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Likely 7 day amnesty window (this season)


ESPN reporting that is looks like there will be a 7 day amnesty window this off-season. Teams would then have to wait until next season to amnesty again. So no cutting a player mid-season in an effort to make a trade. Interesting concept as it will put more players on the market now for bidding and force some teams to tip their hand sooner.

Tron hates the Kings or maybe we are better off with a lockout


So Ridnour, Rubio, Love, Beasley, Milicic and the defensive juggernaut known as the Timberwolves held the Kings to 41% shooting. Reke has clearly decided to make Kings fans happy by continuing his Ricky Rubio impersonation, notching 9 more assists, while shooting 30% from the field again. Personally, I think the fact that simulated Westphal has only used 1 starting lineup in 6 games renders this whole exercise invalid.

Bizzaro Season Continues - Kings lose to Cavs in BP Sim


On the plus side, BP seems to think that Evans IS a PG as he notches another 10 assists. However, they also think he's a 33% shooter. Jimmer nailed another 2 threes, but forgot how to pass. And Sammy D has apparently forgotten how to play basketball during the lockout. On a related note, I miss real basketball.

BrewHoop Fan Post from 5/2 - Good Cop/Bad Cop: John Salmons Addition


Very interesting read. Basic summation is that Salmons started the season poorly (partly due to a knee injury and being forced to do to much by a lack of options), but finished the season strongly. They conclude he would be a good 3rd or 4th option, where he could pick and choose his spots and spend more energy on D.

Nausea Alert: Chad Ford Rumor


If the Kings, who are already well below the minimum salary cap, get rid of a lottery pick to dump a "not even that bad" 6 million dollar contract - the Maloofs should be forced to sell the team right this second. It should be like a sting operation. Garcia's deal may be too high. But he's a solid player and citizen. And 6 million for 2 years doesn't even put the deal in the top 30 worst in the league. If you can't keep that, you are too poor to own a franchise. Kings should be making this type of deal with other teams.


Kawhi Leonard - Assessing our potential draft pick

       Let me start off by saying I have nothing against Kawhi Leonard.  He seems like a nice guy.  He’s overcome adversity.  His teammates like him.  And quite frankly, I have no reason to be down...

Cowbell Kingdom - Analysis of today's workout with Leonard and Company


Another mediocre review of Leonard, though it was from the same 15 minutes that Aykis reported on. The take seems a bit more negative, assuming "lost" on offense isn't a compliment. Liggins seems like an intriguing second round possibility from the write up though. Take it for what it's worth.

Yahoo Mock Draft 3.0 - Jimmer Fanboys Unite


Yahoo follows The Hoops Report and Draftexpress by moving Jimmer into our slot. Somewhere in the distance Bearking danced, Otis let out a disturbing groan and Section moved one step closer to accepting our team's destiny.


Back to Basketball - Initial Draft Primer & Discussion

So I am a draft junkie.  Since I was a little kid, I have followed the draft way too closely.  Call it a side effect on the PX of the Kings Fan pill I swallowed when I was 6.  The 80s and 90s gave...

With the very real possibility the Maloofs will take on Stern and try to file an anti-trust suit...


With the very real possibility the Maloofs will take on Stern and try to file an anti-trust suit against the league, I couldn't resist staying up way too late on a work night to show everyone how I feel. Full size here

Rockets to Interview Ellie for Coaching Job


Yeah, I guess anytime you have the chance to replace one of the best coaches in the game with an assistant from a 24 win team, you pretty much have to take your shot. And I don't mean to condemn someone for a mistake. Shoot, DUIs are given out like candy in LA. But he got one within the last year. Is this the best PR? 90% chance he doesn't get hired, but still.

Give Kobe Credit


Kobe took flak here last week for his anti-gay slur. He deserved that fully. However, whether this is PR or genuine, Kobe deserves some credit for putting a positive message into the world. Kobe and his [redacted] team mates sent a nice anti-bullying message for race, gender, nationality and sexual orientation. So kudos to all involved.


