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Way WAY OT: Best Sports Interview of All Time


After hitting a walkoff double, Munenori Kawasaki of the Toronto Blue Jays gave perhaps the most entertaining player interview in history. Just watch it.

Dame With Tweet of the Year


Damian Lillard ‏@Dame_Lillard "@TheChocoThunder: Almost bought a @Dame_Lillard jersey today... I'll just wait til it says @Lakers on the front..." Gone be waitin forever

Shabazz Muhammad on His Interview With Blazers


Video from the Draft Combine of Shabazz speaking to reporters following the drills. He discusses his meeting with Portland representatives along with goals for his rookie season.

Giannis Adetokunbo Full Game Breakdown


Game tape of intriguing Greek prospect (#11 in red). Obviously not the strongest competition, but there's a lot to like. He reminds me of Kevin Durant without the elite jumper. In the video, he sustains an ankle injury sometime late in the first half. You can see him hobbling around for the first few minutes of the third quarter before a sub comes in. He eventually returns later in the game, but is clearly limited. Here's a cheat sheet: FIRST HALF 03:55--displays great vision off the dribble, firing a pass to the opposite corner. 04:03--beautiful turnaround jumper. 05:35--takes his man off the dribble for the easy layin + foul. 08:13--lurks in the key, then jumps over and uses his length to take away a shot. 09:55--nice spin move into the lane leads to a foul. 11:08--uses long arms to tip offensive rebound, eventually corrals the ball and dishes to a teammate for the slam. 13:28--rifles a no-look pass that his terrible teammate fails to convert. 18:30--nice pass to open teammate for the easy bucket. 24:28--posts up smaller defender, fires pass crosscourt that leads to a wide-open airball. 24:44--a simple play, but one I really like. When doubled, makes an easy pass to an open shooter, who actually converts the three. 26:46--uses 7'3" wingspan to challenge a shot and forces an airball. 26:54--shows off terrific ballhandling skills in the open court, spinning past two defenders and drawing a foul as he leaves a pass for the trailer. 27:24--another gorgeous turnaround jumper over a smaller defender. 30:00--uses excellent length to grab the defensive board, then takes off (and promptly turns the ball over). 30:45--dribbles the length of the floor, drives hard to the rim and draws the foul. His long strides allow him to cover ground in the blink of an eye. 33:10--loses his man with a wicked crossover, then pulls up and hits the short jumper. 36:00--gets a steal, then glides to the hoop for an easy bucket. 36:25--corrals loose ball, then beats everybody down the court and draws a foul. 40:07--off the pick-and-roll, throws a dart to an open shooter. Again, his teammates are terrible. SECOND HALF 43:45--pretends to use a screen, then pulls up and buries a three. 1:00:10--draws help defender and kicks to the open man, eventually leading to a corner three. 1:11:00--drives hard off a high screen and gets to the foul line. 1:14:25--great sequence as he eludes two trapping defenders and zips a pass to an open shooter. Clank. Overall, his combination of size and fluidity is pretty impressive. He is EXTREMELY unselfish--perhaps to a fault--and displays terrific vision/ballhandling skills for a 6'9" player. He didn't make much of a defensive impact in this game, but he clearly possesses the physical tools to be a versatile NBA defender. Certainly a prospect to keep an eye on.

Paul Allen Wins Internet


Blazers' owner Paul Allen decided to get his Westeros on. I guess this is what multigazillionaires do with their free time. [Link]

Lowe: Lillard Deserves ROY


Grantland's Zach Lowe awards Dame his ROY vote and dismisses the case for Davis.

Lillard on The Dan Patrick Show


Dan Patrick interviews Dame about the Laker game and NBA life in general.

OT: SNL Lampoons Mike Rice Fiasco


You thought Mike Rice Jr's antics were appalling? Wait until you meet Coach Sheila Kelly.

