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Jameis owns drunk clemson fans


"Yall wish yall had my life." I love it!!

Travis Rudolph picks FSU!!!


The URL is old but he just announced on the Under Armour game!

FSU Fan Day 2012 and public practice. Who went and what did you think?


I haven's came across any posts yet that were specifically dedicated to TN users and their experience at fan day and the practice and what stood out to them. If you were one of the lucky people to attend yesterday you probably had as great of a time as I did. It was a really fun day! Heres my quick review of Fan Day. First of all, I had to drive from Pensacola and for some reason didn't take into account the time change... So we were a half hour late. I believe that even if we would have made it on time we still would not have been able to make it through all the lines and meet all the players. Some of the lines were being shut down because they were more than an hour long. With the entire thing lasting only 2 hours it was nearly impossible to see everyone. I managed to get through the receivers line, the TE and OLine line, and Coach Fishers line in my hour and a half and i didnt get to go to any of the booths. The bonus of the day was running into The Voice, Mr. Gene Deckerhoff, on the way out. He was a hoot! Very funny and personable and delighted to sign autographs and take pictures. The practice was also alot of fun. I have alot to say about this but ill let everyone else throw their input in(if there is anyone else who has input). The one person who stood out to me in practice the most was Kelvin Benjamin BUT not in a good way. He easily missed as many balls as he caught. The majority of them hitting him in the hands. He may have had an off day or going half speed because it was practice but the fans around me seemed to be in agreement that the balls he was dropping should not have been dropped. He also didnt appear to use his size advantage at all. Did anyone else see this? I know its practice but practice doesnt make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect! The one play that drew the most raving applause from the fans was a diving layout endzone catch by Rashad Gholston! It was a thing of beauty. Ok well thanks for reading and i would enjoy to hear everyone elses input from yesterday! As im sure others whou couldnt make it would like to aswell.

Honey Badger kicked off LSU football team!


@PeterBurnsRadio: NBC will announce Tyrann Mathieu suspended from #LSU live tonight at 8pm. TUNE IN! Live press conference

The best 2012 Seminoles preview yet!


Hope this hasnt been posted already but this guy did a damn good job!


Why do highly ranked recruits from FL stay uncommited?

Why do highly ranked recruits from the state of FL stay uncommited often until national signing day?

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