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Would like to be able to add more teams in the Fan of section.....born and raised in LA, I still root for my Ragin' Cajuns of USL!!!!!!!!!! If you would like to know more, email me..........

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NFL New Orleans Saints
  • NCAAF North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • NBA New Orleans Pelicans
  • NASCAR David Reutimann
  • Golf Bubba Watson
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RIP BUDDY D! Couldn't be there for the parade, but wanted to participate. Can't wait for more...


RIP BUDDY D! Couldn't be there for the parade, but wanted to participate. Can't wait for more pictures! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!

Shame on

Notice Brees' statement was OVER a YEAR ago. Conrad was on the local ESPN affiliate show yesterday talking about his book. Then I see this article at CBS Sports. I believe Drew's statement was taken totally out of context. I really liked Conrad....but C'MON MAN! WHY NOW???????

Got this witty phrase from a friend of mine on FaceBook....Thank you Shelley. I would be willing...


Got this witty phrase from a friend of mine on FaceBook....Thank you Shelley. I would be willing to have some printed and shipped. Cost would be $20. Let me know by emailing me using the email address in my profile. GEAUX SAINT!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!

Sharing the Victory Magazine sits down with New Orlean's Saints QB Drew Brees. Drew shares his...

Sharing the Victory Magazine sits down with New Orlean's Saints QB Drew Brees. Drew shares his FAITH........I applaud him for not shying away the subject. Class ACT all the way around!

NFL responds to "Who Dat" controversy

NFL claims it's a misunderstanding...........WHAT SAY U? WHO DAT!!!! Courtesy of

Louisiana Citizens Own Who Dat!

Just discovered this online petition............don't know if we will need it, but what the heck......WHO DAT!!!!!!!

AWESOME kinda music, too!!!!! WHO DAT

AWESOME kinda music, too!!!!! WHO DAT


Any SAINTAHOLICS out there????????

Greetings....WHO DAT NATION!  My lovely wife has dubbed me a SAINTSAHOLIC.......Anyone else out there fall into this category?  I grew up in LA, watching ARCHIE, MUNCIE, MEL GRAY, WES CHANDLER...

Call him Mr. January (REG_GIE - REG_GIE - REG_GIE)

Great article by Glenn Guilbeau of the Daily Advertiser in Lafayette. You may have to do a quick registeration to read it, BUT it is well worth the read.....some other good articles, too. WHO DAT

Shockey looking to erase pain of Giants’ title run

Very nice article by Jason Cole of YahooSports.....whether you agree with Jason on most things or not, this is GREAT read......WHO DAT

NFC South Final Word: Vikings at Saints

ESPN NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas........


In honor of the Old Man (Favre)

Favre on the ground, Favre on the ground, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground. Helmet turned sideways, turf in the mouth, looking like a victory with Favre on the ground!!! Coutesy of...


Thanks for giving the man a little press...he is a super coach. He invested his heart and soul into a city that had nothing. Then he took cast offs from other teams...and developed them into winners. There is very little press on the Saints winning against the Cards compared to all the press on the Cowboys loosing...or the Vikes and their award winning quarterback. Nola is a small market and never really gets much respect. We Saints fans are used to that. However...Sean Payton deserves everyone's respect! Above is comment from

PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK!!!!! Buck and Acheman are scheduled!

Copy and paste the following: Hello Fox, I am another Saints fan who is desperately pleading that Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, and Tony Siragusa are the broadcasters for the NFC Championship game. I love Tony’s reporting from the ground, and if you want the right Cowboy broadcasting then please use Daryl "Moose" Johnston over Troy. I appreciate your time, and thank you for your service. Thanks,

REQUEST Kenny Albert/Daryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa

SORRY FOR THE BRAIN FART!!!!! WHO DAT NATION......let your voices be heard. We don't want Joke Buck and Troy Acheman doing the NFC Championship game. Send Fox a message requesting Kenny Albert/Daryl Johnston/Tony Siragusa ......let's CLOG their SERVER!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!


Courtesy of WWL.COM.....Reporting from the French Quarter.....if you have nothing to do, tune in!!!!!! GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!


Sometimes I really wish I still lived in Lafayette to get together with friends and family. I AM ALWAYS there in SPIRIT!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!! Let's GEAUX make history!!!!



I know it was discussed on the radio show.  I was out a town and away from a computer, but listened to the replay.  I TOTALLY AGREE that we should have seen Chase.  I thought it was GREAT move...


Just listened to the Cowboys post game blogtalk........ much I comment on.  1) Cowboys fans:  I find it hard to hate anyone, but they can be such (expletive) knuckleheads.  I had the "privilege" of being surrounded by them at my favorite...


After the showing by the G-men...

do we want to have to play them again in the playoffs?  Are they this good or are the Redskins that bad?  I know we beat them once....I personaly think we can thump them again.  Anything can...


Still a member of the WHO DAT NATION!!!!!!!!!

After reading all the post, reply and comments, the good ones and not so good ones, I have come to this conclusion.  I have been wearing Black & Gold since before I can remember.  My earliest...

Saints & Cowboys radio guys talk about the game

Go to the Multimedia section to view the video. Much respect is show between the guys and lots of agreement on the game....believe it or not......


Do the 'Boys really want McAlister.........

or do they believe he can help them?  Stecker didn't help the Falcons at all. Things that make ya geaux HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....   Cowboys work out CB Chris McAlister December, 17,...


Make sure you VOTE for the SAINTS for the Pro Bowl....

By Pat Yasinskas (of ESPN) New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees leads all NFL players in the latest update of voting results released by the league Tuesday. But Brees has only a very...



So, I'm sitting in my favorite local establishment, with 15 Steeler fans and few others in the mix.  I have my #25 jersey and redy for battle.  Slow problem.  Shouted "TOUCHDOWN...



URGENT WEATHER ADVISORY!!!! HURRICANE WHO DAT has grown to a Category 9 and will touchdown in Tampa Bay this Sunday as a Category 10! It's gonna get BREESy!  Let the debate begin!  Can't wait to...

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