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Danny Salazar's strike out of Aoki in the 7th today was likely the 2,000,000th in MLB history.


Nice that the Royals were involved, would have liked it the other way though.

The Chiefs Defense is VERY good at tackling.


tl;dr The Chiefs D is tied for best in the NFL with Buffalo with only 3.9% of tackles being broken. The DB's are especially good with 1. Cooper, 7. Berry and 10. Flowers all in the top 10. Akeem Jordan also makes the top 10 for LB's.

George Kottaras has been traded


To the Cubs. For cash apparently.


Dayton's just screwing with us now, right?

According to Jon Heyman, we just signed Willy Taveras to a minor league deal. Why is this amazing? Because for years we joked that Dayton Moore was going to go after Jeff Francoeur as soon as he...


The Royals have to contend in 2013 and they'll need to break some things to do it.

I'm sure by now many of you have read the excellent article on David Glass by Mellinger. If you haven't, go, I'll wait. Back? Wonderful. Mellinger says so much better what many of us have been...

Seriously ESPN, this is why we don't like you.


Check out #5 Money quote: "So as much as we were tempted to ignore the Bombers and hone in on stuff like the Rays' potentially awesome rotation or the rise of the Royals, we just couldn't bring ourselves to do it. So get ready for another big spring of Alex Rodriguez health updates, A-Rod girlfriend-sighting updates, Derek Jeter-is-still-aging updates, Derek Jeter girlfriend-sighting updates, Mark Teixeira bunt-drill updates, Mariano Rivera can-pitch-'til-he's-80 updates and other hot Yankee topics." Also WAY down at the bottom in the second to last paragraph we get to see the return of Scott Elarton. Who, amazingly, is still puttering about baseball.


Dayton Moore trivia time

I though it would be a nice break from gazing hopefully towards the upcoming season and look back, perhaps fondly, upon the disasters that were Royals seasons of old. So I decided to do a little...


Is Yu Darvish a good bet to perform in the Major Leagues?

I've been on the Darvish bandwagon for nearly two years now. While I think its quite a long shot for the Royals to acquire him in the off season, I honestly believe that doing whatever it would...

Greinke Pinch Hits, Shows why National League is so BORING


And this is why I'm glad the Royals are in the American League. A pitcher...pinch hitting...for another pitcher...and being asked to give up an the 5th freaking inning. I mean what?? The story here is all about the jersey...but shouldn't we be talking about how a team willingly gave up an out for no real reason? and worse, gave it up without even putting up a farce of going for a hit??


Meet the Next Wave: Part the First

With the long anticipated arrival of Mike Moustakas to the big league club the Royals are in the middle of the first wave of talent so long promised by Dayton Moore. Mike, Hosmer, Duffy, Crow,...

Doing some research, decided to check this. Try it out yourself.


Doing some research, decided to check this. Try it out yourself.

ESPN gets bored, Does NFL redraft. Chiefs rank #9


Just shows how the Chiefs got turned around so quick, good drafting. Ranking the 9th best drafters from '06 to '08, and thats with what is probably a very dubious grade given to Brandon Albert(a 4th round pick? really??)

Alex Gordon could have another reason to celebrate the 4th of July


If Gordon continues to hit at his current pace, then he will have accumulated more WAR this season by July 4th, than he has in the rest of his career. Just a fun little fact

Rany Part 2 on the minors


I say this in the comments as well, but I'll mention it here: I think it may be possible that GMDM has actually outsmarted us all and actually embraced the concepts behind moneyball by identifying that prospects are currently overvalued and that actual major league talent is underrated.

Crawford signs with BoSox for 7/142


So we get Frenchy and Melky (sounds like a sandwich) and they get Crawford. Baseball doesn't need a salary cap, or floor or any type of revenue restructuring.

Made in honor of my favorite Royal, and his continual fight against haters (DM and the scouty...


Made in honor of my favorite Royal, and his continual fight against haters (DM and the scouty bunch).

Over 9000 minutes in MS Paint. In Honor of the Windmill.


Over 9000 minutes in MS Paint. In Honor of the Windmill.

Some Quick MiLB updates

  1. Aaron Crow: 4.2IP 4H 1R 0ER 3BB 2K 0.00 ERA
  2. John Lamb: 4IP 3H 2R 1 ER 4BB 5K 2.25 ERA
  3. Mike Montgomery: 5IP 2H 1R 0 ER 1BB 6K 0.00 ERA
  4. Wil Myers: 0-3 2K's
  5. Johnny Giovotella: 1-2, 2B BB

Dayton Moore's Worst Mistake

Saying that Dayton Moore has made some mistakes is sorta like saying that Paris Hilton is a little promiscuous. Less Mistake Prone than Dayton Moore?   You get the feeling that the whole story is...

OT: ingram nabs the heisman


This is pretty disgusting...Its similar to if the MLB writers gave Sabathia the Cy young simply because he played for the Yankees. Whether you wanted Gerhart or Suh to win, this is just horrendous.


Just how bad/biased was Greg Gibson?

*Lets be honest here, I'm probably risking my nonexistent press credentials, but since I planned on attending my final Royals game of the year later today, I think I'm alright. It was pretty clear...

Excellant Article by the Poz


In a nutshell, teams like KC cant win traditionally, need to think outside the box, but are afraid to because of their pride of being a "professional" team. interspersed with Bill James quotes and PAUL BYRD


Dr. Nick Swartz or: How I learned how much injuries hurt this team and how to look to next year There. For the like 3 people who haven't already read it. That gets you up to speed. The idea? That this Royals team, the one we are...


Are Jose Guillen and Mike Jacobs being overpaid or misused?

One of the biggest points of concern for the Royals is maximizing the return on their investments. As a small market team every dollar spent is a dollar that needs to be used correctly for this...

Royals are Web-gemmy


Well we've all seen the statistics and the highlights about how the Royals are one of the better defensive teams this year, but this kinda hammers home the point that not only is this team doing well, but that it really is a team effort. Our Beloved Boys in Blue are currently second in Web gem appearences with 8, and no single player with more than 3. Compared to some teams like Detroit(Inge has all 7 of theirs) or the mets(6 of 7 belong to David Wright) this shows it really is a team effort.

A Former Royal Honored


You know I always liked Reggie, he always seemed better than our other options(emil) but with less shooting TV reporters. It would be nice to see him make the HoF, but I dont think people will even remember him when his (admitably) small chance comes around.

Fangraphs ranks the Royals System


Overall: C- The Royals are a clear step ahead of the previous three teams, but still have an awful lot of work to do before they could ever be considered a legitimate World Series contender. Unfortunately, the moves the team has been making over the last year don’t inspire an awful lot of confidence that the team is going to make the necessary transition in philosophy, and filling out the roster with replacement level veterans is simply never going to work. With a smaller paryoll, they have to emulate the Cleveland/Oakland/Minnesota/Atlanta philosophies of getting big returns on small invetments, and right now, that’s just not happening in Kansas City. Suffice to say: Ouch.


A modern day Brett Vs. Boggs?

You're probably all familiar with the nearly 20-year old debate over which 3rd baseman was the better player. But what you might be familiar with is that its possible that we could quite possibly...

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