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Hey there, it's me Rox Girl. After being raised by coyotes on the Western Slope, I grew fond of baseballs, howling, tasty sheep and small rodents. Luckily, I've lost the last habit and no longer eat prairie dogs, but I still love baseball and howling.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NBA Denver Nuggets
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • Golf Anika Sorenstam
  • Tennis Roger Federer
User Blog

Sunday Rockpile: Rox Girl makes an announcement


Seven years after starting a blog called Purple Row, I'm handing the reins over to the next batch of suckers... err... bloggers. Also, stuff on Rockies pitching.

Thursday Rockpile: Opportunities for Optimism 2013


The Rockies still don't do well by projections, but a closer look shows that there's a bit of hope some of these may be undercutting a few young Rockies players.

Sunday Rockpile: Leprechauns aren't easy to keep.


Taking a look at what it would take to restore optimism that the Rockies can be successful.

Thursday Rockpile: JDLR coming back, finally


The Rockies need a healthy and productive Jorge De La Rosa to maintain any hopes they have for a rebound in 2013. In yesterday's exhibition, he finally showed that maybe he's capable of that.

Sunday Rockpile: Rotation Blues, Purple Haze 'Pen


The Rockies hopes for 2013 seem to lie in keeping things close until the sixth inning or so and then letting the opposition get lost in the Betancourt, Belisle, Brothers, Lopez, Ottavino, etc.., gang.

Thursday RP: Rockies pitchers aid Team Colorado


Team USA might want to expand its player search scope beyond the Talking Stick home of the Rockies and Diamondbacks if the best it could come up with were the Rockies pitchers used in last night's...

Sunday Rockpile: Is "aggression" the new cutter?


Rockies manager Walt Weiss is preaching a change in attitude, but what impact will that really have on the field?

Thursday Rockpile: EY2's likely for 2013 roster


A Thursday roundup reveals that the Rockies have it better than four other MLB teams when it comes to 2013 playoff chances, that leaves what? 25 more? Easy. Also, Eric Young Jr.'s 2013 outlook is a...

Sunday Rockpile: Time for the Springtime rituals


Quick, we need to round up at least a half dozen virgins as far as I can tell for the various Rockies needs: Two for Tulo's health, three or four for the rotation, and maybe just one or two more to...

Thursday Rockpile: Notes on Spring Things


A hodgepodge of Rockies news, from Jhoulys Chacin's eagerness to pitch for Venezuela to a long coming reunion of 1998 Portland Rockies in Miami.

Sunday Rockpile: Weiss to be brief in talk to club


Walt Weiss promises to get real, Wilin Rosario promises to get better defensively and Todd Helton promises to address the issue of the elephant he's left in the room for the last week and a half.

Thursday Rockpile: Optimism abounds, for now...


We're at the stage of Spring where it's difficult to read between the lines and see where the team really sits.

Sunday Rockpile: Rox set to fix leaks this Spring


Sigh, another Rockies preview piece (actually several) and we still don't find out that an ace has magically appeared to front the team's rotation. It seems like 2013 may have a healthier dose of...

Thursday Rockpile: Helton reaction gets evaluated


How the Rockies fan and media community is responding to Todd Helton's DUI seems to be more about the player's performance on the field rather than the negligent act itself, but that's probably to...

Sunday Rockpile: Batista Rox best 2013 FA pitcher


The Rockies signed Miguel Batista to a minor league contract, and he may be as notable as it gets for the team on the free agent pitching front this winter.

Thursday Rockpile: Lopez, Outman sign 1-year deals


The Rockies agreed to terms with pitchers Josh Outman and Wilton Lopez avoiding arbitration, cutting by a third their potential hearings.

Sunday Rockpile: Tulowitzki in WBC, Francis out


The Rockies all star shortstop will be competing against the world's best for Team USA this Spring, while starting pitcher Francis declines an invitation to pitch for Team Canada to focus on his...

Thursday Rockpile: List of Rox "best" draft picks


Don't want to get depressed about Larry Walker not getting into the Hall of Fame and possibly getting drowned by all the worthy candidates that will be on the 2014 ballot? Okay then, we'll get you...

Sunday Rockpile: Wilson Rockies best QB yet...


The Seahawks Russell Wilson is now relatively far removed from his days in the Rockies system after making the correct decision to focus on football. A few articles this morning take a look back to...

Thursday Rockpile: Renck says no Hall for Walker


The Rockies Larry Walker can't get support from the local reporter, which greatly damages the outfielder's chances of getting into the Hall.

Sunday Rockpile: 5th place finish hurts trade talk


The Rockies disaster season of 2012 has cast a pall over the team's players that makes them difficult to move for fair market value.

Thursday Rockpile: Last shot for Walker?


Recently published Hall of Fame ballots show the Rockies outfielder could be getting crowded out by the BBWAA's sanctimonious slog through clearing the players of the PED era.

Sunday Rockpile: Rockies don't know what they have


While it's easy for just about anybody outside the organization to point out the Rockies major flaw in the starting rotation in 2012, the team itself can't seem to act on this. Why? It seems...

Thursday Rockpile: After Francis how much is left?


The Rockies re-signed Jeff Francis, with his contract details getting filled in, but the team also seems to be winding down its winter spending.

Sunday RP: Smoke machine operating around Fowler


While the hot stove can generate legitimate smoke around players about to be traded, the stories around Dexter Fowler still don't have much heat to them when put under scrutiny.

Thursday Rockpile: Better Bauer than Fowler?


The other ramifications of Tuesday's Diamondbacks trade may wind up helping the Rockies in one way over the next few years while hurting them in others if it means that the Snakes are keeping...

Sunday Rockpile: Dodgers raising the NL West tide


With Los Angeles reportedly signing Zack Greinke to a six year, $147 million contract, the rest of the division better start figuring out how they can compete with the Dodgers despite not having...

Thursday RP: Francis return welcome.., cautiously


Jeff Francis is a needed stable force for the Rockies rotation, but he also should probably be the first to go if a better option materializes from the farm or through trade. Also from the winter...

Sunday Rockpile: So what is the price for Fowler?


While Dexter Fowler has long been rumored to be available if a team met the Rockies steep price, the nature of that steep price has been a bit fuzzy until now. As we head into the winter meetings,...

Thursday RP: Upton deal won't clear Fowler picture


The B.J. Upton deal with Atlanta should narrow the center field market to give a good indication of where or if Dexter Fowler will be traded this winter, but early indicators point to him staying put.

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