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My name is Jack. I'm a student from Kansas City who loves rooting for the Royals and their eight Minor League affiliates by default.

I enjoy a good argument. I like challenging the status quo. I love discussing the Royals, no matter how the present might appear. Someday, my beloved 1994 Royals will re-emerge and dominate the AL West Central with guts and glory!

As for concrete resume factoids, I intern for the Royals Postgame Show on 610 Sports. I like to dabble in music appreciation from time to time. Sometimes, I can't stop myself from appreciating old Arcade Fire songs or new 009 Sound System songs on the vaults of YouTube. I delve into the Paranormal, as well. I assistant coach an eighth grade baseball team. I also work at a gym. Perhaps you can file me under the Miscellaneous category.

In the meantime, here's a salute and a cheers to the Royals fanbase. No matter how cynical some fans get on RR and other such fansites, I feel the future is bright. .......Or do I? Argue with me to find out. The answer will be revealed sometime in 2134. But, wait....by then......

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Kansas City Royals
  • NFL Kansas City Chiefs
User Blog

Looking for 3 expansion teams for the RN Keeper FB League


All information surrounding the 2009 Royals Nation Fantasy Baseball Keeper League is located at the link above. We are seeking three owners to take over expansion teams for the '09 version of the league. (There are four expansion teams total). It's a head-to-head format, using basic statistics. Again, all rules are available at the link above. Just respond here or e-mail me at royalsnation@gmail.com, or just contact me on the website. Thanks!

Royals Nation Does Not Exist!!!


According to arguably one of the laziest and mis- or ill-informed sports writers in the last decade, the term Royals Nation does not exist. I find this insulting and amusing at the same time. Anyone who has done any research into the Royals blogosphere knows that I frequent many other Royals websites using this moniker. In addition, I'd like to think my site holds some relevance in the blogosphere. (Not as much as Royals Review or some others, but it's been linked on many occasions). 255 members ain't bad. And, believe me, I'm not trying to sound egotistical or naive, but it shows how much Chass truly loathes the blogosphere, "Mother's Basement" types, and how little research he actually puts forth in the vast majority of his articles. There are several dozen extremely active Royals message boards and blogs out there. Maybe he should do a little research next time. Spread the word that Murray Chass is truly an awful sports writer who has no clue what he's talking about.


My Awards Night/FanFest Experience (With Pictures!)

Over in royalsrevew's FanFest general thread, I posted some general thoughts, not on the FanFest experience, but on the Royals banquet, which was more or less similar in that it was held in the...

From the Anti-"Mother's Basement" Royals Blog, now less than 24 hours old...


From the Anti-"Mother's Basement" Royals Blog, now less than 24 hours old ~RN http://haplessroyals.blogspot.com/ -------------- But there is a dark side. The side of the internet I want to systematically destroy. The holier than thou, I know everything about baseball, Baseball Prospectus followers (otherwise known as "Mom's Basement"). Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the website. Why is that you ask? Because they fucking charge for it! And I'm not about to pay for some shit that their mindless lemmings will post REPEATEDLY on every blog, forum and whatnot on the internet. You know who you are. The guy that goes into the forum and posts EVERY made up stat known to nerdly mankind. WARP, VORP, WHIP, BABIP, and every other weirdo stat that website has brainwashed into your daily lexicon. I don't even know what half of that shit means. But here's what I do know. YOU, yes YOU, Mom's Basement, are NOT Royals fans. You're not even baseball fans. You're STAT fans. You don't care if Jose Guillen hit 20 hrs and 90 rbis last year, something that no other Royals had done in longer that most people care to admit. All you care about is that his FRUP isn't up to VORP standards. You don't care that Mark Teahen gives more to the community of Kansas City than anyone else not named Frank White. All you care about is that he isn't the moneyball fanboy you all pegged him to be after reading that ridiculous book a few years ago. And so on and so on. My point is, give it up. Stop pushing your stupid fucking opinions on everyone else. Just because you're a moderator or administrator of a fucking Royals website does not mean you're not a scrawny little man in real life. Everyone hates you, both on the interwebs and in real life, although you hardly notice in real life because for that to happen, you know, you'd have to put on some clothes and leave your fucking desk. But make sure you ask Mom for permission to leave the house. She still worries about you even though you're 30 and still living at home. Oops, I'm sorry I forgot, you moved into your own apartment. But, uh, guy, your Mom's basement, even if it has its own entrance is still Mom's house.


