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Garza talks heating up?


Sounds like things are moving. There have been a few tweets regarding Garza as well. Today from HotStoveCubbies: "To confirm what @bleachernation said today on the #cubs are in advanced talks with many teams about Garza. Jays & Red Sox are 2 of them." Yesterday a few from MLBInsideNews "#Jays and #Tigers are pushing the hardest for Garza. Don't be surprised if #Marlins jump in." "Christmas day rumor: Theo Epstein wants to finish a trade of Garza on Monday or Tuesday." "Sources: #Tigers making an aggressive run for Matt Garza." "#Tigers willing to include Jacob Turner in a deal for Garza. #Cubs" Take those MLBInsideNews ones with a grain of salt, but still interesting. Discuss.

Semi-OT-Nationals Pushing Hard for Gio Gonzalez


These are some very interesting names being thrown out...Peacock,Norris, Hood, Cole, etc. It'd be foolish not to see what the Cubs could get for Garza from the Nationals before they acquire Gonzalez. Either way, it's only a good thing for the Cubs. I still believe the Blue Jays have the best pool of talent to choose from.

A Look Back: John Sickels Pre Season Cubs Top 20


Wow..amazing how much a prospect list can change in half a season. Jay Jackson isn't even close to sniffing that spot, same for Lopez and a few others.


Draft: Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects/ 3rd Day

I just finished going through his top 100 prospects to see who had the most, who was left, etc. Tampa gets 9 with their surplus of early picks ( Guerrieri, Mahtook, Goeddel, Eierman, Garvin,...

Law's Latest Mock


I've pretty much consoled myself with the fact that we aren't getting Bubba Starling anymore, but Mikie Mahtook?!? This is the worst case scenario ever. No way do we need another top of the order CF prospect. we have enough. I don't think we need an OF at all, but Starling had middle of the order potential which is what we need so I was good with that, but I will be so pissed if we take Mahtook. I know you guys may be eh on it and that I may be overreacting, but we can do so much better. I'd rather throw the pick away on trying to sign Josh Bell than to take Mahtook. I'm that against it. I'd be eh on Baez or Lindor, and happy with Barnes or Springer, but Law says we're focusing on hitting and that Springer didn't impress.. Gah!


May 30 Minor League Moves

Of course, D.J. LeMahieu was promoted to Chicago today, but there were also plenty of other moves. Junior Lake moves up from Daytona to take LeMahieu's spot at Tennessee, hopefully this is a...

"Bubba" Starling, just a kid


I think he will ultimately choose baseball, but it's probably going to take 10 million, at least. Though I'd like the Cubs to take him, I don't think they will take the risk.

Bruce Levine took to the airwaves yesterday to discuss, among other things, the Cubs’ continued...


Bruce Levine took to the airwaves yesterday to discuss, among other things, the Cubs’ continued pursuit of Garza. So fervent are their efforts, that Levine described Jim Hendry as "trying like heck" to land Garza. The Rays want three or four top prospects – one of whom is almost certainly Hak-Ju Lee, whom the Cubs are highly reticent to give up – but have found the market for Garza dwindling, what with Brandon Webb heading to Texas, and the Rangers deciding to thus pull back on their pursuit of Garza. According to Levine, the Cubs and Nationals remain the only two teams discussing Garza with the Rays.

"9:54pm: The Cubs and Rays met again to talk about a potential trade that would send Garza to...


"9:54pm: The Cubs and Rays met again to talk about a potential trade that would send Garza to Chicago for prospects, according to Bruce Levine of The Brewers and Rangers have also met with the Rays about Garza, but the Cubs have the strongest current bid, according to Levine. However, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hears that talks between the Rays and Brewers did not progress (Twitter link)." I'm eh on this deal depending on who we give up. Anyone want to speculate? He has the potenital to take this rotation up a notch, but he's also like Z with his temper. If we could do this, trade Gorz, do the trade with Texas, and sign Webb i'd consider it a pretty good offseason. Z, Demp, Garza, and Webb could give us a potentially great rotation, not to mention I like Chris Davis.

Cubs, others pursuing Adrian Gonzalez


As we figured, Red Sox are the favorites. There were some tweets in the comments that the Padres are seriously involved with other teams now about Adrian Gonzalez.

Marlins intend to trade Dan Uggla; Cubs not interested


I don't mind this. He would bring some more power, but he is 30, and I wouldn't want to sign him to an extension, which probably wouldn't be worth what we had to give up for him.

