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Lived in Chicago from 2002 to 2010. Been a Cubs fan as long as I can remember (probably the 1983 season). I moved back to South Dakota in July 2010.

My summer job in 2007 was working security in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. Awesomeness!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NCAAB South Dakota St. Jackrabbits
User Blog

Fantasy Football


We need one more owner for our unofficial BCB league. This league has been in existence since 2008 and will be a keeper league going forward. If interested, click on the link and you should be able to join. The draft is Wednesday, August 28 at 8pm CT.

Fantasy Football


Hey everyone, I'm the commish of a fantasy football league of BCB members and we need three new owners for this season. The draft will be a live auction draft on August 28th at 8pm. Going forward it will be a keeper league however, all players are available this season. We will select keepers after this season is done. It's a pretty standard scoring head-to-head league. If interested, click on the link and it should take you to the page to join.

BCB Fantasy Football, Now with the ability to actually join!


So I didn't delete the other teams that were in it last year which made the league appear to be full if any of you tried to join. At any rate, we still need 4 managers. League ID: 358048 Password: theo

Epstein leaves Wrigley in style


A beat up Jetta? That's what they whisked him away from Wrigley in? They couldn't have gotten a limo? Wow.

Need more proof Randy Wells reads BCB?


Even if you don't, here you go. In this fanshot the other day, El Gato made this comment. Well, after his start yesterday, Randy Wells made the following comment from this SunTimes article, ‘’My britches fit just fine,’’ he joked when asked about the outing. ‘‘I’m pleased as far as you set goals for yourself.’’ The comment is toward the bottom of the article in the "NOTES" section. Congrats elgato, Randy Wells is reading your comments. Here's to hoping that Randy continues to pitch well.

The Spaceman's still got it


Bill Lee pitches 5 1/3 innings to earn the victory in a minor league game at age 63.

Can We Measure Clubhouse Chemistry


In light of all the intangibles discussions here over the last few days, the folks at Baseball Analysts try to measure clubhouse chemistry.


Playoff Ticket Refund- Round 2, ding ding

Anybody received a refund yet?  I emailed the Cubs on October 6 to ask when we would be refunded and they emailed me back with this Refunds will be credited to the purchase card in the near...


What about Jay Gibbons

With Soriano out anywhere from 4 weeks to 10 weeks (really Eric Young?, I think you're flat wrong), the Cubs are in need of a left fielder.  Lou's been wracking his brain trying to find a lefty...


ESPN's Unintentional April Fool's Day Prank

So someone smarter than me will have to get a screenshot of the page, but right now on ESPN's homepage, they have as a headline, "Cubs Lose Big Z".   The actual article says that he left the game...


Baker and the Kids in Cincinnati

I happened to come across this article today on Yahoo about Dusty Baker and the Cincinnati Reds.I think it's kind of funny how some things change (Dusty from the Cubs to the Reds) and some things...

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