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Cubs DFA Schierholtz


Yeah Schierholtz didn't turn out so well this year. He's been so bad that I don't even see a reason for the Phils to pick him up now. Also, they claimed Jacob Turner, meaning the Phillies had no shot at him, as the Cubs are even worse than the Phils.

Manuel returning to Phils as adviser to Amaro


I guess he might do some scouting or something.

Joyner to return to Phillies coaching staff in '14


Huh. So apparently Joyner is coming back now. Samuel is back too. Also, Phils outright J.C. Ramirez, Cesar Jimenez, Roger Bernadina, and Casper Wells off the 40-man. Nothing too shocking, none of those guys are actually good, but certainly noteworthy.

Phillies acquire infielder McDonald from Tribe


New utility infielder? Why? At least it's not Martinez?

Nuggets Fire Karl


So, the Nuggets decided to fire the Coach of the Year rather than give him a new contract. Okay. With that said, I hear the Sixers are looking for a coach... (dodges projectiles) In all seriousness, my first instinct is that the Sixers won't go after Karl, and Karl may not even be interested in coming to Philadelphia. I'm not the most knowledgeable about the NBA, admittedly, but based on what I do know about Karl, he doesn't seem like the ideal coach for a young or rebuilding team. With that said, the man has obviously had quite a bit of success in the league, and deserves a bit of a mention. I'd take him over Larry Brown in a heartbeat, anyway. So, George Karl for the Sixers? Does that warrant a "No," a "Maybe," or a "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" from you? I'm curious.

Tomorrow's TGP Front Page


Preview of tomorrow's content!

Miami Signs Polanco


Apparently, Miami is now the place to go for Phillies rejects. I guess Pierre/Polanco will hit at the top of the order for the Marlins? I like Polanco and all, but that's just depressing. I'm so glad I'm not a Miami fan.

Braves trade Hanson for Jordan Walden


So yeah, Hanson going to the Angels for a setup man. Strange...

Torii Hunter signs with Tigers


Cross one free agent outfielder off the list!

Phillies hire Joyner as assistant coach


Former San Diego Padres hitting coach Wally Joyner has been hired as an assistant hitting coach. Based on a quick glance at OPS+, the Padres' offense was below average during his time there, but it wasn't any better before or after his tenure.

Phils get PBTNL from Dodgers


Ouch. 40th round personal favor who has posted a .644 OPS in two seasons of rookie ball. He's 22 already. I don't think we made up for Domingo Santana with this one...

Milwaukee Brewers Release Randy Wolf


Man. Even though it's been ages since he played for the Phillies, Wolf has always been one of my favorites, maybe even my favorite Phillie of all time. Always solid, always likeable, had the best fanclub, and was a real bright spot during some dark days for the team. Sadly I don't think he's ever coming back here, and he may be done as a big leaguer. That said, I'm not sure he should be -- his xFIP and SIERA on the year are right in line with his career averages, nothing special but not awful, and he's left handed. It would be cool to see him revive his career as a bullpen guy, but I'm not so sure that's going to happen. Maybe he gets an invite next year, but I could see him just retiring. If he does, I hope the game still has a place for the guy.

ZWR: Phillies As Classic Video Game Characters


I haven't really checked out much Zoo With Roy, but I saw this get a mention on Baseball Nation, and it's classic stuff. Must-read for all Phillies and/or Nintendo fans.


Red Sox DFA Marlon Byrd

EDITOR'S NOTE: Front-Paged. Quality stuff, I remember feeling a lot of the same about Byrd. - WC If you haven't heard, Marlon Byrd was recently designated for assignment by the Boston Red Sox. h...

Why Phils fans shouldn't boo Abreu


Huh, really? I didn't see the game last night. It didn't even occur to me that fans would boo Abreu. I mean... now? What's the point? Apparently a large portion of my fellow fans are just idiots, and it's that simple. Sigh.

Phillies 2012 Opening Day Lineup


Shane Victorino CF Placido Polanco 3B Jimmy Rollins SS Hunter Pence RF Ty Wigginton 1B John Mayberry Jr. LF Carlos Ruiz C Freddy Galvis 2B Roy Halladay P We knew Thome wouldn't be in against the lefty Bedard, but there was a lot of PIerre-as-leadoff buzz. Instead, Manuel goes with Wigginton 1B and Mayberry LF. The correct choice, to be clear, but not necessarily the expected one. Victorino leadoff and Rollins 3rd is also notable, but not so surprising. However, Manuel still plans for Pierre to "start a lot of games." I don't get the impression that Nix will be seeing a ton of action, but you never know. Thoughts?

John Lannan Reportedly Heading For Minors


This is either the best news in the world or the worst news in the world. Or neither of those things. This will undoubtedly reduce all Phillies' HBP rates by 20-30%.

Atlanta Braves Sign Livan Hernandez


Part of me wants to laugh at the Braves. They signed a guy the Astros didn't want. On the other hand, he's been a decent fifth starter for the last couple of years, and the Braves always seem to find hidden gems. Besides, even if he sucks, they have depth in the minors. Hey, I hear Houston wants Joe Blanton now! /salisbury

Moyer throws four perfect innings


Jamie Moyer may have moved himself to the front of Colorado's fifth starter competition. Wow. It remains to be seen if this translates to consistent big league performance in 2012, or if it even leads to his winning a roster spot, but it appears that there is some semblance of fuel left in the tank. Would be nice to see at least a few solid major league games from Jamie this year, as unlikely as it may seem.

