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Lincecum, T. - 52 (2)

Yep, it's shocking, astounding, even scandalizing, to learn that Timmeh is second best at anything, but in this case he is. Ubaldo Jimenez is first with 61.  Phrasing the response in the form of a...


How do you fix a broken Panda?

Just like the sound of one hand clapping and various other confounding queries involving mountains, streams and other naturalistic themes, this is a trick question. The correct answer of course is...


OT: Best.Cover.Ever.

No, not your security blanket (although it can get chilliy in Mom's basement). This is a music thread and I hope you'll /cough/ rush /cough/ to add your comments... What do you think is the best...


HOF & Historical WAR II

WAR, it ain't nothing but a heartbreaker. WAR, friend only to the... sabremetrician or at least the statistically inclined. As a follow-up to my wildly unpopular post of last week, here's another...


HOF & Historical WAR

WAR, there's got to be a better way... And indeed there is, at least when it comes to guestimating the chances of active players entering the Hall Of Fame. Or at least trying to get them into some...

JuggerNot? MRI for Schierholtz

Giants outfielder Nate Schierholtz was examined by a specialist Monday and is scheduled to undergo an MRI exam to determine the cause of spasms in his lower back. Schierholtz already has missed time because of a sore hamstring that probably is related to the back issue. He said he had never experienced any problems with his back until now. --- It has been a rough spring for Schierholtz, who had an emergency root canal a week ago. The problem stemmed from a chipped tooth he sustained in that famous collision with Chinese catcher Yang Yang while playing for the Bronze-medal-winning U.S. Olympic team in Beijing last summer. The price of Freedom Stains is eternal vigilance, or at least a bit of novocaine. --- Plus other Baggsarific items.

109% OT - Name Node 3 "Serenity"

This will cure cancer and unite all mankind in brotherhood. Nah... But it would be kewl if we can pull it off... Help us to name another...


Semi-OT: The name you didn't use

Everybody who posts here has picked a user name, and many have at one time or another had a blog or at least throught of starting one. So what names have you thought of using but didn't? Obviously...

Catchers share insight on Big Unit


There's no reason not to trust Dan Wilson, it is there?


Scapegoat: The Barry Bonds Story

Testimony of Santiago and Bonds were similar Benito Santiago and Barry Bonds gave similar testimony to a federal grand jury in 2003, yet...

OT - They're Made out of Meat


Just something which, once you've read it, makes Krukow sound that much stranger.

'Optimistic' Giants open Spring Training


Optimists, huh? Somewhere the Rotarians are planning a counter offensive...

Healthy Frandsen ready for his shot


An inoculation against Bococcitis would be a prudent start.

On Topic: The Offseason...

  1. Blows
  2. Sucks
  3. Wrangles dong
  4. Gnaws root
  5. Can't end soon enough

Giants to carry 3 catchers in '09?

It's a roster construction you don't see very often anymore (and no the emergency catcher -- Pedro cough Feliz -- doesn't count) but it just might be the Giants will end up structured this way next...


Semi-OT: Jamie, Sarah & Me

I've almost reached my baseball menopause: Jamie Moyer is the last player left in the big leagues who's older than I am. And by strange coincidence Sarah Palin is now the first candidate on a...


OT: The Science Behind Breaking Baseball Bats

May be old news to some, but it's better than reading about the economy over breakfast. Includes obligatory Bonds as maple bate...


First Half Fun Facts

Giants starters lead the NL with 495 strikeouts.The Big 3 of Timmeh, Matteh and Durteh tallied 367 Ks as starters, more than in all starts by pitchers for Florida, Washington, Colorado, St. Louis...


OT: Independence Day

The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival....


Showing Love, parts 1 & 2

Parte Une: You have to admit that Baseball-Reference is one of the very best websites there is for statistics. You have to or I'll come to your house. You don't want that. There are sites with...


Doing the Nasty

Your major league team carries two guys who can play third base for you. One of them is old, has an OPS+ of 57, no errors and absolutely no range. The other is not old, has an OPS+ of 72, has...


All-Star Love for Lewis

Frederick Deshaun Lewis. LF - SF Giants. 2008 All-Star. There, I said it. And it's not as far-fetched as it might sound.


P(b)itching Situation

It's worth noting that if you subtract the awfulness called Brad Hennessey the Giants bullpen ERA would shrink to 2.92 which would be good for third best in the NL so far this year. It's hard to...

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