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Euroleague reviews and NBA Draft 2014 prospects

News and review of Euroleague round 11 and news for some European draft prospects


So the Wolves played the Cats. Meh. (REPORT CARD)

Disclaimer: \!/ So the Wolves lost again in a wolfish fashion of bad rotation, no energy. It’s been another frustrating game and the Wolves won’t make the playoffs. But don’t be too sad...

Euroleague review and future draft prospects

Euroleague review of rounds 4 and 5 with highlight videos. Also, a statistical overview of European future draft prospects so far this season.

Euroleague Review & European NBA prospects

Euroleague Review of TOP 16, Round 3 & the most promising young undrafted European NBA draft prospects at the power forward and center positions.

Euroleague review and European Prospect Bigs

Euroleague Review of Top 16 Round 2 as well as a look at upcoming European prospects at the power forward and center position for the NBA draft

Euroleague Review and European draft prospects

Euroleague review, European NBA draft prospects,

Euroleague Review: Top 16 Set

Regular Season of Euroleague ends. Alexis Ajinca's strong play earns him a spot on the Pelicans. Bamberg collapses in the very last, crucial moment, Jayson Granger saves Unicaja Malaga, MOAR Daniel Hackett and a look at the Top 16 groups.

Euroleague Review & European wing prospects

Review of Euroleague Review with first teams qualifying for the Top 16 group stage. Also, looking at the top 4 young European wing talents for future drafts.

Euroleague review and European wing prospects

Looking back at Euroleague rounds 5 and 6. Also, presenting some of the most intriguing European NBA prospects at the SG/SF positions

Euroleague Review and Euro NBA Guard Prospects

We're at the half of regular season of Euroleague with some intresting matchups. Kuban wins another close one, Leo Westermann goes down, Krunislav Simon saves the day again and Real Madrid might just be the scariest basketball team on Earth.

Euroleague round 4 & future European NBA prospects

Euroleague continues with its fourth week of competition. Highlights and results, plus a look at some young pros in Europe who may find their way onto the NBA radar in the coming years.

Euroleague in Review: Games 1-3

Taking a look back at the first three game days of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Which teams are hot early on? Which players should be considered MVP candidates? Which youngsters have shown up on the big stage? Who is struggling?

Euroleague 2013-14 Preview: Groups C and D

Here's a preview giving you a little background on the teams and players to watch, as well as young guns who might have a shot at the NBA in the future. After Groups A & B, we continue with C & D.

Euroleague 2013-14 Preview: Groups A & B

Yay, it's October! A great month for basketball fans as not only the NBA regular season starts, but the Euroleague starts as well. Here's a preview giving you a little background on the teams and players to watch in Groups A and B. C and D to come.

European Rookie Class of 2013

Every NBA season introduces its fans to a crop of international players that are surrounded by mystery and hype leading up to the season. Who are they, what did they do the last two years and what does their situation look like within their new team?

How Alexey Shved Lives

In an interview with a Russian newspaper, Alexey Shved talks openly about his personal life, his relationship, how he spend his time in Minnesota, the importance of the Kirilenko family in his transition to the US way of life and more.


Eurobasket 2013 Preview: Group D

Previewing the final group that includes Greece, Turkey and Russia.


Eurobasket 2013 Preview: Group C

Group C features Ricky's Spain, hosts Slovenia, two teams in Croatia and Poland that might surprise with interesting youngsters, and limited Czech Republic and Georgia.


EuroBasket 2013 Preview: Group B

The 2nd of 4 previews for the EuroBasket 2013.


Eurobasket Preview: Group A

First of four previews for the EuroBasket 2013 that starts next week. In Group A, powerhouse France will go against a young German squad, intriguing teams from Ukraine and Israel, as well as Great Britain and Belgium who are happy to be there.



*I said I'd made this a comment but it came out so long with so many participants that I had to do a FanPost.. There's a little reward at the bottom.* -...


Shut up, this deserves its own FanPost (Ricky make u happy)

Sorry that I'm making this a FanPost. I hope this hasn't been posted yet. ANYWAY. Ricky's second verse absolutely kills it. "CHANGE YOUR FACE" by Tricky Ricky Rubio (PUMP UP THE JAM PARODY)...


MIN-BKN Musical Preview: Cегодня из Pоссии.

Today I have the pleasure of presenting the musical preview. Since the Wolves play Brooklyn, we thought New York could share its spotlight with some Russian music today. I have lurked in many of...


