener against MLB's Triple-A Kansas City Royals. John is a partial season ticket...


Theo Compensation Prediction Contest

As you already know, Uncle Bud Selig is ready to step in and make the decision on what compensation the Cubs will owe the Red Sox for hiring away the GM that they wanted to fire. So now it's time...

Cool Vintage Cubs BP Jacket up for auction


Found this link on UniWatch... It can be yours if you don't spend too much at the Convention

Join the cause - Free Theo Epstein. Theo Epstein, a 37-year-old American, is being held...


Join the cause - Free Theo Epstein. Theo Epstein, a 37-year-old American, is being held prisoner in Boston, Mass. by a greedy administrative bureaucracy. We encourage you to share this artwork to bring attention the hardship being suffered by Epstein and his family.

Funny Russian PBP Quotes at Evil BCB


There is a funny discussion going on at EvilBCB about the apparently Russian-based crew's commentary for the NLCS. Funny stuff. While walking through EvilBCB, be sure not to step in anything.


What Players Will Cubs Fans Obsess Over this Offseason?

It's nearly that time - when the lack of baseball at Wrigley Field causes Cubs' fans to begin to consider wild and fantastic trades. For them to scour the stats from the preceding season and...


Coming to a Chicago Tribune Near You - More About Bartman

A friend of mine sent this to me - it comes from a site where reporters post their stories and seek comment from experts. I have removed the contact information so nobody spams the writer. O...

Sound the herald trumpets: Ricketts to Speak!


"Chairman of the board Tom Ricketts will make an announcement on the Chicago Cubs' future and share his view of the state of the team within the next 10 days, according to a source close to Ricketts." I give 70-30 odds that he screws it up. I'm predicting comments about injuries and how the team was just a couple of injuries away from competing.


The Venting Room - Blow off Your Trade Deadline Inactivity Frustration Here

This is the place - the place to post your best rants about the fact that Tom Ricketts and Jim Hendry seem to be completely unable or unwilling to accept that the 2011 Cubs are a terrible team and...


What Went Right: An Alternate Reality

Since everything seems to have gone wrong this year, I decided to write a story about an alternate reality where everything went right. Any spelling, grammatical or continuity errors are the fault...

A Dejected Tom Ricketts Rides The Train


From Deadspin.... You can write your own caption.


Can we lose this H&S "hats off chicago" Twitter feed?

Hey Al - Any chance we can get rid of this Head and Shoulders hats off chicago twitter feed? It's slowing down the site and it's the same boring blah, blah, blah garbage. It ads nothing, and since...

And manager Mike Quade tries his best to stay optimistic. "There are 25 guys in the clubhouse...


And manager Mike Quade tries his best to stay optimistic. "There are 25 guys in the clubhouse trying to get better and playing hard," he said. "I can't quit on them. They haven't quit on me.",0,1861243.story

Quade Named to All Star Game Coaching Staff


So many possible comments, all of them negative.

Way-Ex-Cub News: Bosley gets the boot in Texas


The Rangers kicked hitting coach Thad Bosley to the curb, with players citing a lack of communication as a problem.

Cashner to get another MRI


Ugh. Just what we didn't need to hear. Tweeted by Muskat.

How About Kevin Millwood as 5th starter


Kevin Millwood makes the start for the Yankees' AAA club tonight. If he does not get added to the 40-man roster by May 1, he can ask for his release. Millwood has been effective against the minor leaguers in his starts, though he isn't going to be Cy Young. Would you be willing to take a flyer on him, rather than throwing James Russell to the wolves once more? And if so, who gets kicked off of the 40 man? EDIT: He got lit up tonight, surrendering seven hits (2 homers) and six earned in two innings, but did strike out four.


Discussion: When Does Darwin become Ryan?

The other day, Pat and Keith were talking in fawning terms about Darwin Barney. Then later, I heard Len and Bob saying similar things. I have seen people singing his praises on BCB. And it got me...

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