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My name is Ryan Popilchak.

I have an addiction to the NHL, NFL and European soccer. I follow all three religiously and share opinions via twitter (@sprtopinionated)

I currently write for Matchsticks & Gasoline and Arctic Ice Hockey here on SBN. As an author at Hockey Prospectus, I publish league-wide work there and ESPN Insider. As a podcaster, I co-host Pink Shirt Wise Guys: Italian Soccer podcast.

I love to debate sports, especially stats, strategies, tactics, and personnel moves. I'm stubborn as hell, but like being proven wrong too. Please send me an email or reply to my comments if there is more to discuss, I'll always do my best to reply.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Indianapolis Colts
  • NCAAF Michigan Wolverines
  • NHL Calgary Flames
  • MMA George St. Pierre
  • Soccer AC Milan
  • FIFA Italy
User Blog

Is Trading Regehr the Next Logical Move for the Flames?


Examining the potential to trade Robyn Regehr as a way to start rebuilding the Flames' squad.

Combustion & Calculators - The Picture is More Clear


The best and worst Flames so far this year, statistically.

Combustion & Calculators - Scoring Chances, Goaltending Woes


Weekly Flames analysis, including scoring chances versus zone starts and problems with goaltending.

Combustion & Calculators: Boo, It's a Lead


The Flames blowing leads, the first line's performance and the worst guy on the squad for penalty differential.

Giordano's New Contract - Is He Worth It Yet?


Is Mark Giordano's new deal with the Flames paying for actual production or potential?

What's worse, fan-beaters or cheerleaders?


I think the title says it all, but just a rant I had to get off my chest. Feel free to blatantly disagree.

Combustion & Calculators - 3rd Pairing D-men and Shot Quality


Weekly statistical look at the Calgary Flames. Focussing this week on the Flames 3rd defensive pairing, shot quality and what makes the Colorado Avalanche dangerous opponents.

Cap Efficiency at Copper n' Blue


A cool look at cap efficiency by Derek Zona at Copper n Blue. The Flames are below the NHL average but I don't think that surprises anyone on this blog with contracts like Staios and Kotalik.

Combustion & Calculators - Get Your Geek On


A weekly statistical breakdown of the Flames players, team performance and opposition.

Another Side of the Story: A #1 Goalie vs Two Above-Average Netminders


Why having two decent goalies is better than having a clear #1 and a backup.

Season Preview: Jay Bouwmeester


A preview of what to expect from Jay Bouwmeester this year with the Flames

Gabe's Jarome Iginla prediction at BTN


Gabe Desjardins at Behind the Net has been running a feature called Reasonable Expectations on some prominent players over the last week or so. Here is projection for Iggy and it probably reflects what a lot of us have been worried about.

Potential Forward Line Combinations


Potential forward line combinations for the Calgary Flames next year.

Getting the Flames Under the Cap


Some potential trades that could get the Flames under the salary cap and even add a prospect to their ranks.

Intro to....well......me


What's shakin' Saddledomers? I've been a visitor and reader here at M&G for a while, and finally started interacting with the group a little earlier in the year.  Last year at this time, I also...


Koivu's contract compared to Plekanec & Backstrom

I was part-way through a post on my blog about Koivu's contract when I read Gabe's article and all the comments here last night. Given all the good conversation, I altered my post a little to...

Worst Penalty Guys in the League - not good for the Flames


Over at Copper n' Blue, they did a study on the worst penalty differential players in the league in order to show the non-value of Ethan Moreau. Unfortunately for us Flames fans, it just gives another reason to hate the Kotalik signing and a terrible sign for the Ivanans era.

Posted on Puck Prospectus: The FA Moves of the Calgary Flames


This was an examination of the Jokinen and Tanguay signings whle questioning the Dawes buyout as well. Leave your comments if you have some discussion points or questions for me on the article.


Chamakh - A depth player on Arsenal

  Just thought I'd throw up a quick comparison of Arsenal's new 6'1", 154 lb (yes, you read that correctly) striker from Bordeaux.  I was curious to see how he compared to Arsenal's other...

The World Cup's Most Efficient Forwards


Thought Gunners fans might be interested since RVP scored extremely well.

Analyzing forward effectiveness


I thought people might be interested with an attack rating I've developed called SOAR. So far I've only done it for Serie A players but would be happy to extend it to EPL players if people are interested. Given that the Gunners have been linked with Mario Balotelli, I thought the group of you would be especially interested.


Evaluating Nicklas Backstrom’s New Contract

  While the playoffs are in full gear, a fairly interesting piece of news was announced in the NHL in the last week.  Nicklas Backstrom signed a 10-year deal with the Washington Capitals that...

Hollywood is no Hockey Hell Hole


A quick analysis of the LA Kings roster and the promising young team they have built.

An Analysis of Darrly Sutter as Flames GM


An in-depth look at Sutter's eye for talent, draft history, sense of value and ability to build a team with complementary talent.

Some Humor on April Fool's Day


Some Humor on April Fool's Day

NHL Western Conference Playoff Picture


A breakdown of the teams still on the bubble to make the playoffs and predictions for who gets their shot at the Cup.

Statistical Analysis of the Calgary Flames


A brief look at the Flames lineup and statistically which players are performing and which are not.

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