Batum Stars in Short Film


Casey Holdahl posted a vignette starring Nic Batum. It features Batum having a terrible day and then...receiving a briefcase with a batsuit in it? It was produced by One Million Dollar Films, which is apparently a collection of athletes who like to make movies (members include Ronny Turiaf, Boris Diaw, and Ian Mahinmi). It's strange, but Batum seems like he could be a pretty decent actor.

Luke--er, Ben--Talks Blazers with Coach Nick


Full video of our own Ben Golliver and Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown from their live chat earlier today. Lots of good discussion regarding Lillard, the Blazers' playoff chances, and a variety of other topics.

Ibaka's Dirty Play


Ibaka just punched Blake Griffin in the crotch earlier today. Maybe Serge and Nico have been spending too much time together.

TRob Traded to Rockets


Patrick Patterson to the Kings. Poor Sacto fans.

Lillard 1-0 as Coach


Follow-up to my earlier post. Lillard capped off his All-Star weekend in style. Dame's (and Faried's) West squad won the NBA Cares Special Olympics Unified Game 55-54. So, you know, if Terry Stotts loses the locker room...

Lillard to Coach Special Olympics Team


Nice story. Dame was just named an honorary coach for the 2013 NBA Cares Special Olympics Unified Sports Basketball Game, It will feature teams of Special Olympics athletes paired with stars from the NBA and WNBA.

adidas, Warriors Jump the Shark


Apparently the Dubs are set to debut an alternate jersey...with sleeves. It looks kind of like a cycling jersey. The kicker is the mismatched, pinstriped shorts. Worst part: "other teams" will supposedly follow suit. Pray the Blazers aren't one of them.

Dame Inks Memorabilia Deal


Dame just signed an exclusive endorsement deal with LEAF. Noteworthy mostly because the agreement is reported as "one of the richest rookie exclusive memorabilia contracts in the history of the NBA." Not bad for a guy 23 games into his first season.

ESPN Panel Picks Dame as Best Rookie So Far


No great surprise here. Lillard is the unanimous pick for the standout rookie through the first quarter of the 2012-13 season.

Dame's Birthday Present for his Mom.


Just in case you need more convincing that this kid is awesome, here's a story about him using his first paycheck to surprise his mom on her birthday.

Haynes: Blazers Hope to Sell RG Naming Rights Within Year.


Chris Haynes from CSNNW.com has a piece about Chris McGowan's plan to secure a building sponsor for the Rose Garden. Apparently the team has tried to sell naming rights in the past, but those efforts have been unsuccessful for a variety of reasons.

Jim Durham passes away at age 65


Sad story. Jim Durham, the lead play-by-play guy for ESPN radio (alongside Dr. Jack) died Sunday. Condolences to his family. He was a terrific broadcaster.

LMA steps up for needy families in Portland


Jason Quick with a nice article about LMA personally delivering 100 turkey dinners to families at the Police Activities League center in Northeast Portland.

Epic LeBron Comic


Okay, okay, hear me out: yes, it's a Marvel comic about LeBron, but it's actually rather clever in places (such as when Russell Westbrook designs a bionic arm and uses it to jack up 72 shots per game). Give it a chance.

Steve Nash on Damian Lillard


Chris Haynes from CSN has a short interview with Steve Nash following last night's game. Nash gives Lillard some nice compliments and a piece of advice.

Scrimmage Footage from Practice


The first 15 mins. or so is video of a 5-on-5 scrimmage. Damian picks up four or five nice assists, Batum knocks in a couple threes, LMA is LMA, and everybody else looks pretty discombobulated.

Training Camp Video


Casey Holdahl posted about an hour of footage from practice earlier today. Some drills and interviews. Let the over-analysis begin!

Nolan Smith in Good Spirits


NBA.com checks in with Nolan. He seems to be doing okay in the wake of that scary incident last Tuesday.


PA Announcers

Hey, I am a relatively inexperienced member, so I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I happened to be watching the Heat/Hawks Game 7 today when I began to notice the vocal histrionics of...

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