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Raiders Looking to Trade for Carson Palmer


According to, the Raiders might be looking to acquire Carson Palmer. I'm not sure how much they would have to pay for him, but the Bengals have been relatively unwilling to trade him. I doubt this one is going to go for a ham sandwich like Mason and Curry.

Which Transformer Would the Rest of the NFL Be?


I find some of the compariosns a bit odd. If Aaron Rodgers is Optimus Prime, how can Brett Favre be Rodimus Prime? The timeline doesn't fit right. However, Bob Sanders is pretty funny as Ratchet "Turns into an ambulance."

QB Sack Streaks


I expected this, but it's never nice to see PR17 being the second most regularly sacked QB


Ran Into LT's Wife

Was at a mall in NJ shopping for curtains for my soon to be daughter's room.  There were two women at the counter registering for a baby shower.  Apparently LT's wife is pregnant again and they are...

Steve Smith Wants To Play For Chargers/Ravens


Apparently Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers is none too happy with his current home. He is to have said he wants to be traded to either the Ravens or Chargers. I doubt it would happen as AJ doesn't like to invest in aging receivers and we already have a good WR core, but who knows

Gotta love karma


Gotta love karma

Pats Jets GotY?


There seems to be a little hubris going on over at Gang Green Nation. And they find a way to give the Chargers a smack in the face.

Kris Brown Cut


I would hate to be Rhianna right about now.


Predict the Ridiculous: Broncos Edition

  Since it has seemed to work the past few weeks, and Orz has not started this week's edition, lets get down to it. A few circumstances after the jump.

Vote Philip Rivers FedEx Air Player Of The Week


Lets get to voting and get El Capitan the recognition he deserves!

The Titans Object to Ejecting Nicky


Of course they do. But even better is what teammate Jason Babin says about it. "The guy [Mruczkowski] was on top of him grinding Donnie's face in the ground and the referee wasn't breaking it up,'' Babin said. "Donnie got up and tried to defend himself and the ref ran in front of him and caught the two-handed blow by accident." Yeah Jason, that will make Donnie feel much better.

Giants Best WR Trio In League?


DVOA on the three mentioned and SD's top three. Manningham - 23.3% Nicks - 13.7% Smith - 6.5% Floyd - 31.2% Crayton - 20.6% CBD (3rd highest?!) - -11% So SD's top two are cummulatively better. Unfortunately CBD tanks the average. Damn you CBD

Norv Finally Shows Emotion?


Apparently an emotional speech from Norv during half-time fired up his team in the second half to help them win. Someone needs to find his ghostwriter and give him a game check.

Braylon Edwards blew a .16, double the legal limit. Apparently he caught the VJax bug. Can...


Braylon Edwards blew a .16, double the legal limit. Apparently he caught the VJax bug. Can none of these guys afford a taxi?


Info for visitors

As the regular season approaches, Charger fans shall soon descend on San Diego.  Not being from SD, and yet to have been to the Q, I am wondering the following: What are the best and worst places...

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