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It's time for a reevaluation, fellow UK fans. We have differing expectations, Cal and the BBN. Cal wants and expects to help the most talented young basketball players become great players and...


Youth and the Return On Investment

Don't worry ASOB readers, this isn't going to be a geyser of incrimination - I've given up the volcanic routine. This is Plato's Allegory of the Cave, or something like it. A central character in...


No Quit In These Cats

Being one of the more volatile posters on asob, it follows that when there is something positive to say about the Cats that I need to be every bit as vociferous with praise. We don't like when the...


The Honeymoon is OVER...

Okeedoke. 1 top 25 win in the last TWO SEASONS. I think no matter what the core group of ASOB thinks of me since my tirade last year against a certain selfish player, the proof of the puddin...


This from made me think of a Patton line

When everything is going so well and compliments are being thrown at you like roses at a beauty pageant, it can become difficult to listen to advice and change. -From "For over...

Not Over Yet

The loss of Nerlens Noel is tough, but the fat lady has yet to sing on this basketball team.

"A Watched Pot Never Boils", or "Why UK Fans Need To Go Siddown And Shuddup!"

There's something about children when they anticipate their mother's good cooking, preparing the family's favorite dish. They've eaten it many times, they know it's going to be tasty, but they...


This year's team is better than last year's team...

At least at this point in the season.... Ok, they have a different look to them. But the comparison in performance can be measured in two ways; objectively, they're comparable statistics-wise...

There's a quality certain people have, the ability to make you feel important. John Calipari didn't...

There's a quality certain people have, the ability to make you feel important. John Calipari didn't just make me feel like I was the only guy in the room, he made me feel like I was the only guy in the world.

"Cal is a pretty decent dude...."

You had an incredible disconnect in terms of communication. I remember the first day we were there,...

You had an incredible disconnect in terms of communication. I remember the first day we were there, he said something and one of the players responded with a 'Yes, sir.' If you're from the Northeast and someone says 'Yes, sir,' to you, you think they're mocking you, that they're some sort of wise guy. But in the South, when you say 'Yes, sir' it's a sign of respect. I don't think Coach Pitino understood that. He was like, 'These guys are wise guys. What are they doing yes-siring me?' There was a cultural disconnect when we got there.

Interesting piece on the similar career paths of Cal and Pitino

Before all the trash-talking and fun begin....

Hello Louisville faithful! To finish the thought in the headline, I'd just like to invite us all, Cardinal and Wildcat fans alike, to take a moment and revel in the fact that the Commonwealth is...

Harrison Barnes was terrible, and worse than terrible he was selfish. He is said to be an NBA...

Harrison Barnes was terrible, and worse than terrible he was selfish. He is said to be an NBA talent, and I'll tell you this: Harrison Barnes has a talent for taking NBA shots. Spinning, fading jumpers from 19 feet? He can shoot those. Make them? Well, no. He can't make them. Not Friday, anyway, when he was guarded by non-NBA defenders who were four or five inches smaller, and 25 to 35 pounds lighter. This was the kind of game Barnes should have had his way -- as Tyler Zeller had his way -- but Barnes couldn't get out of his own way.

Now and then Gregg Doyel is just too funny NOT to be read...

Cal is Missing the 3

"Let's double these..." he said.  Obviously Cal knows what Kentucky fans want.  The question is, will the man commit himself to delivering? Look at the layups, the 10 foot jumpers, the free...


The Angst

All of us are on the outside of Calipari's mind.  For those who seem to have forgotten that, his "farm system" recruiting (so called) has been rich grist.  Wooden and Coack K are both mentioned...


The Tidal Cats

Last year's house cleaning at the epicenter of college basketball set forces in motion the scale of which are only now beginning to become clear.  When the plates slipped the first casualty was...


The Mob Rules Again

Apparently, the contest to which Allblucat and I were admitted is having a few difficulties of the "genuineness" variety, and is stalled after some very deep pockets reportedly took action against...


Mob Rule In The Bluegrass, By Popular Decree

That's the name of the only article about our beloved Wildcats that I've been fortunate enough to write for, so I thought I'd share the link with y'all here since from now...


Here are a few WILD predictions I want to spew before the selection.

First, KU will not make it to the final four.  They have a lack of character that is more a matter of personality than ability on the court.  A sort of sneering superiority that exists in a few...


With a Bulldog win today, SEC has 5

I believe it was Gary Parrish who said recently that the Mountain West would have 4 teams in the tourney, which would be more than (among others) the SEC.  Really?  Florida is going to be in. ...


I was trying to recall any other centers at UK

who have had more consistent success than DeMarcus Cousins, game for game.  The only name that comes to mind for me is Dan Issel.  In Dan's sophomore year (as you know, freshmen were not allowed...


Ask Texas

I know that being ranked #1 in January means about as much in real terms as what Barbara Boxer puts on her hot dogs.  But we like it, don't we?  Being number one is a nice perk for the fans of...


What Will It Take To Get You Into This Car Today?

In reading the posts here lately I see that a firm foundation of mere cautious optimism is the prevailing attitude.  You like the team.  Most of you seem, by my reading, to not recall any...


It's Unanimous... And Unprecedented This Year

UK garnered ALL first place votes in BOTH polls.  In checking this, I find that no other team has accomplished this honor all year.  What does it mean?  It means, to me, that we of the BBN are...


How about those Wildcats?

They really are something this year, aren't they?  I've just been reading some of the things said about them, and I can't help but feel like The King of Beasts (or at least a reasonably ferocious...


immune system

I am the son of this member who is teaching me about Kentucky basketball, I live in the San Francisco bay area and I am 12 years of age I started getting attached to basketball when I was about 8...


Products of our times.... cheating and "one and done"

Do any of us, when reading the articles being written about how one and done is ruining the world as we know it, ever stop and say to ourselves "Wow, it's amazing just how street-rat-crazy our...


Steven Cohen is an idiot. A dangerous one.

Congressman Steven Cohen would be a lovely BlackJack dealer in a crooked casino. He deals from the bottom of the deck. Being interviewed for, Cohen revealed the ax he is grinding...


Yao Ming Lite

Here's to Internationalization!! I love the way Calipari is promoting the UK "brand".  It speaks well of his future here at UK that he wants to place UK not only at the forefront of college...


Maybe Wall at UK for only one season would help after all....

"When you add this to borderline academics and the probability that he may play only one year — and will he play for the good of his college team or for his NBA Draft status?..."  -Jerry Tipton...

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