Lilly, Dodgers close to extension


@Ken_Rosenthal Source: #Dodgers, Lilly close on 3-year contract. Announcement could come as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. #Cubs #MLB

DaveKaplan: Cubs in Rebuild?


Just some thoughts and just his opinion, but he brings up some good points.

OT- Padres to listen to offers for Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell this Winter


Probably won't happen until their price goes down..and it will because they know they won't be able to retain him. If Cubs ended up trading for him, which guys do you think get sent to San Diego?

Barret Loux begins accepting offers


Hopefully Cubs are one of those teams. Throw some money at him, Hendry.

Cubs Rumors: Girardi, Ramirez,Dunn,Loux


Some interesting stuff. Cubs intend on making a run at Girardi Red Sox "have a lot of interest" in Aramis Ramirez "Adam Dunn is a top priority for the Cubs if they can afford him" "Barret Loux had a second throwing session for scouts today, according to Brian McTaggart and Jeff Seidel of The Astros, Marlins, Rangers, Cubs, Twins, Giants, Brewers, Phillies and Mariners watched the free agent first-round pick throw between 50 and 60 pitches." I don't want anything to do with Dunn or Quade. Not sure if I like the possibility of Cubs-Red Sox trade for Aramis Ramirez either.. I do like that the Cubs have been linked to Loux now. I think signing him would show that Ricketts isn't cheap. Let's Talk.

Gonzalez "raves" about Chicago


Just speculation. It's all words. Still nice to think about.

Fall League Roster...No Archer?


What happened to Archer? Did they decide it was too many innings? I was looking forward to seeing him. No one on this roster is worth watching except for Vitters and Jackson..just a couple relievers. I guess Flaherty and Carpenter could be interesting to some, but I don't really like the guys.


2011 MLB Draft Standings

Since the last one got bumped it is again... 1. Pittsburgh Pirates(41-83) 2. Baltimore Orioles(44-81) 3. Arizona Diamondbacks(49-76) 4. Seattle Mariners(49-75) 5. Cleveland Indians(...

Carpenter to AAA, McNutt to AA


Congrats to starter Chris Carpenter, who was promoted to @iowacubs today! RHP Trey McNutt, 10-0 this year at Single-A, arrives. #cubs about 5 hours ago via web This is pretty shocking news to me. Can't believe no one had posted anything about this. They are being really agressive with McNutt.


August 21 Minor League Wrap

NOTE from Al: Added to the front page; thanks again to Ryno G for doing this. Josh should be back to write tomorrow night's minor league wrap, but he won't be able to post it until Monday, so be...


August 20th Minor League Wrap

NOTE from Al: Added to the front page; thanks to Ryno G for doing this. Back for the second day of doing the wrap.. here we go: Sorry for the late post..I fell asleep on my laptop as I was...


August 19th Minor League Wrap

Josh was unable to write it today and the next couple of days, so I told him that I would fill in for him. No one can truly replace Josh though, and we hope he gets back soon. Without further...


2011 MLB Draft

Now that signings are over and we are getting somewhat of a structure for the draft next season, i'd like to get some opinions and discussions on next year's draft and who you would like the Cubs...


A different type of standings

With it looking like the Cubs will lose again, I would like to take a look at the standings; not for the NL Central, but for the worst record in baseball. With rumblings that Harper might not...

Dodgers after Lilly AND Theriot


Get it done, Jim! Does anyone think we can pay their salaries and recieve possibly Jerry Sands and a lower prospect? Or is that unrealistic, Al?

Chicago Sun-Times: Cubs scouting Mets prospects


"The Cubs, sources say, have been doing their homework on three key Mets prospects -- left-hander Robert Carson and right-handers Kyle Allen and Jeurys Familia. " If we got those 3 pitchers, i'd be really happy. Familia would be the centerpiece prospect, but all 3 are pretty highly ranked in the Mets system. I believe #9, #13, #23. What do you guys think?

MLBTR: Mets will turn to Ted Lilly


I figured this would happen as soon as I heard the Cliff Lee news this morning. If we are trading Lilly, we better get some good prospects; if not I just keep him and take the picks. Who do you think the Mets would give up for Lilly? I don't think Mejia or Davis are possibilities.

Cubs getting more serious about trades


This is all speculation, but if Mets do try to get Lilly which prospects do you think we could get from them? It would obviously have to be some good prospects as he is a Type A FA and probably won't accept arbitration which would bring us 2 additional picks.


Mark Prior to Workout Wednesday

Mark Prior is going to workout at USC Wednesday. No USC is not trying to offer him boosters to attend there ;) Pro scouts will be attendance. He was always one of my favorites to watch. Sad what...

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