The Return of Rubio [Full Highlights in HD!]

Some people here said they couldn't watch the game against Dallas which marked Ricky's return and didn't have any option of rewatching it afterwards. Also, I couldn't find a good little summary...


My Euro Pipedream for the Wolves - Dario Šarić

(Do you believe in destiny?) I'm sure that many of you have heard of 18 year old Dario Saric already. It's way too early to think about the draft especially with the team making the...

Kirilenko, Shved & cat in big, empty houses (translated vid interviews)

I hope this works as a FanShot. A friend and me have translated two recent interview vids that Kirilenko & Shved did for their ex-club, CSKA Moscow. The vid of Kirilenko was made in late October, the Shved one was a few days after the Dallas game. It's nothing special, just shows them in their new homes as they share their first impressions of Minny. The interviewers don't care that much about the basketball aspect, it's more like a chat between friends. Shved claims getting a haircut was his idea... the vids: AK47 RATATATATA (new window) Da Shved (new window) The translations are not perfect, rather lenghty since the vids are rather long. Kirilenko transcript: Kirilenko: Hellooooooo, here's Andrei Kirilenko appearing on CSKA.TV. Maybe you'll see me more often in the future. As often as you'll call me that is. Interview Bros: So how did you settle in Minnesota? Is it better than Utah? Kirilenko: So far, I haven't settled in [laughs]. Furniture should arrive on Tuesday. If 'MTV Cribs' was here... nope, they wouldn't be impressed [laughs]. Interview Bros: [laugh]. But is it better than Salt Lake City? Kirilenko: Better than Salt Lake City? How can it be better to live in a rented house than in a house you own? Interview Bros: So far you're just renting a place? Kirilenko: Yes... and what do you mean by 'so far'? I will keep renting it. I live outside the city actually so it doesn't bother me much. Interview Bros: Where's that? Kirilenko: The town is called GRAWWGHRAGGHRAAR!! Interview Bros: .. ??... what? Kirilenko: ....O - RO - NO. It's very pleasant because you can get on the Highway and be at the Target Center within 15 minutes. Interview Bros: Nice. As I look into your living room/kitchen I don't really see anything there. Kirilenko: Of course it's empty because the furniture hasn't arrived yet. I was lucky enough to get hold of a chair so I can sit during the interview. Interview Bros: Wait wait wait... you seemed to have a couple of chairs when I first called you. [RBEditor - Russian investigative journalism at its finest.] Kirilenko: Yeah, I put one away and took one with me for the Interview. Interview Bros: So you spent that one hour looking for a chair? Kirilenko: Not only, I am also doing some stuff on my own. Interview Bros: I'm imaging you doing all the construction work on your own, doing furniture and stuff. Kirilenko: Oh yeah, but it's good to know that if something breaks... you're to blame. [Epic change in perspective so that the bros can't mock Andrei's empty appartment no more.] Interview Bros: When will your family arrive in Minnesota? Kirilenko: My family will arrive next week. [Cut – talking about preseason]. In the preseason there is not much of an emphasis on the result but on finding out who the best players are, which rotations and lineups work best. There is a lot of variation with some guys playing more minutes, some guys playing less minutes. At the end of the day, if you're a leader or bring energy, you can get about 35 to 40 minutes. Interviewer: This is making us happy though since you're in the starting five. Alexey is coming off the bench playing lots of minutes too so far. Do you think this will remain as the regular season starts? Kirilenko: Yes, sure, at the start of the season. But from then on it's all about how you play. If we start the season like we started the game in Chicago, none of us will get minutes [laughs]. Nike Shirt Interviewer: In the US, is there a lot of talk about how many white guys there are on the team? Black Shirt Interviewer: That question is so Russian... Nike Shirt Interviewer: But I'm really interested in that! Nine white guys on the team. Kirilenko: I haven't heard anything here so far... as you say, in Russia... 'ooh, that team is so white'. What does it matter? White, grey, whatever. I don't concern with that. Interview Bros: So what's the coaches first impression of Shved? Kirilenko: Honestly, I don't know. If I'd have to interpret their reaction towards him... they seem to like and value him. But of course, they want him to work out, right? They see his potential, but they want him to add a few things to his game. It's not even about his skillset or his body. They want him to become a more mature and intelligent player. That he understands what the coaches want to see from him given the situation. [Shved video bomb.] The rest of the vid shows the prince exploring his new castle. <!