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Chris Johnson a free man

RB not a position even close to need here, but what would a defense do if JC and CJ were both out there at the same time? I know its a passing league, but they can both catch passes as well. Toss in a couple decent TE options and suddenly that gaping hole in our receiving corps doesn't look quite so big.

Arrowhead forecast for the weekend looks interesting

Check out the 7-day National Weather Service forecast for Arrowhead! As of today, 70% chance of overnight snow and 40% chance of snow during the game. High temp Sunday below 30F! I'd hate to be a dome team

RG3 is benched for week 15

ESPN sources are announcing that Shanahan has made his decision regarding starting QB this week.

per ESPN Radio / Mike & Mike

Dr. Chiefslove or: How I learned to stop worrying

AP reader RrustyDawg breaks down some Super Bowl data.

Raiders DC keepin' it classy

Guess he figured nobody would be watching Raiders-Steelers game.


A few simple questions for Mr. Hunt

Now that we've entered the bye week and after our team's performance at Tampa Bay, I thought about my impressions of what I see from the Chiefs organization. I understand that as a fan, I am...

If the Jets bench Sanchez for Tebow, what are the thoughts of working a trade with the Jets?

If the Jets bench Sanchez for Tebow, what are the thoughts of working a trade with the Jets?

Our starting "backup" for theirs? I'm not sure it would be an actual improvement, but surely Sanchez is an upgrade.

Romeo Crennel talking live on NFL Radio at 4PM Arrowhead time

Romeo Crennel talking live on NFL Radio at 4PM Arrowhead time

And all channels Sirius / XM are unlocked on every satellite radio right now even if you've never subscribed.

AP competition at "Beat the Insiders"

Just a reminder that there is an Arrowhead Pride group over at the Inside the NFL / Beat the Insiders website. FYI - Phil & Chris are both picking the Chiefs to lose the home opener, so let's show them what the right picks are!


What is SOPA & PIPA and how will they affect you and AP?

First, let me say that I would never consider taking up FanPost space with this if we were in a busier time of the season. Second, while this post deals with a political subject, I personally see...

NFL Network Special of "The Longest Game" this Sunday at 5PM

Maybe the Chiefs can take it into triple OT this time!

Former Chief Lew Bush dies of heart attack at 42

Played mostly for the Chargers, but spent the final 3 years in the NFL with the Chiefs


OPEN THREAD - Sunday Night Football Jets vs Patriots

Didn't see a SNF thread up yet so I thought I'd throw this one out.  Jets vs Patriots should be a good game and we face both of them on the road in the near future. I know most Chiefs fans are...


Cassel vs Haley - What the camera didn't show

As a season ticket holder for the past few years, I have discovered that sometimes the view from my seat in section 241 is better than the one in my living room that has a 52" HDTV sitting in it. ...


My glass is still half full...but what's in the glass?

via msnewboots.com     Pitiful. Unprofessional.  Listless.  Beaten.  All very appropriate descriptions of the current Kansas City Chiefs. Despondent.  Heartbroken.  Cautiously...

Chiefs restore back pay plus a 3% raise!

Good press for the business side of the house for a change! Guess they got a new PR consultant after last week's debacle.

KC Chiefs Cheerleaders on top of AFC West!

While I think we are should be higher, at least we won the West again! Pretty amazing that the AFC West has 3 of the top 10 cheerleading squads (from a business point of view anyway) And what's better for a slow NFL weekend than cheerleader pics?

Zorn out as QB Coach for Ravens

I am certainly not savy on all the coaches out there, but Zorn being a former HC and known as a developer of QB's might seem to make him a possible fit here in KC. His record at Washington may have tarnished too much for the OC job, but I think we need a solid QB coach with Charlie's departure.

Yahoo! Playoff Scenario Generator confirms the obvious

I have been playing around with this and noticed a few interesting things: 1. If we lose to St Louis, we need a ton of help to make it in. 2. If we lose to Oakland, we need a ton of help to make it in. 3. Assuming both us and SD win out, it is starting to look likely that we will meet again in KC for the wildcard game!


Did Stevie Johnson knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs?

via www.cbc.ca     You've all seen the video highlights of Bills WR Stevie Johnson dropping a spectacular 50-yard pass into the endzone during last weeks' overtime battle with Pittsburg.  A...

Thigpen likely primetime starting QB on Thursday!

I guess we will all get a nice look at what we traded away. I ain't a Cassel hater, but DAMN I loved Thiggy!


Looking ahead to the 3rd quarter (of the season)!

Coach Haley loves to break the season down into quarters.  While I had never looked at a football season from that perspective before this year, I think its a pretty damned good way to convert a...

Chiefs MNF game on NFL Replay Wed at 7PM Central

A win and recognition as one of the best games from Kickoff Weekend!

NO ENTRY into parking between 5PM and 6PM Monday

Mothership has confirmed that between 5PM and 6PM Monday, the traffic flow will be EXIT ONLY following the Royals game. Since parking before 3:30 will cost extra, I suspect more than a few folks will be trying to squeeze in that 1.5 hr window. I wonder how big the jam-up will have grown by 6 with all the horde of folks that didn't get the word?

T-Rich is a Jet again!

I guess they wanted to give him a day off for Labor Day weekend!

Raiders want a "refund" from JaMarcus

I guess I can't blame 'em. Maybe they will give the savings back to their season ticket holders for having to put up with the last few years!


The magic question!

I am just a simple fan of the Chiefs. I didn't grow up playing football. Until this past year, I didn't know the difference between a 3-4 and a 4-3. I have always just enjoyed watching the game...


Pro Bowl selections

Tonight, the NFL Network will announce the 2010 Pro Bowl selections.  Its obviously not going to be filled with Chiefs, but I would think that at least one or two players should show up on the...

Chiefs vs Steelers on NFL Network Replay Tuesday at 7PM Central

We made the top 4 again, so here's another chance to relive the victory!

Chiefs vs Cowboys on NFL Replay at 8:30 Tonight (Tuesday)

For those who may have missed the TV coverage or just want to see our best game so far this season, tune in to the NFL Network for the time-compressed replay. It will still be a heartbreaker, but at least we can take pride in playing one of the best football games of week 5! (small consolation....I know)

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