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Been a fan of MMA since forever
Been a fan of Pro Wrestling since forever
Football will always be my first love

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Houston Rockets
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Monday Morning Quarterback: Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg Version

(Reposted in full from CagesideSeats) Another Strikeforce event, another great night of fights. It seems to be a pattern with Strikeforce recently, one that doesn't seem to be letting up with the...

Monday Morning Quarterback: Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg Version


SC Michaelson's thoughts on the Strikeforce event from the past weekend.


Not So Breaking News: GSP's New Agency is...

(reposted from CagePotato) MONTREAL – UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre recently terminated his manager Shari Spencer after giving her the "it’s not you, it’s me" speech. Many...


The Real Reason Brock Lesnar Lost

Brock Lesnar lost to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121. Some say he gassed. Some say Cain was that much better. Some say Brock's gameplan was quite crappy. Some say Lesnar sucked from the get go. Reports...

A Great Bit of Pro Wrestling On NXT


A great pro wrestling segment involving Alberto Del Rios and his second

UFC Prelim Fighters Will Be Allowed To Fight Outside the UFC


UFC Prelim Fighters WIll Be Allowed To Fight Outside the UFC


Bellator's New Deal Likely To Have Them Going Head Up Against UFC and Strikeforce Events

This has been crossposted from CagesideSeats, the new home for the writers you loved (and me) from WatchKalibRun. Now, it does have some wrasslin' stories on there, but they are easily skippable if...

Bellator's New Deal Will Have Them Going Head Up Against UFC and Strikeforce Events


Is Bellator dead in the water? SC Michaelson takes a look.


Dana White and the UFC Continue "Make It Rain" Approach to New York Legalization

New York State is one of the few states that still bars Mixed Martial Arts competition left in the United States. Over the past few years it has become a battleground between Zuffa (the UFC) and...


Writer's Nitpicking Comments About Strikeforce Commentator Pat Miletich Epitome Of Media's Attitude Towards Strikeforce

An interesting little quarrel over the weekend between former UFC Welterweight Champion and current Strikeforce commentator Pat Miletich and writer Michael David Smith sparked up over the weekend....


A Sonnenite Counter-Insurgency Or An Odd Coincidence, A Look at Message Board Behaviors

As reported yesterday, Chael Sonnen pleaded guilty money laundering charges. This news broke late last night around 8ish pm EST. Once that broke, a funny thing started occurring. Threads started to...

We must remember the Future Endeavored Class of 2010.


We must remember the Future Endeavored Class of 2010.


The Premiere Edition of Loser Leaves Town: UFC 125 Edition

Welcome to a new feature I'm trying out called Loser Leaves Town where we look at fighters who's jobs are basically on the line at UFC 125. With Dana White and Zuffa being chop-happy and the...


An underlying current of racism and prejudice in MMA fandom?

I wanted to write this for a while and it was bolstered after reading Afro Samurai's ppst on Chael Sonnen and some of the reactions I've seen here and other places in regards to his cultural...


2010 Blesnie Award Submission Of The Year

And the Nominees are: Brock Lesnar's DeathClutch Arm Triangle on Shane Carwin at UFC 116 Fabricio Werdum's Triangle Armbar on Fedor Emelianenko at Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum Anderson Silva's...


2010 Blesnie Award Fighter Of The Year: Cain Velasquez

And the nominees are:Jose Aldo, WEC, Cain Velasquez, UFC, Frankie Edgar, UFC,  Winner is: Cain Velasquez Cain Velasquez began 2010 as the highly-touted prospect out of the American Kickboxing...


These Freakin UFC 124 Ads, Too Many Rec'd Comments and Wire Talk

I know, gotta get that money, yadda yadda, but gotdamn. These ads. They are like some super ad or some shit. Normally when something is clickable, your mouse turns into the click icon. No, not...


Why Are "Fans" So Angry That Strikeforce Had A Better Show Than the UFC?

From WKR After this weekend's head to head between the UFC and Strikeforce, it was clear to anyone with an objective mind that Strikeforce clearly had the better show. It was more exciting and,...


20/20 Vision: Chael Sonnen's PED Test Appeal Hearing Should Open Your Eyes To TRT

(reposted from WatchKalibRun) Here we are a mere 5 or so hours after the California State Athletic Commission hearing for Chael Sonnen's appeal for a failed drug test. While watching the hearing...


Chael Sonnen, Steroids, And The MMA Media, Today Will Be An Interesting Day

Want to be like your favorite writers?  Why not get your start now?  1. Chose your MMA media narrative: Sonnen took a shot of testosterone the day before his drug test for whatever reason which...


Looking At CSAC Released Documents, UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Steroid Suspension Should Be Upheld

Reposted in full from WatchKalibRun - Your leader in A/E Ratio August 7th, 2010. After months of hype, Chael Sonnen stepped into the cage and stood toe to toe with the pound-for-pound best fighter...


Former WEC Fighters Will Have A Hard Time Flourishing In The UFC

The recent UFC/WEC merger has led to a buzz among hardcore fans excited about the possibility of more exciting fights on PPVs. The UFC has expanded from 5 divisions to 7 divisions taking in the...


You Wonder Why We're Not Mainstream Volume 2, Personal Personnel Moves and Vindictive Matchmaking

This is something that I wanted to write for a while ever since I heard about the Nik Lentz vs Tyson Griffin match being made at UFC 123, but the recent cut of Gerald Harris by the UFC has kind of...


After UFC 123, There Shole Is A Lot Of Cryin' Bout Judging Going On

Reposted from WatchKalibRun We hear it often. Too often. Judging. We gotta change judging. Must change judging. This doesn't work. Bad decision. ROBBERY. And occasionally, they are correct. Judging...


Shane Carwin, the UFC, Twitter and HILARIOUS Irony

According to Shane's Twitter, he has been blocked by the @ufc account. wow @UFC "Could not follow user: You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user." Is this your...


Would UFC Sever Ties With Roy Nelson?

One of the most interesting developments out of this weekend was UFC President Dana White basically saying that Roy Nelson's UFC career is on hold until his contract issues are resolved. As you...


Idiot Father Blames UFC For Son Being Choked Unconscious

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. It happened in wrestling with Lionel Tate, the teenager who brutally beat to death a 6 year-old girl. A zealous defense lawyer tried to say that the...


Dana White Feels the POWER of the Internet

"Don't give up, don't ever give up" - Jimmy Valvano Well. well, well. Just a day after publicly proclaiming that the Lesnar/Mir rubber match "made sense", Dana White is seemingly recanting that...


Say "NO" to Mir/Lesnar III, a Grassroots Movement

Short and sweet. The UFC seems intent on shoving Lesnar/Mir III down our throats again. Who really wants this fight? Frank Mir. Zuffa's bank accounts. That's it. Brock Lesnar has fought 6 times in...

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