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SPTSJUNKIE 2014 Draft Preview Part 2 of 2: The model (aka, Like Dalt, if I could be like Dalt)

I have admired Dalt’s models for years and wanted to wait until after his was posted to post mine. As with all models, there are certain biases. But I believe this is interesting not just for the...


SPTSJUNKIE 2014 Draft Preview Part 1 of 2: Draft 3.0 for the average fan

NBA 3.0. Draft analytics. Big data. Draft 3.0. After watching the train crash that was the end of the Maloof era, it’s all very exciting and sounds very sexy. However, what does any of that...

Kings - now hiring


This was tweeted out after the sale was done the other night. Meant to post it then. But for anyone wanting to work with the new regime to make the Kings great again, looks like a number of positions are available. Good luck!

Kings video that will be playing in NYC on Wednesday


HT: Bruski tweeted this out Pretty amazing. I already have 1000000000000X more faith in everyone wanting to own the franchise than the Maloofs.

BREAKING: New potential owners joins Kings ownership group


From Amick in USA today, looks like we are getting that extra money for our offer after all.

Wow, even the Onion has noticed


In all fairness, this could actually be a real article and they could be trying legitimate sports reporting. I'm just not sure.

REAL GM: Argument for expansion over relocation


Somewhat similar to Ziller's article, but always nice to see another voice arguing in our favor.

Truehoop: No such thing as a "tweener" anymore


Mostly about the SF/PF dilemma. Being notably smaller than your opponent is a hassle. Being notably slower, against a well-run offense, takes you out of the play entirely. Putting an undersized power forward at small forward just because he has a modicum of perimeter skill is a mistake, especially as every position in the NBA becomes more and more perimeter oriented. It's a strategy rooted in the past and destined for failure.

Cowbell Kingdom: Sacramento Kings Mini Camp Notebook


Jimmer showing improved poise, Darnell Jackson mentors Thomas Robinson Great to hear about Jimmer. Clearly Hassan is still Hassan. & Jackson seems like a good end of the bench addition, especially with his long standing relationship with Robinson.

Summer League Players - first announced, add others here


Alex Kennedy tweeted out: bq. Free agent Willie Reed will play for the Sacramento Kings' summer league team. So far we have Jimmer, Whitewide, IT, Outlaw, Reed and supposedly Cousins. Any other announcements so far?


Asinine Trade Thread - Draft Edition

Starting to see more trade threads and posts. And even after the draft, we should have a ton of trade speculation. So figured we could use one of these to be our sounding board for all potential...

MUST Read: Wages of Wins Draft Rankings


Another statistical ranking like Dalt's and also much more accurate than Hollinger looking at past examples. This is worth taking a look at. You can save a lot of time if you don't care about methodology and skip to the graph and blurbs at the bottom. Short version: Davis is in a league of his own. Beal, Lillard and Crowder are tier 2. Throb, MKG, Henson, Sullinger and Green all look legit. Whole slew of wings who are pretty fungible assets. Barnes, Drummond, Rivers Leonard and Perry Jones have bust written all over them. Barton and Gordon are two intriguing late first / early second round prospects.

Kings' Sunday Workouts Announced


Apparently 4 days off the week before the draft was enough. Sunday's powerhouse workout will include: Zack Rosen (Pennsylvania) Jamelle Barrett (Saskatchewan) Eli Holman (Detroit) Kyle O’Quinn (Norfolk St.) Kenny Gabriel (Auburn) Alex Young (IUPUI)

Kings 6/15 workout with Terrance Jones & random PFs. Hat tip to RidingTheBench who mentioned...


Kings 6/15 workout with Terrance Jones & random PFs. Hat tip to RidingTheBench who mentioned this was up on Kingsflix in the Drummond Smokescreen thread.

Lillard statistical comps


In this link, the writer goes over all combo guards, but since Lillard is the hot name after his workout yesterday, though this was worth posting. Of note: I have trouble seeing Lillard as a pure PG. His top college assist rate in his 4 seasons was 4.7 A40 in his 3rd year, which was less than 300 minutes due to injury. It’s pretty rare for a player to become a top NBA PG without posting an A40 over 6.0 at least once in his college career. The number that worries me most is the 1.7 S40. The others on the list were well over 2.0. Most guards who make a successful jump from small colleges have a dominant steal rate. It’s a statistic, along with others, that shows NBA ability. That Lillard comes up short here is a big cause for concern. A40 = Assists per 40 minutes S40 = Steals per 40 minutes

Prospect comparisons via Venn Diagrams


HT to GSOM for finding this. Interesting read and visual comparison of different skills sets of similar players.