Debunking the ridiculous myth that Tyreke Evans doesn’t pass

  So this is going to be my longest post yet.  However, a pet peeve of mine has been coming up a lot over the last couple of months and it’s this ridiculous notion that Tyreke Evans isn’t enough of...


Reke, DMC, & MT - Can we win with 3 high usage players or more

I suspended my basketball related Fan Posts around the Here We Stay game, as I thought it was the most important Kings related business at the moment.  I’ve been hesitant to post even now with the...

Some Retro Love


Thought Aykis deserved a little love for his in depth breakdowns a couple of weeks back and mentioning the possibility of a Landry-Thornton swap (sort of) in his analysis with the Hornets. The again, I could also point out he TOTALLY missed the boat on our Daniels deal in the EC breakdown. So, yeah, where were you on that one Aykis :)


Pervis Ellison - NaBust

There has been one misconception by Kings fans that has killed me for years.  This notion that Pervis Ellison was a terrible draft pick and a bad basketball player.  This came up again today in...

TrueHoop Takes on Cousins' 2 Technicals


Short version is they share my view. First one he deserved, even if he really didn't do anything too bad. Second was was just awful and lazy officiating. They really lay into Marc Davis saying he showed the same disrespect for the game Cousins showed on the first T by gyrating around the court after the bad call.


Why Martin For Landry Was A Fair Trade

There have been a lot of complaints on the board recently regarding the Martin-Landry trade.  Really, there are two components to these complaints: 1 – Martin is a far superior player to Landry 2 –...


They Say That We're Flying Too High. I Say Get Used To Looking Up.

So on another Kings board there is a free agency discussion looking at 2011 free agents. I am reading it and listening to my favorite new artist, Ryan Star.  I get to the part in one of his songs...


Race To A Championship - Ranking All 30 Teams

  Happy New Years STR!  I’ve come full circle.  When I was 17, the ultimate New Years Eve was watching movies all night with my parents and having Sparkling Cider at midnight.  For the next decade,...


Observations from Arco - Kings-Grizzlies

  Was lucky enough to be at the game tonight (thanks to a generous STR member who gave me their tickets when they couldn't go).  Took my Dad with me.  A quick background for those of you who don't...

Yao Not Coming to Kings - Aka. Duh


Jason Jones shoots down any insane notion the Kings would trade Cousins in a deal for Yao. Goes on to say, we are trying to bring in talent as opposed to saving a few bucks for shipping it off.


Reading the tea leaves - is the Westphal era nearing an end

 The Kings can be a very cryptic team to read as Petrie normally does not divulge a lot of information.  However, the one sign we typically do get from the organization seems to come from our...


To Natt Or Not to Natt Part Trois

So reading over the first two parts of the analysis posters did on mid-season coaching changes (here and here), I thought it would be interesting to look at the long term health of the franchises. ...

One More Reason to Hate the Heat


So you've slaved away at your job. Dedicated 5+ years of your life to selling season tickets for an up and down team. You took the financial hit of selling tickets to watch Wade and some D-leaguers. Now your dream comes true, finally you field an exceptional team. Sales will be easy. Taking care of your season ticket holding customers is your main priority. Except wait, you've just been fired by the company you dedicated yourself to. Apparently paying salary to 30 loyal employees selling tickets was just too much for the Heat. Is there any reason to like these guys?


Previewing the ROY and All Rookie Team Races

Yeah, it's very early.  But try telling me this isn't already way too much fun to start thinking about.  My rankings and thoughts below the jump.  It's worth noting up front though that this is not...

Heat willing to sell 18th pick for capspace


Like trading down, but better. This is pretty much what we have our cap room for.


2010 SPTSJUNKIE Draftboard v1

1) John Wall – I see him as a faster, much better defensive Derrick Rose and despite his lack of shooting would still risk playing Reke and him.  Could be the best offensive and defensive...

DraftExpress Measurement Analysis - Mostly gushing


Draftexpress starts analyzing the numbers from last week. Much more positive than negative with this class. Although, they also need NBArans to point out that Turner doesn't have Roy's 40'' vertical.

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