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Haberstroh on Payroll/Competitive Balance


Good job by Tom Haberstroh myth-busting the idea that you need to spend a lot to be successful in the NBA. Moral of the story: don't screw up your draft choices.


Big men scoring in the 4th quarter and LaMarcus Aldridge

As was addressed by Dave in the most recent mailbag and repeatedly recently and not so recently throughout the site, LaMarcus Aldridge has clearly not been a big 4th quarter weapon for us, despite...

More Webster Praise in ESPN Awards Watch


Fifth for MIP: "5. Martell Webster, Blazers: Webster might be better qualified as a "comeback" player of the year, but the Blazers swingman has hedged Portland's injury losses with some inspired play. He's also evolved into quite the defensive stopper, even if he couldn't shackle LeBron James on Sunday night. " Also, Roy on the MVP list, no surprise there.

Blall Don't Lie: BtBS


Dwyer, not worried about the team. Re-opens the possibility of everyone's favorite trade target.

High Praise for Webster from Dwyer


"41 points for Denver's go-to guy, mostly against Martell Webster(notes), a Portland wing who looks all the part of a first-team All-Defense guy. Webster was brilliant defensively, and it hardly mattered to Melo, who was potent from every conceivable angle." Obviously better for Melo, but still, some national pub for Marty's efforts.

Starting 5 NOT set for opening night


The money quote: "McMillan did not say this would be the starting lineup for the Houston game, but like he has since training camp opened, he emphasized on Thursday that he wants balance offensively and defensively on both is first and second units." Still sounds likely, but the door isn't shut yet for Greg.


Mythbusting the Rudy-Ginobili Comparisons

It seems that ever since a certain former European league MVP stormed into the Blazer team this past year, that we've been constantly bombarded with comparisons to another former European league...


Trade Drawer 5/21: Now Conley-Free

Well, after 1200 comments or so in the last two trade drawers, largely dominated by discussions of a certain Grizzlies point guard, I thought we should mix it up a little bit.  For everyone dying...

You Be The GM: Jerryd Bayless/Epic basketball-reference fail by Henry


The blogfather contributes the oregonlive entry for Jerryd, however, he messes up the sorting algorithm to generate his "list of similar players", which, given his rather lengthy list of criteria is fairly restrictive. Henry's list: Actual List:


The new key to this series. EDIT: Morning after clarifications

I might need a little leeway here, because I'm a little buzzed in my attempt to drown my sorrows away from this last Blazer loss.  I've been thinking this ever since about the second quarter of the...

One Final Leap in Hollinger's power rankings


All the way up to 3 (ahead of the Magic) on the eve of the playoffs. Houston is 6 right now, though, sadly.


Expanding On the Road Records of the West's Elite

After reading through a fanpost about the Blazers road record against the top west team being roughly equally as bad as every other team at the top of the west, I thought I'd investigate it...

Thorpe's rookie watch


Not sure how this one slipped through. He loves Oden's potential and has some solid words for Bayless also. He leaves Batum out of the list of rookies starting for a playoff team, though.


KG, Sheed, and double standards

   Ever since reading the CelticsBlog thread that Norsktroll linked to in one of the posts yesterday and reading basically all of the Celtics fans call everyone who questions KG's behavior a...


Now That Mitchell's been fired and Toronto is in mini disarray: Ridiculous Bosh Trade Post Time

You knew this was coming, just thought I'd jump the gun on it.  Let me preface it by saying a couple things.  First off, the feasibility of this trade rests entirely on two assumptions: 1. Toronto...


Bill Russell and the psychology of Basketball: As related to the Blazers

With all these "toughness" and "experience" posts up recently, I'm surprised no one's mentioned this yet.  I ran into it on basketbawful a couple days back and Henry reposted it, so I assume a fair...

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