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Drunk student streaks, record number sent to detox at Penn State game


Headline from the Badger Herald. A different record broken on Saturday...stay classy, cheeseheads!

"Penn State star tackles math with ease"

5 article about John Urschel teaching Math 232, integral vector calculus. (I got yer culture right here, Emmert...)

30 on 30 "Ghosts of Ole Miss"


Two apologies to start off: I know TWWL is PNG around here AND this episode was first shown two months ago, so maybe it was already discussed...but since no one reads the Fanshots, I'm posting this anyway. I just watched this 30 on 30 episode about the 1962 integration of Ole Miss. That was also the only year the Ole Miss football team went undefeated, which was one of the few bright spots for the school at a time when it was under intense nationwide scrutiny/scorn. Struck a chord with me due to the obvious parallel with our past year. Anyway, if you get a chance, I thought it was worth watching.

Franco Harris apparently confronts NCAA president Mark Emmert about Penn State sanctions and police are called


"Apparently this happened, according to John Ziegler, a filmmaker who has previously announced he is making a documentary on what he claims is the unfair treatment of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky scandal"

O'Brien Earns AT&T ESPN National Coach of the Year; Mauti Selected First-Team All-American


n his first year as head coach of the Nittany Lions, O'Brien is a finalist for three national coach of the year honors: the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year by the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA), Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year and the Maxwell Football Club's Collegiate Coach of the Year. O'Brien also is on the Watch List for the Bear Bryant National Coach of the Year.

Student-Athletes Continue Outstanding Graduation Rates


What's the phrase I'm looking for...ah, yes: Suck it Emmert.

"We Are, They Aren't" by Matthew Gallardo


TonyLion posted this link in a reply on the "I Commiserate With Penn State" fanpost. Wanted to re-post for anyone who missed it.


Ill-advised? Sure. Still funny.

Big Lie: Big Ten


I used to like Dan he's on my hate list.

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