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User Blog

Team USA Gameday: Australia Is Not A Real Place


Have any of you ever seen proof that Australia is a real place? I mean, really seen it? I'm a skeptic by nature, and I'm calling bullshit on this "country" of Australia. Like, if someone came up to...

USA-Argentina Gameday: I Hate You, Manu Ginobili


Fuck Manu. He's worse than Steve Ott. Yeah, that's right.

USA-Nigeria Gameday: Nigeria Is A Rich Country With A Proud Tradition


Nigeria's cool. You know Adebisi, from Oz? He's Nigerian. So's Hakeem Olajuwon. It's also one of the Next Eleven economies, did you know that? Keep up the good work, Nigeria. Haha, just kidding. -...

USA-Tunisia Basketball Starting Line-Up Comparison


Point Guard USA- Chris Paul 27 years old 6'0", 175 lbs. Career Accomplishments- 5× NBA All-Star: 2008–124× All-NBA Team (First Team: 2008, 2012; Second Team: 2009; Third Team: 2011) 4× NBA...

Were The Kings The Best Stanley Cup Champion Since The Lockout?


So now that I've had a few months to digest the Kings' Stanley Cup victory, my eyes have been turning towards the bigger picture. The Kings were clearly the best team in the NHL this season, but...

Lenny Palumbo's Internal Monologue While He Shops For Groceries


(We're going into the mind of a deranged man so reader discretion is advised.) Where the fuck are the goddamn eggs? What kind of world is it where an honest hard-working AMERICAN like Lenny Palumbo...

Scenes From Drew Doughty's Softball Tournament


Scenes from Drew Doughty's softball tournament

Oh Right, I Forgot


My favorite part of this is after the jump: That's right, The Many Faces of Willie Mitchell! I call this one: "Ron Perlman's son." Seriously, how does that face and this face: And this...

Ken Campbell Hates Marathon Runners


Ken Campbell is an idiot and wrote a bad thing that's so dumb it's not even worth my time breaking down. (It is worth Quisp's time, though!) Basically, he's a dumb shit that is arguing against the...

Phoenix Icon Comes To Los Angeles


No, not that one. The other one. What? It's summer and I'm bored.

July 1 Gameday: A Solemn, Respectful Canada Day


I don't know why Canada has an entire day dedicated to reminding them that they live in Canada but I guess even Pearl Harbor has a day so why not. Sorry, Canada. Hey, maybe you can actually be...

Quick's Contract: What Can We Expect?


I wrote this as a comment on Jewels from the Crown and then it was pointed out to me that I, in fact, have a blog. Enjoy! Jonathan Quick signed a 10-year contract, which is... a really fucking...

Jonathan Quick Signs 10-Year Deal


Jonathan Quick will be 37 when the deal ends. This pretty much guarantees that Jonathan Quick will go down as the 2nd greatest #32 in the team's history. Boy I sure do hope Jonathan Quick's .930+...

Kings Off-Season Preview: What I Want


I'm not sure if I'm allowed to make conditions to the Kings since they just won that thing but I have a few, uh, requests for them to keep in mind as we head towards July 1st: 1) Don't trade A...

Why Some Prospects Dropped In The Draft


Yesterday we all witnessed the first round of the NHL Draft, but that's only the beginning. Today we'll see the lesser-known prospects pursue their NHL dreams. Why are these prospects not coveted...

LAKingsInsider's Commenters Respond To The Drew Doughty Rape Investigation


This is obviously not true. oh ok I agree, it’s crap! She will never go to trial and just trashing the guy for a payoff. I word of wisdom for you Drew, there are people out for your money so...

Victory Lap: My Day With The Cup


6:30 AM: Wake up with the Cup 6:32 AM-33 AM: Fuck it 6:34 AM-10:50 AM: Sleep 10:51 AM-11:00 AM: Try to fuck it, can't get up, cry softly 11:01 AM-12:00 PM: Drive around Earl Sleek's place of...

Circle of Life


One of the guys on my hockey team has a son who's about 6 or 7. His son loves hockey and he's mentioned before about how excited his kid gets whenever they win. Apparently this run has been pretty...

A Brief Message From Dean Lombardi


Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this short press conference. I will not be taking questions, I just wanted to make a short statement.As you know, this Kings team went on an incredible run...




Why I Love Hockey

I moved around a lot when I was a kid. My parents divorced when I was pretty young and the realities of my step-dad's job meant we were always on the move. When I wasn't moving with him, I was...

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 6: Across The Street


Alright, baby steps Think you assholes can handle this? Jesus fucking Christ Prediction: Kings win

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 5: Kitty Hawk


I wish I could fly Even for 12 seconds 12 seconds is a lifetime Prediction: Kings win

Comparing the LA & Newark Riots, or: New Jerseyans Are Posers


Yesterday, good friend and sworn enemy Greg Wyshynski made the following tweet: Greg Wyshynski ‏@wyshynski FYI to visiting media for Game 5 in Newark: May want to keep the "rioting" jokes to a...

Stanley Cup Final, Game 4: Sea of Tranquility


I can see it from here It looks gorgeous I want to go walk on it Prediction: Kings win.

I love you, Raccoon Jesus (Take 2)


I love you, Raccoon Jesus (Take 2)

Stanley Cup Final, Game 3: I'm Spent


It has been 8 months since the Kings opened their season in Europe, 6 months since they fired their coach, 3 months since they traded for Jeff Carter, 2 months since Ryane Clowe played the puck...

I love you, guy who looks like Human Jesus lol Marty


I love you, guy who looks like Human Jesus lol Marty

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