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Im more awesome than rudy kelly

Im the odd ducks/dodgers fan....was always a fan of the dodgers..when i was younger..but didnt follow hockey..untill the ducks came in 93...Thought...why not watch hockey now? I can grow up with this team...started watching..and I got hooked...they had stu grimson and todd ewen..so they were a blast too watch

love, anchorman....extra cheese pizza, bombay sapphire gin, red wine and boobs....thats how I roll


A Fan Of...

  • MLB Los Angeles Dodgers
  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF USC Trojans
  • NCAAB USC Trojans
  • NHL Anaheim Ducks
  • Golf Tiger
  • NASCAR the redneck one
  • MMA Bruce Lee
  • Boxing Bruce Lee (we share the same burfday)
  • Soccer LA galaxy
  • Cycling haha
  • Tennis the 2 minorites from compton
  • General Green Goblins
  • Fantasy yo mama
  • Winter Olympics USA!USA!
  • Figure Skating muhahahaha
  • Wrestling Legion of Doom
  • MLS Galaxy
User Blog

shut up greg!!

seriously way to fuckin jinx us!!!


Perry? loquacious? and roulette shots!

Perry might not be that loquacious off the ice but he proved that he’s got a bit of personality what?..loquacious?..what the fuck is that?...im not so good with um them there fancy words...I had...


Ducks GM puts ‘for sale’ signs on everyone but Selanne, Koivu

Ducks GM puts ‘for sale’ signs on everyone but Selanne, Koivu The Ducks have virtually no shot at the playoffs. In a parity-filled league, there aren't a ton of sellers at this point in...


Ducks Gameday: take a (Blue) middle finger

Anaheim Ducks (on the road again...gonna suck on the road again) at St. Louis Blues(sex offender central) 5 pmSt.Louis Game Time and Anaheim Calling-- take the saint out of the name.. A request...


as a Ducks fan I'm thankful for...

nothing...you've fuckin ruined my hockey season assholes..ok wait I take that back..you've gave me my life back im thankful for that..as I don't plan around gamedays anymore...   this is what Im...


Ducks Gameday: more than meets the eye?

hey look its jonathan cheechoo or Next Game Minnesota Wild @ Anaheim Ducks Sunday, Nov 13, 2011, 5:00 PM PSTHonda Center Complete Coverage > ill admit I didnt watch much of...


Sacrifce to the altar of the hockey gawds!

hey the ducks fucking stink right now...worse than unserviced waterless urinals...which iv'e had to deal with here at work.(we had them installed yet never gave maintenance O&M manuals on how and...

Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 3

  Spade has the conch shell and is writing this week's report and will take full advantage and do what I want. I hate that goalies determine a majority of the winners...so Im gonna go ahead and...


Hawks-Ducks 10/25 Recap: Questions and Answers on the Ducks

    back to his darth hiller self!...what? toews making a play? stay clear of heywards jizz! questions pending: -how to get the 3rd line going again?..alot last nite had to do with special...



    Patron on the rocks and I?m ready for some stats The women come around everytime I showing stats Their panties hit the ground everytime I give em stats So cups in the air, everybody...


Ducks vs Sharks Recap: to the victor goes the spoils

       pretend the guy is the ducks...minus the pink shirt...and dumb hair....

u hate commenting and having to scroll down all the comments on gameday?... me too..comment...


u hate commenting and having to scroll down all the comments on gameday?... me too..comment here p.s. ebbet will not be the road team scoring on nabokov..i totally bet none of this happens...except the scoring part


Spade Sharks vs Ducks Preview: a sit down with Niles and Martin Crane

I'm a big "frasier" fan as some of you know...and watching a movie with david hyde pierce where he had conversations with imaginary people last nite..it gave me this idea...I sat down with Niles...


Barstool and Max Mcstache!

barstools beware!!!  I want your soul...and I want it now!!*   As he sat above the practice rink inside Hartwall Areena, general manager Bob Murray looked at a team with potential but also...


Ducks vs Jokeirt: Opening Day Roster?

    Oh how fun would it be to be at the game this morning our time (9am)...you'd get to watch a tribute to saku and teemu....be around some passionate hockey fans and probally have some r...

BOC and Jack..go together so wonderfully!!! its a little sweet but good


BOC and Jack..go together so wonderfully!!! its a little sweet but good


Spades "Jerk" reaction from VAN-ANA game from last nite

 yea boc did have trouble re-loading...i didnt see that everyone was commenting on the game...thought it was a queit nite...so im re-covering some comments already made...but hey i got...


Totally jumping the gun on line combos for the ducks

hey how fun is it pretend like you know what the line combos will be in Randy Carlye Line-up? about as fun as me you-tubing it all night by myself drunk on a saturday nite....for the record I...


Hockey Guilty Pleasures

The Player You Most Love to Hate Tomas Homstrom..I hate that he wears oversized football pads and gets away with it..I hate the stupid missing tooth look he has...I hate how seemed to scored a PP...


Ducks have 'plan B' if Selanne doesn't return

 aww i love this pic...heal leg damn you!!  this is rushed cuz im suppose to be working btw according to BAwwwb...he has a magical plan B in case teemu doesnt return..link here:Ducks have...

you know how jason never dies and cannot be killed?...well that also describes randy carlyle he...


you know how jason never dies and cannot be killed?...well that also describes randy carlyle he just inked a new 3 year deal ....


BOC bumper stickers

 saw a sight today showing funny bumper stickers...so I got a crappy idea boc bumper stickers...!!! here at 2 of them that inspired me

Cogs Overflow Thread

its an optical illusion the Cogs keep turning non-stop!!! I swear!! My comp is a bitch with over 100 comments so Im posting this to talk more about our new aquire maybe new aquire assuming he...


the Good the Bad and the Duckly: Game 4 Ducks-Preds Recap

  I think Van Cleef wins the staring contest!   I wasnt drunk for this game so I was a little more aware than usual..I thought I'd try a short spade recap with one of my favorite western's in...


UPDATED: Second look at the Preds-Ducks series

  my kinda first look...yup carpets match the drapes..wait you dont trim!!  Oh my gawd it will be a long couple of days till wednesday for us ducks fans...that co-worker who passes the buck and...

No help from the bottom feeders

Nashville is playing the Oilers, somehow, this late in the year. It's like playing tennis with the net down. I don't know who they paid to get this easy schedule down the stretch. You can root against similarly stacked odds when the Blues try to crack the Tippett/Bryzgalov trap later tonight, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Other than that it's a lEastern conference heavy night from Defending Big D freaking hilarious.. but yea man of course..both nashville and phoenix won again...fuckin bottom feeders rolling over like a cheap whore...huge game tonite..expect to see emery...need that victory...2 of there D are out...need to kick some ass!!!

DUCK OR KING? PART 5(Final): lubomir visnovsky

    Before we get to everyone's favorite interview...lets finish off the final king/ducks: George Parros   which one is the real pic?   George Parros   gp g a pts pim ducks ...

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