Thome wants to win it all with mentor Manuel


Hal Bodley writes about how Thome is a great guy and wants to win a World Series. In other news, sources indicate that Dom Brown would prefer to make it to the second round of the playoffs before bowing out.

Jarrad Page trying out for L.A. Dodgers


Yes, you read that right. Jarrad Page was literally so bad last season that he's trying his hand at baseball instead. He's 27, so I'm not holding my breath. He was drafted three times by MLB teams, but not all that highly, and that was five years ago. Then again, there have been a fair number of mediocre players who have switched sports and been mediocre in something else. Hopefully he's better at baseball than he was at football. Because if he's not, then... damn. Also: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Phils sign veteran Scott Elarton to minor-league deal


My initial reactions to this signing: 1. ???? 2. Elarton is still pitching? 3. Why is Elarton still pitching? 4. Why do the Phillies think a 36-year-old who hasn't been in the majors for years and wasn't any good when he was is worth an invite? 5. Isn't Elarton an unusual name? I mean, do you know any Elartons? 6. ?????????????????

CSN Philly - Projecting the Eagles' final 53-man roster


By Andy Schwartz and Reuben Frank Mostly what you'd expect, but I found it interesting that they had both Joselio Hanson being traded and Trevard Lindley being cut outright. Colt Anderson and Brandon Hughes make the team, according to their predictions. I thought that was kind of interesting, and I'm not sure I agree, though I've never been convinced that the team was confident in Lindley. He had his moments last year as a rookie, so it would surprise me to see him cut rather than sticking around as a 4th or 5th corner. It does seem that Marsh has clearly moved ahead of him.


Seeing the black lining in a cloud of awesome

It's a good season to be a Philadelphia Phillies fan. At 86-46, the Phillies tower above all other major league teams.  They are effectively guaranteed a playoff spot.  They boast one of the most...

Randy Moss Retires


Big news, but probably for the best. He really did have an awful season last year, even for being unmotivated. He had 28 catches for 393 yards, and he played in all 16 games. I think he was done anyway; probably didn't want to sign as a 3rd or 4th guy. Certainly seems to rule out him coming to the Eagles.

Shutdown Corner on Kolb


Don't worry, it's not a Chris Chase article. However... Based on this "scouting report" one would think that Kevin Kolb was a rocket-armed QB with no accuracy who belongs in an offense that does nothing but throw the deep ball. Um, what?

Pirates call up RHP Grilli from AAA Lehigh Valley


No, that's not a misprint. Grilli had an out clause that allowed any MLB club to claim him. Phils had the option to call him up or let the Pirates have him. I hate those kinds of deals, because it's annoying to have a guy pitch well in AAA and get scooped up by a different team. Still, I don't really care so much. The Phillies didn't want him, and I can't say he excited me either.

Phillies, five others on Royals closer Soria's no-trade list


This is actually good news, since the price on Soria is apparently astronomical. The Phils don't need him, and I'd prefer they not be tempted to pursue him. Soria is a great talent, but he's not worth the "exorbitant" return KC would want. Certainly not for the Phillies. In that sense, it's kind of a non-story, but I mention it because I'm kind of surprised a player would specifically mention not wanting to play for big-market contenders like Philadelphia, Boston, and New York, or even a small market contender like Atlanta. Maybe he just doesn't want to relocate, so he's listing the teams most likely to deal for him?

Blue Jays send Kyle Drabek to triple-A


Drabek is certainly no lost cause at this point; he's still only 23 and clearly has MLB-caliber stuff. That said, he was a guy who was expected by many to be ready at this point, so this is definitely a disappointment for Toronto. 52 walks in 73 innings is just not a number you want to see from any pitcher, and it's not as though he had a ton of strikeouts offsetting it. If I had to guess, I'd say Drabek is still probably going to be a very good MLB pitcher, but his control problems are a definite cause for concern. I think this does highlight some of the risk the Phillies would have taken on had they kept Drabek, as they would have been dealing with these growing pains much in the way they dealt with those of Gavin Floyd (who, by the way, is as good of a comparison as I can think of for Drabek at this point. The other guy who comes to mind is Brandon Duckworth, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone.)

Phils answer question in right by tabbing Francisco


Manuel: "I’ve heard people say he got to play in Cleveland. He didn’t get no 350, 450 at bats or anything like that. He’s never done that. So this is a chance for him to get to play. Starting off, he’s going to get a good chance to play, what you call a bona fide chance." In 2008, Francisco had 447 AB's for Cleveland, starting 71 games in left field and 27 more in right (98 total OF starts). His OPS was .770 on the season. In 2009, he tallied 405 AB's between the Phillies and Indians with a .779 OPS for the year. He started 51 games in LF, 37 in CF, and 13 in RF, totalling 101 starts in the outfield. So yes, Charlie, he has done this before. Turns out he wasn't bad at it, either.

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