OT: Confess! What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Looking forward to a Dane Cook segment on Comedy Central inspired me to begin this topic.  Seemingly every human being holds some sort of guilty pleasure; a trait which they mildly or severely...


I Pick Apart Trey Hillman's Proposed 2009 Lineup

I understand the difference between the best assembled and worst assembled lineups for any group of nine players is but a few dozen runs, but is the lineup below seriously the best Trey Hillman can...

All-Time Ballplayer Survivor


I try to avoid self-promotion to this degree, but Survivor games like this are a fun way to pass the time. We're about halfway through All-Time Baseball Player Survivor. 63 out of 120 players have been eliminated. Help us count down to the best player of all time (will it be Ruth? Mantle? Mays?)


In-depth RCI Responses

First and foremost, I would like to thank RR poster NYRoyal for inspiring me with this topic.  Below are a series of detailed responses to questions he routinely submits to gauge a popular new...

My Top 20 Royals Prospects


Allow me to perform a little shameless website promotion. I've posted my top 20 Royals prospects over at The Royal Treatment. This is the same list I posted previously here on RR. However, I've expanded a bit by providing letter grades, an ETA, a projected '09 destination, and a little comment about each player.

All-Time MLB Player Survivor


We're playing a riveting game of All-Time Baseball Player Survivor over at RN. I've given a list of 120 ballplayers. Modern day/unretired players are included, so let the Sammy Sosa early dismissal/HOF-credentials debate ensue! And look who else cavorted his way on the list. Why, none other than Mr. Pete Rose! Rules & guidelines are available in the forum, itself. Happy Survivor!


2008-09 Rule 5 Eligibilities: The Pitchers

On the second and final installment of Rule 5 Eligibilities for 2009, we focus on the pitchers eligible for the Rule 5 Draft, which will take place on the final day of the Winter Meetings in...


Dayton Moore Advocates Change! (Part Deux)

Dick Kaegel's latest royals.com article expands on Dayton Moore and his promise of change for the current offseason.  Below are some major points that Moore makes. The Royals are not prepared to...


2008-09 Rule 5 Eligibilities: The Offense

This is the first installment of Rule 5 Eligibilities.  On Royals Nation, I compiled a list of players in the Royals organization who are eligible for the Rule 5 draft this offseason.  The 2008...


Interview with Greg Schaum of 610 Sports, Part II

Below is the latter half of a two-part segment with 610 Sports baseball analyst, salesman, and Royals' post-game show co-host Greg Schaum. In this segment, we delved further into Greg's background...

Royals Minor League Survivor II


Thanks to everyone for participating in the second Royals Minor League Survivor. We eliminated chosen Minor Leaguers one by one until the last one remained. Three votes for one player in one round eliminated that player. Dan Duffy was the winner. The final 20: 100. Tyler Sample (AZL) 101. Nick Francis (Burlington, IA) 102. Adrian Ortiz (Burlington, IA) 103. Nick Van Stratten (Burlington, IA) 104. Derrick Robinson (Wilmington) 105. Julio Cesar Pimentel (Northwest Arkansas) 106. Eric Hosmer (Unsigned) 107. Henry Barrera (Wilmington) 108. Chris Nicoll (Northwest Arkansas) 109. Michael Montgomery (Arizona) 110. Joe Dickerson (Wilmington) 111. Blake Wood (Northwest Arkansas) 112. Kila Kaaihue (Omaha) 113. Daniel Cortes (Northwest Arkansas) 114. Tim Melville (Unsigned) 115. Mike Moustakas (Burlington, IA) 116. Johnny Giavotella (Burlington, IA) 117. Daniel Gutierrez (Burlington, IA) 118. Carlos Rosa (Omaha) 119. (W) Dan Duffy (Burlington, IA) Unless Moustakas can rebound completely from his slow start, Hosmer could be our #1 next year (assuming he signs). Interesting list, and Melville and Hosmer were definitely downgraded because of their signing issues. (Sign already!)