-- extended entry --> Shved transcript: Interviewer Bro I: Uh, listen, If I just call him, Lyosha won't see us. Interview Bro II: I don't give a shit... Interview Bro I: Wh... why you don't give a shit? Shved:Interview Bro II: Man, Lyosha saw us like a million times. Interview Bro I: Okay, okay... Shved: I can call you. You've seen me a million times too... [laughs]. Interview Bros: [Laugh and keep quarreling like an old couple]. [CUT!] Shved: I went to the barber because I wanted to get a haircut. Interview Bros: So nobody told you to go to the barber? Shved: Hell no. Nobody came to me and told me nothing. It got so long... at that point I didn't know how to keep it to prevent it from bothering me on the court. Interview Bros: Yeah, you could see how much easier it was for you without that mop against Brooklyn. Interview Bros: Hey Shved, did your gilfriend join you in Minnes...? [Cat video bomb!!!] Interview Bros OMFG!!!! SHOW US THAT CAT! AWESOME!!! [RBEditor - yes, we really REALLY love cats in Russia...] Shved: My girlfriend is here and my brother sits right next to me right here. They brought my cats too. I have ordered a few things. There's lots of chairs, beds and couches all over the place now. Also, I got hooked up with cable tv. Interview Bros: Are you going to watch a lot of NBA basketball on tv? Shved: It's not really about basketball... you know how much I love television [ironic]. I barely ever turn on the tv. I have to practice my English anyway so I can turn on the tv and be surrounded by the English language. Watching movies in English, you might not understand everything but it's just good to have something here to listen to and it helps me practicing the language. Interview Bros: But you seem to be quite comfortable in giving interviews in English already. Shved: Well, but.... no... [looks at brother, grins]... I think I don't look very good at that [laughs]. Cat: [laughs]. Interview Bros: You and AK, they call you the 'Russian Connection' . Is he's the one you feel most comfortable with playing? Shved: Of course. We are playing together for how long now. The Russian team, the season in Russia. It's going to be easier to adjust with him here. He's an intelligent player and always knows where to be and I just have to find him. Interview Bros: Alexey, we have to talk about something. You had three blocks in the game against Dallas. I don't remember you ever having that many in a Russian league game ever. What has posessed you there? Shved: [Laughs] I don't even remember that. Well, it just happened, I guess. Interview Bros: Was it because O.J. Mayo is so small? Shved: Well that one time he only had about 3 seconds on the clock so he tried to fake me out but I didn't fall for it and got him on the shot attempt. Interview Bros: Have you noticed any fans wearing your jersey in Minnesota yet? Shved: No, I haven't. I have my two loyal fans from Russia here [looks at brother, laughs]. Interview Bros: Have they bought jerseys yet? Shved: My brother has bought one for himself and Nastya [RBEditor - girlfriend] has made herself a dress with 'Timberwolves' and my number on it. Interview Bros: You should dress your cat too. Shved: No need. Kitty is inside all day guarding the house. Shved: What I really like about the NBA is that there is more contact. In Europe, you can get foul calls by drawing weak, minimal contact. Here, you only get a foul when there really is a foul. Sometimes, even if a defender holds you or hooks up your arm, you usually don't get the call. They allow you to have contact. There are very few flops and they have even begun penalizing flops. Shved: Also, there is obviously more room. The 3 second rule makes it easier to get to the rim. Shved: The more you play, the more you love it. I'm happy that the team trusts me and of course, I want to meet their expectations. There's no chance that the coach gives you playing time if you don't play well or don't do what he expects from you. Of course, there are bad games, but you still have to make an effort to do your best... to show that... well, not to show anything specifically about you, but that you can bring something to the team when you're out there. Interview Bros: Let's get serious for a moment. What happened to your shooting percentages? Shved: Man, I have no idea! [Laughs.] Interview Bros: Free throw shooting is looking good! I have noticed that they have made you their technical foul shooter. Shved: Yeah, but seriously, I don't really know... I'm thinking, haha... actually, I am shooting the ball very well in practice, but not in games. Maybe I shoot it a little bit too... well, no I feel like the stroke is fine, it's just not falling right now. Interview Bros: Has the coach told you anything about that? You must have some specialists there who works with you with that? Shved: Yeah, we're working on it, shooting the ball, in pick-and-rolls and the spots were we usually like to shoot during the game. I think I just have to make them during the game, no excuses. Well, I'll have to figure it out. [Laughs] Shved: [RBEditor - talking about gaining weight] I did a little bit, but right now, during the season I don't have much time to work on my body because I have to work on other things. I hit the gym for longer stretches about twice a week. But.. I have to work on that of course. I don't want to be super tall and super thin. It would be great to gain some strenght. Interview Bros: So have you gained any weight during the offseason? Shved: No, I haven't gained any weight. Interview Bros: But your muscles look more cut now. Shved: Well, maybe [laughs]. Interview Bros: [laugh]. RBE: [laughs not]. <!-- extended entry -->

