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I'm one of the hosts of 'The Crossover' (a Nets and Knicks podcast). The first episode aired in 2007, and currently, around 2,500 people download each weekly episode. It can easily be found in the iTunes music store, and is free to subscribe to.

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Brooklyn's global reach

For those of you who don't know, I'm Australian. I was sitting at home earlier today watching the TV nightly news when an interview with Lance 'Buddy' Franklin was aired. Franklin is the biggest...


Elton Brand - Would he sign for the minimum?

@BulletsForever: Sixers are going to amnesty Elton Brand to clear cap room for Nick Young. Just sit and think about that for a minute. First off.... it doesn't make any sense for the Sixers to...


Episodes #107 and #108 of 'The Crossover'

  They're both out now.   In episode #107, with the deadline approaching, the Knicks finally made a deal with Denver to get Melo. Pmac and I discussed the trade in depth.   In episode #108, for...


Vince Carter - 20,000 points

  via Photograph by Bill Kostroun/AP.   Vince Carter was always one classy individual in his time with us and his latest comments are in line with that. He was our last real clutch...

(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images) It's right in the heat of Summer here (pardon that hideous...


(Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images) It's right in the heat of Summer here (pardon that hideous pun) and I felt too hot and bothered to go out and do anything on this Saturday night so I decided to stay home and watch a movie. But I was feeling in a Nets kind of mood. A nostalgic one at that. So, I decided to watch Once Brothers. I cried the first time I saw it and I just cried again. I couldn't help it.


Merry Christmas, Nets fans

Hey guys, just thought this could be as good a place as any to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas. Here's hoping Santa is good to the Nets this year!How's everyone celebrating the occasion?...


Thoughts from night #1

I posted the following on my website and I thought it appropriate to re-post here...   There is a string of things fans of 29 other teams took for granted last season - stadiums at least half full...

OT: CDR on RJ's tattoo

"That "RJ" on Richard Jeffersons arm..... #terribletats" The man ain't wrong.... this time.

OT: R.I.P. George Steinbrenner

He has passed away, aged 80, from a massive heart attack.


The Crossover - episode #97

    EPISODE #97: FREE AGENCY MADNESS   In this mammoth episode, we cover [amongst other things]: - 2010's historic free agency period (what there has been of it so far)        - Why I've...

T-WILL INTERVIEW: "I want to show I’m a warrior"

Here's a brief interview (courtesy of HoopsHype) with a guy who could feasibly be our best player this season...


Wade and Bosh to team up in Miami, according to Broussard

  SOURCE: Bosh to join Wade, Heat   "Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are teaming up together on the Miami Heat, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Whether LeBron James, the...

Wojnarowski: "Mogul making: Prokhorov sells LeBron"

Not sure if this has been posted anywhere yet... I couldn't find it if it has.


The Crossover - episode #96

  EPISODE #96: WHAT OFF-SEASON?   In this episode, we cover: - The 2010 NBA draft (specifically Favors and James) - The big issue of Rod stepping down (which at the time of recording, I took to...


The Crossover - episode #95

  EPISODE #95: NETS SCORE FIRST MAJOR SIGNING OF THE OFF-SEASON   In this episode (the first in about a month), we cover: - The hiring of Avery Johnson (including a couple of audio grabs) and...


International Fan Roll-Call

Ladies, gentlemen... I have a confession to make (that listeners of my show would know). Hi, my name is Rusty and I'm an Australian, SHOCK! HORROR! lol. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this...


The way we Nets fans treat Devin...

Have we been too harsh on the man? This last season aside - everybody from top to bottom had a season they'll want to forget - what has turned us towards criticizing Devin so much? I know a number...

Sources: Hornets hiring Williams

According to Adrian W of Yahoo, Monty Williams and the Hornets "have agreed to the framework of a three-year contract... a source briefed on the talks told Yahoo! Sports". Adrian says that "Hornets GM Jeff Bower abandoned his courtship of Thibodeau, a Boston Celtics assistant, on Friday afternoon, and entered into discussions with Williams to take the job. The source says the team will hold an option for the third season of the deal."

Source: LeBron James Plans Elaborate Free Agency Tour

I found this on NBA fanhouse. That shoe thing is disturbing if true. Actually, the whole thing is... but I fully expect it to happen in some form.


The Crossover - episodes #93 and #94

  Episodes #93 and #94 have been recorded and released over the last few days. You can check them out here and at the iTunes music store by searching for, and subscribing to, 'The Crossover'. I...


The Lottery - Upon Reflection

As soon as I saw the Nets logo on the card for the 3rd pick, my heart sank. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had well and truly let myself believe that we were going to get either...

MORE litigation...

I just saw this on Yahoo!'s NBA page. Peter Williams has filed another lawsuit. He claims that he still owns the "air rights" over a lot in the A.Y. footprint. Should we be worried?


'The Crossover' - Episode #92

  Hey guys. Episode #92 has just been released. In this one, Pmac and I discuss the playoff picture to date (including the feel good stories of both conferences). We also discuss the awards...


'The Crossover' - Episode #91

  Hey guys. Episode #91 was released just a few hours ago. In this one, I bid a not-so-fond farewell to the IZOD Center as I recap the Nets’ last ever game at the swamp. I also touch on the...


'The Crossover' - Episode #90

  Hey again guys. NetsDaily very kindly gave me the go-ahead to create a new FanPost once a week to link you all to the show. I hope you guys like it. It is, afterall, the only active Nets...


'The Crossover' - A Nets (and Knicks) Podcast

  Hey guys. I'm not sure if blatant plugs like this are allowed, but I'm hoping they are - if only just this once. For those of you who don't know and have never listened to it, I co-host a...


NetsDaily at SBN

  On behalf of all the regular readers/posters, let me be the first to say congrats on the new digs. I can only imagine how much of a job the conversion was, but it seems to have worked a treat....

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