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Sharp Hospital stork club - 1962. They should have left it Jack Murphy Stadium.

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Player Safety and the Hypocrisy of the NFL

The league talks a lot about player safety, but actions speak louder than words. There is a simple action the league can take to make sure that Thursday Night Football does not work against the...

Which Head Coaches Are On The Hot Seat?


Coaching changes are part of the NFL, and it is fairly easy to predict which coaches are in trouble and which are safe. So, who needs to get their teams to the playoffs or else?

There are reasons Don Coryell is not in Canton


In a case of borderline blasphemy, one of our writers spells out the reasons why Don Coryell has not been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. There are some valid reasons why he has not received...

Mike McCoy Shifts the Chargers Culture

Mike McCoy did something last season that no new Charger Head Coach has done in franchise history. Does this accomplishment mean bigger and better things for the Chargers in the future?

What will happen during the Chargers' 2014 season?

The Texas heat has already made one our writers crazy enough to throw out a couple of predictions for the season and it is not even summer yet.

What drives Philip Rivers?

Fame, wealth, and living the dream so few people get to live. For Philip Rivers, playing football is special, but ranks third in what he cares about. A recent commencement speech offers us a rare...

Chargers sign OG Rich Ohrnberger to a 1-year deal

Not a marquee signing by any means, but San Diego Chargers fans were sure glad Rich Ohrnberger was on the roster last January.

Nick Hardwick Will Not Retire (Yet)

In an article that was posted onto the official Chargers website, Hardwick said definitively that he will be back for his 11th season.

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: #1

It was also one of the most unlikely wins in franchise history with the Bolts having to beat an excellent team in a city where they seemed to never win, against a team the Chargers have rarely...

The Epic in Miami was one of the best games ever

The "Epic in Miami" goes beyond being a great game in Charger history to stand on its own as one of the greatest football games ever played. My #2 selection for this list is also the high water...

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: Champions!!

If you can remember this game, you are collecting social security. Two Hall of Fame players, a coach that changed the way everyone played the game, and perfect execution of a superb game plan. This...

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: 2007 vs. Colts

After their first playoff win since January 1995, the Chargers have to go on the road in the divisional round. Waiting for them in Indianapolis is the league's best defense under Tony Dungy and the...

Greatest Chargers Playoff Wins: 1980 Buffalo Bills

In 18 of the Chargers 54 seasons, the Chargers have gotten to play in the post-season. Their playoff record is 10-16. Which 5 of the wins have been the greatest? We start with the 5 greatest, back...

Black Monday cometh. Which coaches goeth?


The Texans are looking for new head coach after sending theirs to the hospital. Another two teams will definitely be looking for new coaches and it is possible another 8 teams may decide to make a...

The hidden core of the Big Apple's football team

Back-ups, afterthoughts, mid-season acquisitions, and risky wagers on future health. About what you could expect from guys you've never heard of that play in one of the largest media markets in the...

Playoffs for two straight years, without fanfare.

One of the smaller market teams in the NFL, the Bengals do have some established stars like AJ Green and Geno Atkins, but like with every other team in the NFL, there are a lot of other guys on the...

We know this team, but probably not these guys

Two rescues from the NFL scrap heap, a former 2nd round pick, and a whole lot of people that are willing to fill up the stadium in freezing cold, even when their team is awful. The team is not...

You know about the O-line, but not these guys.

The Dolphins have figured out a way to make their offensive linemen famous. Those famous linemen are not playing Sunday, but these guys will be. Find out why they are important and why you may know...

A team we know well, but probably not these guys.

Fantasy football players have hit the jackpot with most of Denver's skill players this year. A lot of Denver players appear weekly on SportsCenter highlight clips. That includes some of these guys,...

What is the rest of the NFL up to?


Intriguing playoff races, dysfunction in Florida, surprises, and disappointments. It has been a fairly well rounded season, so far.

Are the semester grades better than the quarters?

The team was 2-2 after the first four games and then went 2-2 over the most recent four games. Will the semester grades look different from the quarterly grades?

Unknowns to watch out for on Sunday

In a city filled with headlines makers on the field and in the government, these guys don't get many. Maybe they should.

Who is important on an 0-6 team? These guys.

A linebacker that has performed well for years in Buffalo and Jacksonville. A 2nd round pick rookie safety. A journeyman back-up tight end. And... a punter. Sorry, the Jaguars are 0-6 for a reason.

Does Gabbert challenge Leaf for worst draft bust?

Echoes of a dark episode in the Bolts history are always brought to mind when a team drafts a QB in the 1st round that looks like a bad choice. Does Blaine Gabbert knock Leaf off the dumpster...

The unknowns meet the bright lights of MNF

Meet the former CFL star, a corner selected in the 4th round, and left tackle. Plus, not all of the Indianapolis Colts' most important guys wear pads.

MIGYNHO: Oakland Raiders

The Raiders replaced nearly their entire defense in the most recent offseason. Injuries have required liberal use of spare parts on the offensive line. Get to know the guys you'll end up hating.

It's Raider week! Embrace your hate.

Divisional foes are always hated. One of the divisional foes, though is WORTHY of that hate. It has nothing to do with who is good or the most dangerous team. The Chargers have one rival, and it is...

Quarterly mid-term results are in

The San Diego Chargers have played the first quarter of the season and the grades for this quarter of the season should not be shocking if you have been watching.

America's Team? Blech. America's unknowns?

I live here, so I have heard these names before. Chances are, unless you are a Cowboys fanatic, you have no idea who these guys are. For one MIGYNHO, Cowboy fans probably never heard of him before...

Not twin cities, but maybe twin teams

Twin franchises or is that just an illusion? Our Texas correspondent looks at how the Cowboys and Chargers have been teams with similar issues over the last few seasons. The similarities are...

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