ESPN's Haberstroh: " Minnesota defense a mirage..."

Here's le part about the Wolves: Flukes and for-real teams: Minnesota defense a mirage while Brooklyn's offense looks legit 2. The fluke identity change category For a while last season, the Celtics looked like the Mike D'Antoni-led Phoenix Suns, who took the "outscore your opponent" philosophy to the literal extreme. At the 10-game mark, the Celtics' offense ranked 11th while their defense ranked 19th. Not exactly Beantown's brand of basketball. The team's ranks from then on: 28th in offense and first in defense. Now that's more like it. If you're looking for a team that will undergo a midseason makeover like Boston did, I give you the Minnesota Timberwolves. Did you notice that they have a top-five defense right now? Yes, the Timberwolves, who ranked 21st on defense last season, have been nasty on that end of the floor. But of course it's not the same team. The Wolves have missed the offensive magic of Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio, but the young duo should rejoin the team sometime in December. And their return should dramatically improve the team's bottom-10 ranking on offense. Secondly, the oft-injured defensive savant, Andrei Kirilenko, has missed at least 10 games in each of his past eight seasons in the NBA. Though the Timberwolves have caught a nasty case of the injury bug, it somehow hasn't plagued Kirilenko yet. If and when that happens, expect their offensive and defensive rankings to fly in opposite directions.

How to pronounce Алексей Швед

Since this came up in the game thread today here is an example which should settle that topic. His name is mentioned at 00:10 & 00:40. I don't have a problem with how his family name is pronounced actually. It's his first name is totally off. It's not "allak-see" but "al-x-SAY" ('al' as in allah). Hope this helps!

ESPN 2012 NBA Player Rankings (Updated)

" and the TrueHoop Network are ranking every NBA player -- and counting them down on Twitter (@NBAonESPN), from No. 500 to No. 1. #NBArank is the Twitter hashtag to use if you want to get involved in the discussion or just follow along. You can also follow along here: @NBAonESPN" ----------------------------------------------- I am intrigued to see how much love Pek and K-Love wll get this year. These voters better not anger Pek since he knows where they work now. Malcolm Lee at 404 is the first Тимбервулв on the list. Next will surely be Швед. Favorite of some CH guys here, Will Barton is at 409. I'm surprised to see Kyle Singler THAT low. UPDATES: 2012 NBA Player Rankings: 400-381 - No Wolves player listed. NBA Player Rankings: 380-361 - No Wolf. But Telfair. And Tobias Harris is underrated. NBA Player Rankings: 360-341 - Швед one spot behind Darko... an omen? Wayne Ellington at 344. Von Wafer commented on his own rank. NBA Player Rankings: 341-320 - Counting them down...

Another reason to be skeptical about NBA potential of Алексей Викторович Шведa

My new, young, deer friends here at Canis Hoopus. I have lurked site for more than a year now and have decided to register and engage with fans of Тимбервулвз from Миннесота on regular basis now that our national industry has reached out its tentacles to the very capable Миннесота front office was wise enough to add two exciting Russian ballthrowers to the Тимбервулвз team. Unfortunately, as is tradition with russian-american communication, I come with bad news. If there is something I learned in studying NBAsketball, it is the fact that good musical rhytm and skilled dancefloor moves translate well to the basketball court (just think of LeBron James, Dwight Howard, John Wall and hey, even Ricard Rubio is not bad at 'the dougie'). After you have seen Lyosha's underwhelming play in some of the Olympiskiy games, you might ask yourself how his dancing fundamentals are... well... uh.... look for your selves: (unfortunately, I don't know how to make this a direct link. Please click on the title to be redirected. Thanks) If this has been posted before, I appologize greatly. Here's hoping to have great discussions about the Timberwolves and all the other important things in life on this very nice Fanboard in the forseeable future.

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