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Peter King on the State of the Cleveland Browns


"My take: The roster is absolutely not better because no player of the skill level of Edwards or Winslow has been added. But I would have done all three deals that ManKinis did, because Winslow and Edwards were never going to buy into any long-term rebuilding program, which this has to be. There comes a time when team and player have to divorce, and if player has great success after the trade (Roger Clemens when he left Boston), it doesn't mean he'd have had the same success in his original place." King looks at the three major trades of the ManKinis front office. While I think he underrates some of our pieces (namely Mack and Wimbley and special teams), he gives a sobering and reasoned analysis of the state of our team. Also, the 2010 draft will be the make or break moment for a long time.

QB Starter won't be announced til Wednesday


No surprise, but Mangini is waiting until Wednesday to make his QB decision. Should be interesting...



will remain a secret. At least Mangini has made up his mind. UPDATE: Mangini has now told the QBs about his decision and they took it "professionally". He said the rest of the team will not be told, but will find out (probably because of practice reps). Media is allowed at practice, but only during individual/position drills. Also, Mangini will not say who the starter at C is. Mack has been getting more reps with the first team according to the cle.com.



Continuing with my last post on the offense, here is what I expect to see on the defensive depth chart, as of now.  I have a little more knowledge of the style and scheme of the defense Mangini...


First Guess on 2009 Depth Chart.--- OFFENSE

It is way too early for this, but our roster has gone through some serious changes since the Mangini/Kokinis regime took over.  I took this idea from Grossi over at the PD, but I wanted to make one...

Joe Pos led All-Time Indians having good season


Posnanski is the manager of the All-Time Indians in a historical baseball sim league. Other notables in the league include Bill James (Red Sox) and Curt Schilling (Pirates?). Anyway, the Indians are in 1st at the start going into September. Pos links to the league and you can look at the standings, stats, and other detail. I found it a fun waste of a few minutes.

Castro: Choo's arm is sore.

Left elbow soreness. The article mentioned he may just DH for S. Korea or not play at all, but the decision is the Indians' to make. The above is from the original AP report- found here. CastroTurf says two things materially different: 1.) its Choo's triceps that is sore, not his surgically repaired elbow. 2.) It is Choo and the S. Korea team that has the final say, not the Indians. ""Right now, we're in the process of getting the complete info as to the problem he's encountered," general manager Mark Shapiro said this morning. "From there, we'll determine whether or not we object.""

Eight of the 104 DID NOTHING WRONG


I saw this on ESPN last night and debated making its own FanShot, but that other thread is pretty bogged down by other side issues. "At least eight players, the source said, had results from their 2003 drug tests that were consistent with then-available over the counter supplements not banned by baseball until 2005."

Sullivan at Baseball Analysts likes Twins as AL Central favorite


Basically says that Minnesota is younger and more room for error and aren't relying on bounce back from two over-30 guys coming off injuries (Hafner and Martinez).

Training Camp Invites


LaPorta Brantley (article says he'll play some 1B, interesting) Huff Edell (why haven't I heard much about this guy?) Hodges Head Mills Brown Aubrey (already announced)


Evaluation time

With almost all of our remaining games against teams over .500 and with a QB with only 1 game under his belt; with a 3-6 record including 1-4 at home and losses that mean we will lose a bunch of...


Its time: Anderson vs. Quinn- who starts vs. Cincy?

Once DA's contract was extended (a move I questioned at the time, but accepted) I thought it was useless to talk about a move at QB.  DA was our #1, Quinn was our #2.  However, as training camp got...

Perspective on Grady


Turns out, he is really really good.

Elarton on "Restricted" list, Mastny back up.


I didn't even know there was something called the "restricted list". Says its for personal reasons. I hope everything is ok.


Live Draft Discussion

Anyone else that is procrastinating or actually interested in the MLB Draft?  The mock drafts have the Indians selecting a power hitting position player.  Some names I've seen come up: Zach Collier...


Mortensen is an idiot

This is not really Browns related, but I just wanted to throw it out there that Chris Mortensen is an idiot.  I've had it out for him since he screwed up the Savage is fired story a year or two...


Steinbach injured

Worst news of camp so far:http://www.daytondailynews.com/s/content/oh/story/sports/pro/browns/2007/08/08/ddn080807browns.htmlI think the PD's story said that he would likely miss two weeks.  That...

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