Statistical comps for MKG


This blog in general is worth reading. This writer got some minor national attention for correctly predicting Lin's success. Looking over some of his past writing - doesn't strike me as much better or worse than your average draft predictions. All very smart writing though. Linking to MKG here, but would recommend reading some of his other write ups if you have the time.

Interesting & Depressing


Very cool article on Stats service that provides all sorts of player data. Worth reading. Why depressing? They also list the 10 teams that pay for the service. "* The 10 subscribing teams: San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Boston, Houston, Golden State, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Toronto, Milwaukee." Pretty much all teams that over perform their talent and the Wizards (just to prove no system is fool proof). HT to BBEECK of Canis Hoopus for finding and linking this article on their board. Thought it was great, so wanted to share.

David Thorpe Writes Kings Column Proving He's Never Watched the Kings (Insider)


ESPN is doing a team needs series for the lottery teams. It measures prospects based on their level of fit, not just talent. Now I actually like Thorpe. He knows basketball. He's a funny, well read guy. But he has never liked the Kings and this article resorts to the typical memefiation of our team and some odd statements. Among them: "Kidd-Gilchrist is exactly what the Kings need, in terms of a guy who can defend and play with toughness. However, considering Evans probably has found a home at small forward, the Kings can look elsewhere for someone who can become a starter in the near future" But at worst, in Sullinger the Kings would get a younger, cheaper version of Carl Landry -- who has been one of the best scoring bigs off the bench over the past four years -- with far more size and upside. Shakes head.

ESPN NBA Mock Draft 4.0 (Insider Required)


Chad Ford has the Kings taking Drummond with Davis, MKG, Beal & Robinson off the board. He remarks: I can't really think of a more ideal pick for the Kings. Every year they tend to get the really huge upside guy who other teams pass on because of major red flags. In Drummond's case, the red flags are production. He has the physical talent to be a dominant pro, but only showed it in flashes as a freshman. If he puts it together, Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins would be a devastating front line. Makes sense. We all know how much Petrie loves players whose red flag is "production." That always ends well.

Grantland's Final Rookie Rankings


Well worth reading. This isn't your typical rankings with a lot of subjective opinion and cheap pot shots. While the rankings themselves involve a lot of opinion, Pruiti's write ups are in-depth and superb, using Synergy Stats to really break down strengths and weaknesses.

Daryl Morey writes a piece on the difficulty of predicting prospect's success


Very interesting read by a respected GM on the difficulty of predicting how college players will fare in the NBA.

Must Read Prada article on young player development


Great article from SB Nation's Mike Prada. It centers around Dragic, but is about the non-linear progression of young players and misplaced frustration. I think Jimmer is going through a lot of what Dragic did. I also think we can see some of our other issues in light of this article.

BP's Kevin Pelton on JJ Hickson on Kings v on Portland


Pelton is a very talented analyst, so I was very interested to read his take. It's worth reading the article, but the short take is Portland is using Hickson in far more pick and rolls and far less spot up situations.

Excellent BP Article Posted on ESPN Insider - Kings Regression

"The SCHOENE projections are built by analyzing a player's attributes and trends and comparing them to a huge database of players with similar traits and development patterns. If anything, the forecasts are conservative when it comes to looking at the volatile early years of a player's career. However, when it comes to [the Kings young] players, the pattern is clear. In every case, the player either underperformed his projection or showed signs of improvement, only to slip back. In some cases, as with Jason Thompson, the regression was stark, and none of the players actually were producing at a winning level. The Kings' young core wasn't getting better under Westphal, it was getting worse. He had to go."

It's the "offense," not the talent. Now in Pictures.

In the post-game thread last, I was harping on our offensive system for roughly the millionth time this season. While our young players make plenty of mistakes, I was arguing that our lack of...

Starting Lineup Set for Monday's Opener


JJ was the first one I saw tweet this. The Kings promotional twitter seemed to confirm this awhile after. Nice starting lineup. This should make our second unit: Jimmer, Garcia, Outlaw/Greene, Hickson, JT.

Kings claim Travis Outlaw off Amnesty Waivers


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports that the Kings have acquired Travis Outlaw. He was amnestied by the Nets.

Stuckey resigns with Pistons for 3 years, 25 million


Every time I see a Butler, Prince, or Stuckey signing I feel even better about MT23s deal.

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