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I'm from Southern California. I love Ducks Hockey. I'm also SKeleven on Twitter!

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GameThread: Ducks @ Yotes, The Mini-Playoff Series

Let the mini-playoffs begin! Anaheim and Phoenix are going to be really sick of each other by the end of this home-home and home series. Should be fun!

Group Therapy: Captain Cares, New-ish Faces, D-men


A captain with drive, a team with depth and a defense with options. Say what?! One helluva trifecta!

Group Therapy: Is that you, Brian Burke?


The Ducks may be on the sidelines this week, but they sure know how to make a splash in the (hockey) news!

Group Therapy: Show Me Some Love


Wanna get your grove on? Feeling a little lonely after "singles-awareness" day? Want to show love for that special someone in your life? Tell me, how are you feelin' 'bout them Ducks?

Game Recap: Ducks Get/Steal Two in Chicago


Anaheim manages to get two points in Chicago, and, while it didn't come in regulation, no one in Ducks nation cares.


GameThread Ducks @ Hawks, Who Wants An Orange Whip

We certainly hope you all enjoy the show. And remember, people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there're still some things that makes us all the same. You....

WTF!? Ducks Beat Blues in Shootout 6-5


The Ducks beat St. Louis in a a game where neither team deserved a point.


GameThread: Right Back At It in St. Louis

After the travesty in Dallas last night, the Ducks have a chance to make it right against the Blues less than 24 hours later.

Group Therapy: Teamwork!


This has been a difficult week for me. I mean, who goes to therapy when things are good in their life?!

Group Therapy: Refs, Rooks and Prongs!


So, Pronger for Sbisa (and Lupul) that's worked out pretty well, eh?

Group Therapy: Roll the Bulldozer


Lupul is hurting and it's not Anaheim's problem, Getzlaf is steamrolling, and I give in way too easily to the men in my life. On with the therapy!

It Wasn't Pretty, but The Ducks are 2-0


After a great start and a horrific second period the Ducks held on to beat the Flames in Calgary, starting the season 2-0 coming back to Anaheim for the home opener on Friday.


Gameday: Ducks @ Flames, Can It Get Any Better?

Saturday was Awesome! Now the Ducks take on another Western Canadian team with question marks all over.

Road to the Season: Comparing 2012 & 2013


Here are your Anaheim more time! How will they stack up against last year's team?

Group Therapy: Hockey Heals All Wounds


The return of hockey and the return of sanity! Group therapy time!

Let the Perry/Getzlaf Drama Begin


What are we going to do with all of these expiring contracts?

Road to the Season: Penalty Kill Preview


Sheldon comes and Sheldon goes...but how will that hinder the PK unit?

Anaheim Calling's Social Media Center


We've finally come into the 21st century! Follow Anaheim Calling on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and even Google+ (seriously, we're on Google+, we're one of 17)

How to Buy Back a Fans Love


Now that you're saving millions, here's how you can buy back my love.

SK Breaks Up with the NHL ... For Now


I always said I'd never allow myself to be in an abusive relationship. Well, thanks, NHL, you have proved me wrong!

AC's Hate Week: Remind Me Why You're So Arrogant?


Never fails. On every team there are fans that have no idea what they're talking about and choose to be arrogant anyway. Actually, this doesn't stop at the fan level. It goes straight up to the top.

Ducks Prospect Report: Kyle Palmieri


Palmieri has been given chances to stay up with the Ducks, but his success fades fast. He currently holds the team record in frequent flyer miles, making multiple trips from Anaheim to New York....

Ducks Prospect Lockout Report: Matt Kennedy


Matt Kennedy was acquired via the Ryan Carter-to-Carolina trade. Carter was just in the SCF with NJ. Yeah, that worked well.

Ducks Lockout Prospect Report: John Mitchell

Who? Exactly. Career AHL-er is with the Ducks for two years. It would be a shock if he made the big club.

Ducks Lockout Prospect Report: Frederik Andersen


Frederik Andersen is much better than Henrik Lundqvist (while playing for Frolunda).

Anaheim Ducks Group Therapy: For the Other 16 Teams


Anaheim Ducks Group Therapy: For the Other 16 Teams. We reserve the right to judge all other teams.

SK's Trip to Western Canada: Calgary, It's Closer Than you Think!


SK's Trip to Western Canada: Calgary, It's Closer Than you Think!

SK's Trip to Western Canada: Edmonton, Canada's Bakersfield


SK's Trip to Western Canada: Edmonton, Canada's Bakersfield

SK's Trip to Western Canada: Vancouver, My Future Home


SK's Trip to Western Canada: Vancouver, My Future Home. Watching the final games of the season in Western Canada

Anaheim Ducks Group Therapy: Trip to the Motherland


Anaheim Ducks Group Therapy: Trip to the Motherland. A list of things the Ducks need to finish strong in Canada

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