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Wall or Bledsoe?

We are in the enviable position at UK of having a debate on whether it would be better to sign the #1 or the #3 point guard prospect in the country.   When you get right down to it, is there a real...


I said it once, I'll say it again.

Pat Riley. Oh, I know, "he won't walk through that door".  Well, has anyone opened it for him?  I'm just curious if anyone from UK has ever approached him.  I know he is in the midst of a good run...


It's Official -- BCG Gone

I'm probably behind the curve here, but ESPN just announced 5 minutes ago that Billy has been fired. Why?  Look at this board, ladies and gents.  It's all been covered.   Speculation is...


Picky Fans?

When I first started posting here, I received lots of guff from fans who thought I was being overly negative about Billy G.  I'm a fan, and as I saw forty post in another thread here, we have the...


Congratulations to the Cats on a fine effort.

I was proud of our boys tonight.  It was a very tough fought battle, and they did not give up.  I thought the mistakes they made were, largely, youthful mistakes.  This is after all a young team --...


How about something constructive and specific?

It looks like we will have to accept that Billy G. will be the UK coach for at least another season.  If he produces W's I can live with that.  So I want to start floating some more constructive...


The "High Sign" from Billy G.

     Anyone who's read my posts here knows that I have been in favor of seeing Gillispie go his way.  Most of you, perhaps, have read "Breakfast at Epiphany's" in which I admit to the realization...


OK Guys, Those who miss my avatar...

May email me at the address on my profile for a copy without the UK on it.  Put "Blue Cheeks" in the subject. No fair printing it out and putting it in your wallet.  But, if I see it printed on a...


Breakfast at Epiphany's

Scrambled eggs and my own specially seasoned hash browns, coffee regular.  UK not in the tourney.  "That GD Gillespie," I think. "Screw 'em.  Fire the guy and to 7734 upside-down with the National...


NCAA OR NIT? And it's BG's future, maybe.

Here's how the hills roll on from my view: If we get an at large bid to the Dance, Billy stays, assuming he makes the second round.  A first round loss in either tournament will only underline the...


I'll Take THAT!!!

Balanced offense, good defense, a double-digit win.  They made it look easy. I especially was pleased with Miller.  Although I must say I didn't see much to complain about.  I only caught the last...


John Clay sounds like he's been reading us...

I read the ESPN piece he mentions, and it also is right on. Read John Clay's Article. I would hate to think that the head games mentioned here are actually being played.  Which reminds me, someone...


I thought this deserves its own thread.

I posted this reply to fortyyrcatfans "The Path to Pitino II"  wherein he asserts that recruiting is the key to duplicating Pitino's success at UK in the early '90's.  My apologies to anyone who is...

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