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Oregon's Most Underrated: Kenjon Barner


LaMichael James has left for the NFL, vacating the running back position at the University of Oregon. For the first time in three years someone else will be announced in the starting lineup on...

Oregon Ducks Position Previews: Offensive Line


The offensive line is the most important part of the offense across all levels and styles of play. At Oregon, the offensive line is incredibly important in that no part of the offense can...

Quack Fix: LaMichael James Interviewed, and Oregon's Linemen, Receivers, and Tight Ends.


Running a little low on quack with the Olympics and all. So please, if you find quack on the internet, put it in the comments. I honestly couldn't be happier the Olympics are here even though I...

Ducks Invade London 2012: Galen Rupp, USA, 5,000 and 10,000 meter


Galen Rupp, pretty much a house-hold name in the state of Oregon for his record breaking runs while an Oregon Duck, qualified again for the USA Track & Field team for the 5,000 and 10,000 meter...

Oregon's 2012 Spring Game: A Viewing Guide


A viewing guide organized by position for the 2012 Oregon spring game.

Will we miss Darron Thomas that much?


I look at the uniqueness of the quarterback race and how it may not matter who starts.

Rose Bowl Retro Diary plus Gameplan Notes


This link is to a detailed retro diary I did for the Rose Bowl game providing different notes as the game goes along. Also on the site is an analysis of the gameplan on offense and defense.

Oregon's 3-4 Defense: Stunts, Blitzes, Coverages, and Concepts


This is a long one. I go over the defensive line stunts, the basics of the 3-4, concepts Oregon uses, blitz techniques, and coverages.

Rose Bowl 2012: Something For Duck Fans To Calm The Panic


Oregon's advantage on offense is greater than their weakness on defense. Why Wisconsin does not compare to elite defenses Oregon has faced.

A Possible Explanation for Recent Offensive Problems in Bowl Games


A Possible Explanation for Recent Offensive Problems in Bowl Games

Quack Fix: Veteran Players Keeping Basketball Squad Alive, Rose Bowl News, and Football Strategy


I've been slaving for hours over this quack in my first quack fix. Yesterday Oregon beat Prairie View A&M 74-66. Bob Clark of the Register Guard writes that the older players on the basketball...

Analysis on Oregon's passing attacks


I go over some of Oregon's base plays that get run the majority of the time as well as play action passes.

College Gameday and Saturday Game Open Thread


The Ducks are headed to the Rose Bowl, and one of the best things to come from a game on Friday night is that there is still a full day of college football on Saturday. College Gameday is at the...

College Gameday/Early Game Open Thread


It's Civil War week and I couldn't be happier to play the Beavers, but my heart is heavy knowing this is also the last week of regular season college football.  Part of me wishes Oregon could...

12-Pac Review: California Dreaming During Civil War Week


12-Pac Review: California Dreaming During Civil War Week

College Gameday/Early Game/Pre-game Open Thread

It's a great Saturday for college football and gameday is at SMU @ Houston for reasons beyond my comprehension. You can find my weekly picks here. My analysis of Oregon's offense here. And my...

USC at Oregon: What the Numbers Say


  Advanced stats have been a growing part of looking at football and we even saw it this past weekend when people started arguing about the probabilities of the Falcons converting on the 4th and...

Oregon Blitz Packages Against Stanford


I diagram the successful stunt and blitz plays Oregon ran against Stanford and talk about why they are so effective.

Oregon's offense against Stanford broken down.


Against Stanford we saw Oregon adjust their offense to a common technique to stopping the zone read. I go through a new rushing play and how it protects DT, and a staple passing play is broken down in its entirety with diagrams.


College Gameday/Saturday Games Open Thread

Oh yeah! Stanford Yeah!  College Gameday is broadcasting from The Farm (trivia: why is it called the farm?) and Penn State dominates the first five minutes (with reason).  Here's my preview for the...

Oregon's offensive strategies


Covered is Oregon's packaged routes during the Washington game, the power plays Oregon ran, Darron Thomas' keys while playing uptempo, and the key to the pitch play (hint: the offensive line).


College Gameday/Early Game/Pre-game Open Thread

It's probably much warmer in Los Angeles right now for College Gameday than it was in Eugene a few weeks ago.  Although the Gameday crew apparently had to coerce people to come with food.  Wusses. H...

Advanced Oregon Offensive Concepts


I look at all the options on what looks like a standard screen pass, the biggest question I have on the jet sweep, and the run-pass options on zone reads. All clips are from the Colorado game (screenshots courtesy of video provided by Mike Wines of madmike1951 YouTube glory).

Analytical look at X's and O's of WSU offense


I was watching the Washington State - OSU game and saw that the Cougars were doing some really cool things with their offense. In this post I look at the x's and o's of their base plays (at least what i could do with bad camera angles) and wrote about all the options they create on offense. Photos and diagrams are provided. Included is that full house/diamond formation and the early motion by running backs that have Oregon has had troubles stopping consistently.

PAC-12 Week in Review and Power Rankings


OH YEAH WEEK 8 YEAH is in the books. I looked at every team, ranked them, and talked about each game from that team's perspective.


College Gameday/Early Game Open Thread

It saddens me to say that the college football season is half over.  Looking on the bright side, the first half was awesome, and we got another one to go.  College Gameday is in East Lansing,...

My preview for ASU @ Oregon


BOOM. Find out what Oregon struggles with on offense and what the statistics show about ASU's offense.

History of College Gameday and Oregon


I took a look at the history of College Gameday and different games that they've been at involving Oregon. I look at Corso donning the head and the WSU flag conspiracy.

PAC-12 Review, Power Rankings, And Looking Ahead


Week 6 finished, matt daddy beat me to the punch, but I'm sure you'll enjoy this as well.


College Gameday/Saturday Open Thread

Oh yeah!  College football is on!  It feels so weird having another Saturday without Duck football.  College Gameday is in Dallas for the Red River Shootout between Texas and Oklahoma.  Here's my...

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