2008 Amateur Draft Update

OK, here are completely updated statistics for our 2008 draftees. This will be organized in order, from our highest to lowest signed pick in the amateur draft.  Sorry no explanations or further...


Interview with Greg Schaum of 610 Sports (Part One)

Greg Schaum is the Royals postgame color analyst of the Royals post-game show. He is an avid baseball fan who - get this - has connections toward the Royals *and* Cardinals organization, although...

Former Royals Throughout Baseball

The Royal Treatment writer Ray gives an up-to-date, extensive, and detailed report on how our former Royals are faring throughout baseball.

Royals Review Minor League Project: The Idaho Falls Chukars Hitters

  The Idaho Falls Chukars reside in the Northern Division of the Pioneer League, a short-season rookie league founded in 1939.  The Pioneer League primarily comprises of college and advanced high...

Royals Minor League Survivor 2.0!


Eliminate Royals Minor Leaguers one by one until the last one remains. It's a riveting game, I promise. And get to know our Minor Leaguers, if you're not too familiar with the farm. Rules available in the forum....choose a Royal Minor Leaguer and eliminate away.

MLBallpark Survivor


For those interested in playing a riveting game of Ballpark Survivor. Continuing that Survivor trend that haunts us at Royals Nation. My money is on Camden Yards. Guests may post, so feel free to cruise by and vote.


Long-Term Contracts: Two Down - Many More To Go

Two Down - Many More To Go We begin our endeavors into analysis of retaining the core by examining the contracts of two current Royals players secured to long-term contracts. In my opinion,...

MLB Top Prospect Survivor!


MLB Top Prospect Survivor is happening NOW over at Royals Nation. You know the rules - 3 votes for one player in a round eliminates that player, no voting more than once in each round, and guests may participate (that means you lurkers!) Also, many thanks to those of you who participated in Royals Survivor 2008. The winner of that contest was not much surprise, but quite accurate.....it was Alex Gordon. And to make this more relevant to discussion here at RR, which Royals players do you think will pull a Dan Cortes for next year's Top Prospects list? I'm thinking Joe Dickerson and Daniel Gutierrez could make the top 7 or so by next year.


Retaining Our Core: The Long-Term Contracts

I recently posted this over at Royals Corner. Let me know what you think.------I recently took some time to compile a list of possible long-term contract scenarios for players within our young...

Royals Survivor, Ed. 2.0!


The 2008 edition of Royals Survivor is happening over at Royals Nation. One by one, every Royal on the 40-man roster will be eliminated until a final Royal is left standing. Additional rules are available in the forum. Guests can feel free to post! My prediction on who will win? Alex Gordon. But we shall see!


Former Royals Throughout Baseball: Opening Day Edition

Do you ever stare blankly into the screen at an unfamiliar Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins pitcher, only to think, "Hey!  This guy's delivery resembles that of Jeff Granger?"  Do you ever wonder...


Introducing....the 2008 Royals collage!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2008 Royals collage has arrived! This version's placement is a bit similar to last year's version, but complete with a new logo and player pics.A special hat-tip to Yahoo!...

RN Predictions Thread


Make your predictions known over at Royals Nation. It's similiar to the NYRoyal thread, but much less comprehensive.


R.N. Live From Surprise: Part III

Here is the final part of a three-part series documenting my most recent, super-awesome trip to Surprise, AZ. -RNUnfortunately, we faced a late check-out and didn't arrive to the field until about...

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