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Im more awesome than rudy kelly

Im the odd ducks/dodgers fan....was always a fan of the dodgers..when i was younger..but didnt follow hockey..untill the ducks came in 93...Thought...why not watch hockey now? I can grow up with this team...started watching..and I got hooked...they had stu grimson and todd ewen..so they were a blast too watch

love, anchorman....extra cheese pizza, bombay sapphire gin, red wine and boobs....thats how I roll


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
  • Golf Tiger
  • NASCAR the redneck one
  • MMA Bruce Lee
  • Boxing Bruce Lee (we share the same burfday)
  • Soccer LA galaxy
  • Cycling haha
  • Tennis the 2 minorites from compton
  • General Green Goblins
  • Fantasy yo mama
  • Winter Olympics USA!USA!
  • Figure Skating muhahahaha
  • Wrestling Legion of Doom
  • MLS Galaxy
User Blog

ducks thoughts heading into the playoffs and boobs

first off...boobs....lets get serious for a moment: see ducks.."passion" should be your playoff motto" 2nd off ...fuck... meg hardie har har we got your banner credit...


Seriously who the F%&* is going to the outdoor game?

you know its gonna be an event this weekend...like when you finally got that 3some set up you've been greasing the tracks for, for years with your girl Like that situation..you have to be ready...

DUCKS GAMEDAY: they got the devil all wrong


lets talk about the devil since were playing the devils


Spade @Nucks and thoughts and lube

a picture of spade handwriting this post to give to his assistant...yes thats me..I know why the marachis are always smiling first off lets recap last nite against the yotes defensmen...


Mayor Spade: thought's on first 2 weeks of the season for the ducks

My new job is extremely time consuming so i don't have much time as I used to...so this will be rushed and shitty..but i need to talk ducks hockey after the fuckin horror that was the opening game...

Teemu: Un-Teaful last ride


look at my guns I am teemu...I am hockey player...I am trayvon...I am what ever is the correct side of arab spring egypt thang....I am sexier and better than you..im also...


more changes for spade and ducks thoughts

first off congrats to all the cali teams in making the playoffs...theres a good chance one of the teams is gonna fall flat on their erect dicks and everyone expects that team to be the ducks..we...


Spade is here to calm your fears

come lay down its gonna be ok I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm?Tumbling down the rabbit hole? Ducks fans? Well besides our nuts being halfway up our...


you say regress I say progress: Ducks-Hawks recap

YAY THE DUCKS WON! re·gress[v. ri-gres; n. ree-gres] Show IPAverb (used without object)1.to move backward; go back.2.to revert to an earlier or less advanced state or form.noun3.the act of...


Spade mid-season patos grades UPDATED! now with a poll and Cogs!

I am spade...I am anti-stats...anti-corsi..anti PDO..D-O-double G...anti fenwick starwick candlewick...Im too busy getting laid getting drunk...going to court...recovering from hang overs to get...


spade on the jumbotron a journal in debauchery

friday march 8th 6:20am las vegas wake up as usual in the nude...admire myself in the mirror scratch my ass take out buttplug get ready for work 7am-10:30 work waste time on BOC order machaca...


Us against the fenwick and the world

an anaheim smackdown right here get ready to lose 12 in a row guys some quotes from the article: But how much of their early-season success is for real, and should we be counting on the D...


things for a ducks fan to do while ducks take a break from being awesome

we all know you come to me when you have problems and dilemmas...I am the man with the master plan....a Latin Buddha who dispenses wisdom from his shaft of knowledge we don't play till...


New nicknames for new ducks and thoughts on first 2 games

I kinda started this and then found out I had shit for new nicknames for the new ducks but bored at worked..and did it anyways...so I'm open to new nicknames...Earl is good with them...before we...


f#@& 2012 bring on 2013

first off hung over uuuuuugggggg.....so ya 2012 sucked let me count the ways: lockout court hearings for me shit jobs Connecticut shootings lockout steelerz bounced from playoffs b...


3 mins ye all waste yer time!

hey look its Mike Chen or Earl! My kids are in town...so I’m in a cheeky mood..So far they’ve enjoyed the great pleasures of the city of sin..I’m letting them stay up later..eat more...


Go Las Vegas Wranglers!

Wrangle me some goals partner! I tried to do this days ago on my kindle and well it was like slamming the toilet seat on your penis...so I waited till lunch time at work... So I went...

turns out firefox was an approved browser...I love all of your except Rudy fuck that guy....I dont mean that Rudy..yes I do BUTTPLUG!!!


Fun with penalties pt.1

I hope to do a 2 part series on this…as I got another idea on the penalty subject..well see how it comes out…looking up penalties…I found some of these rare penalties…my commentary in italic ...


Spade's greatest hits

I commented elsewhere I'd put this together...no one responded or asked for it...so this is a pure rub jelly on myself and eat it vanity post..or just an easier place for me to visit my greatness w...

No monetary damages for Ducks GM Bob Murray in chair-tossing trial, despite jurors’ desires


"For the record, Murray said his "accident" with Paris wasn't a fit of rage but rather that "he merely pushed aside two heavy chairs in the narrow press box in his rush to get to the team dressing room to console his players about the loss to the Wings," according to the Free Press." see u guys had murray all wrong..he was probally ordering them all ice cream....gonna present it to them


is it too early for Ducks line combos?

is it too early for line combos? well is it?...when it comes to some things too early is bad


Hockey, Burrito or Sex?

in an Oscar worthy performance...Keanu Reeves once said "what do you do....WHAT DO YOU DO"...(extra points if you tell me from what movie) Whoa I said that? when put in the below totally...

Im not sure I'd be lauging if i invented the buffaslug!!! Blogger James O'Brien called it "a...


Im not sure I'd be lauging if i invented the buffaslug!!! Blogger James O'Brien called it "a horned guinea pig." creator of the buffaslug!!


Ducks Gameday: State of BOC

Ducks vs Oilers: 7:05pm....talk about drama!!The Copper and Blue and Anaheim Calling -- wait, SBN has two golf blogs?! If I'm not gonna make the playoffs..neither will you!! The Ducks...


BOC Recap: FAIL!

how I felt after watching the ducks lose...im the bear on left per own precious Meg: because if they lose to the god damn Blue Jackets there is going to be big trouble Jackets smash San...

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