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Notes from a (former) Convention Virgin

I sit here in Southern California in the 80-degree sunshine, 24 hours (and 60 degrees) removed from my visit to Chicago and the Cubs Convention. I wanted to post some reflections and comments. I...

Gorzo is Gonzo (to the Nats)


Farewell Tom... we hardly knew ye. That may explain why Hendry's phone was ringing so much during the seminars. :)


Speculation on an Unlikely Trade: Soriano to the Angels?

Let me say up front that this is based on nothing but my speculation and imagination. No  "Deep Goat"-type inside information was used in the creation of this post. But everybody else likes to...


Cubs Convention: Seeking Advice from the Experts

Hello great Cubs hive mind - I come seeking knowledge. I am thinking about making the trip from Southern California to Chicago for the 2011 Cubs Convention. I am looking for tips on getting tickets...

The bloom is off of Theriot


Apparently the "real" Ryan Theriot has arrived in LA, much to their chagrin.

Soto to have surgery Monday


While you all were watching football and the Cubs were walking around Miami, it was announced via Gordon Wittenmyer's Twitter account that Geovany Soto is going to undergo arthroscopic surgery tomorrow on his shoulder. The follow-up tweet reads: "Shoulder's been bothering him much of season. Doing it now puts him on track for full health Jan. 1." Discuss.

You totally don't care about this, but I have to share anyway. Today, my authentic, 7 5/8 Rawlings...


You totally don't care about this, but I have to share anyway. Today, my authentic, 7 5/8 Rawlings Cubs batting helmet came in the mail. I ordered it from Rawlings at the All Star Fan Fest in Anaheim for $50. Thanks to my lovely wife, who doesn't disown me for making such purchases.

Dealing with Z: Another point for Sandberg as the Cubs next manager


from the ESPN chicago story (includes my editing for brevity): "...Ryne Sandberg did sit down with the pitcher when Zambrano reported on Tuesday. "He was excited to be around. I had some words with him. I talked to him about being part of the team. We have a good thing going on here. We're in first place by a game and a half. We swept a doubleheader [Tuesday]. I wanted him to feel part of the team, but also let him know he could have a big impact on the young players here, showing how a major leaguer should go about his business and he was joining something good. He seemed to act like he was all on board and ready to get started and get to work and hopefully have a short stint here in the minors..." In his HoF induction speech, he talked about respect for the game, and I think it is clear he works to instill that in his players, even those who are just spending a short time with the team.


My overreaction to Derrek Lee's Comments

From the Trib today: Is Lee content with staying with a Cubs team that doesn't figure to contend in the second half?  "Yeah," he said. "I signed a contract here for five years. Until someone...

Marlins Marketing Department Fails Yet Again


The idiots who make up the Florida Marlins' marketing department have proven their incompetence yet again.

Wrigley on Google Earth in 3D


Google strikes again... this is pretty cool. Love the message on the marquee.

A quick look at fandom


I think this sums up being a sports fan quite well.

Keep the Label up and you won't break the bat!


Actual science discussing how to lower the number of broken bats. It's only something that has been somewhat common knowledge for 100 years or so.

Interview with Dirk Hayhurst


On Point on NPR had a great interview with Dirk Hayhurst, author of the non-prospect diaries blog and a new book. One of the guys who calls in is former Tigers minor leaguer who puts a real human face on the game.


Fitch Park Question

I am heading out to Mesa right now (from So. Cal) on a last minute trip to spring training, my first in several years. Got a ticket  for tomorrow and for Saturday. (Thanks to our state legislators...


What Happens When Sammy Owns Up?

With McGwire's admission of steroid use today, I was wondering what it would mean to the folks here at BCB when Sammy Sosa decides to admit that he used steroids. (Yes, I am both presuming that he...

Lou Loses a Little More Credibility


"We took a chance, and it didn't work," Piniella said. "The amazing this is they took the same chance walking a hitter. They get a strikeout. We get a grand slam." Really? The same chance. They walked a guy to get to Aaron Miles, who predictibly hit a ground ball to 2b to end the inning. The Cubs walked a guy in a horrible slump to get to a two-time all-star. Sorry, that is not the same.


Piniella and a Game of Web Telephone

This is a bit of a rant. I know some people don't like 'em, so I am warning you in advance. You have every right to stop reading now.   Paul Sullivan, in today's Trib., wrote a story about whether...




Astros Release Russ Ortiz


Less than 20 minutes after the game ends - and he gets the loss- Russ Ortiz is shown the door.

Great shot of some old-school Cubs uniforms and jackets, looks like circa 1940. From "When it was...


Great shot of some old-school Cubs uniforms and jackets, looks like circa 1940. From "When it was a game" by Larry Bodnovich. (source- I so want one of those jackets.

OT: Off Day "Fun" - Take SFSU Survey in Purchasing and Happiness


(Al has given me the OK to post this here, so I am going to try for the third time to help out my friend, Professor Ryan Howell of San Francisco State University. Kudos to the very efficient monitors who are checking the site in his absence and taking down what they perceived to be SPAM. However, he has said it is OK for me to post this. Thank you. Please don't delete it again.) Hey Cubs fan brothers and sisters, something to do as we crawl towards the game with the Nats. My friend is a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University and he has started a research study to understand what factors (e.g., personality, emotions, and attitudes) may influence our preferences for certain consumer goods/services. It involves taking an online survey and lasts about 20 minutes or so. The study is anonymous. Even better, you can enter a drawing for one of 10 gift certificates at $25 each. The survey can be found here: On behalf of my friend, thanks to everyone who chooses to participate.


Creative Writing: July 1, the Day that Changed Everything

(Please forgive this morning writing foolishness if it is not your cup of tea, or your cup of Old Style. Go Cubs). From the World Book of History of the early 21st Century. Looking back, it was the...


Why Gerald Perry Must be the Fall Guy

Several years ago I had the opportunity to talk to Jeff Pentland, the former Cubs hitting coach. He had been lauded for helping to change some of the Cubs approaches at the plate, getting them to...


Saturday night SD Observations

Some observations from the stands... Scales took about 60 grounders at 3b before the game. He was really working hard down there. Wells pitched outstandingly well. He certainly doesn't have the...

My shots from San Diego


In celebration of my dad coming to visit, I splurged on some dugout seats for Saturday's game. Here are the photos from warmups, and a few more from throughout the game.

Brooks Kieschnick has some ill will and some regrets


Found this interesting interview with Brooks Kieschnick, including the quote... "You know, honestly, I knew my career was in trouble the minute the Cubs drafted me. (laughs)" I am sure Brewers fans are giggling themselves silly over that line.

Bobby Scales on NPR's All Things Considered


Another story about Dr. Feelgood, Bobby Scales.


The Rich Harden 12-step Program - by Dino Scoppettone

A little sarcastic humor for the eve of the baseball season. But first a little background: For 17 years, I have been part of a group of college friends who have been playing in a computer...


Stand up, stretch and sing Happy Birthday

Today is the 130th birthday of Jack Norworth.You've probably never heard of him. The man never played a game, maybe never ever saw a game, but he has had as indelible in impact on the game of...

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