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(Formerly stevie ray Braun)

Ryan Braun: He loves it.

Shaun and Yo and pray for snow.

Zack Greinke, on Carl Crawford pinch-hitting for him in the All-Star Game: "I was like, ‘Crawford? Are you serious?’ But he got a base hit, so it’s acceptable. And he robbed a homer, so I guess that worked out all right. It could’ve been me. That pitch was probably right down the middle. I would’ve crushed it."

Ryan Braun: He loves it. -- Four pitchers in history with 8.5+ WAR and <250 IP seasons: Greg Maddux (age 29), Pedro Martinez (age 28), Roger Clemens (age 27), Zack Greinke (age 25).


"We’re here to win, man. All that fighting stuff, that’s for the birds." - Prince Fielder

If Plush had to pick Wearwolf or Vampire, I'm a Wearwolf!

Solve for X: 5.5 (Fielder) + 0.3 (McGehee) + 0.5 (Betancourt) < X (Gamel) + 3.6 (Ramirez) + 1.1 (Gonzalez)... X >= 1.7 fWAR!

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BCB Pseudofantasy League - Draft Order + Rules

!!!*** The draft will be SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 at 2:00 CST ***!!! Draft Order I went down the list of interested parties and used to generate a number between 1 and 1000 for each person,...


BCB Advanced Stat Pseudofantasy League - PART II *EDIT* !! Draft this Sunday, Feb 19 !!

There was more than enough interest for a league! Based on responses to the last post, it looks like we have 18 interested as of now: SRB Tepo6688bcschlesMichael MMr LeamecocdCheeseandcornmasondloR...


BCB Advanced Stat Pseudofantasy League

Since there seemed to be some interest in doing a Brew Crew Ball "fantasy" league based around advanced stats, e.g. fWAR or rWAR or whatever, I decided to make a post to discuss a possible league. ...


NPB Position Players

Q: Is it true that NPB position players coming to MLB have all been busts other than Ichiro?

Heroic Little Girl Reacts to Christmas Present


They must have been out of Brewers pillows; but at that point any sane person would have been thrilled to take the White Sox one. From here.

Brewers win rights to negotiate with OF Norichika Aoki?


Awesome! Edit, brief scouting report (per Patrick Newman on Fangraphs): Norichika Aoki (OF, Yakult Swallows, 28) – In a post-Ichiro, post-Matsui NPB, Aoki reigns as the consensus top hitter. I’d actually go so far as to say that he"s the best pure hitter Japan has produced since Ichiro. Aoki is a line drive hitter with occasional power who uses the whole field. He’s also a disciplined batter, walking about as often as he strikes out, which is rare in Japan. Aoki is short and somewhat stocky at 5’7.5, 182 lbs, but is a good runner with tremendous range in the outfield. The only knock on his game is his rather weak throwing arm, which may limit him to left field at the MLB level. For video, I dug up some batting and fielding highlights and a breakdown of his swing on YouTube. Highlights (from above scouting report) Winning bid had previously been reported as $2.5 million.


Brief Thought on Potential Braun Suspension

We still don't know anything, but assuming Braun is suspended I've been hearing a lot of people talking as if this means the Brewers' 2012 season is over. The fan projection at Fangraphs currently...


SS/3B Math

While I have seen the Brewers predicatively linked to 1B free agents like Carlos Pena, and while I don't necessarily have loads of confidence in Mat Gamel myself, I think the two clearly more...


Opening Day Roster Prediction Contest

Sorry, there are no prizes, but let's have a contest anyways!  What do you think the Brewers roster will look like on Opening Day 2012?  For the purposes of this, by opening day roster I mean the s...

John Axford cameo in Rushmore (1998)!


I'm told Yuniesky Betancourt had a bit part in The Royal Tenenbaums but I'm still working on confirming that.


Shortstop Trade Targets

In the hope that if enough Fanposts begging for an upgrade to Yuniesky Betancourt are posted on Brew Crew Ball, Doug Melvin will be forced to take notice (seeing as he is a confirmed commenter here...

Brewers DFA Mitre, call up Braddock/Gamel


Slightly surprising move given Mitre's 3.27 ERA (though his peripherals didn't back it up)

Long national nightmare over: Nieves to AAA, Kottaras to MLB


#Brewers select the contract of C George Kottaras from @NashvilleSounds, C Wil Nieves outrighted to Nashville.

Map of 2011 Brewers Draft Picks


51 Players selected: C - 8 1B - 2 2B - 1 SS - 6 3B - 2 OF - 2 CF - 6 LHP - 7 RHP - 17 Alabama - 2 British Columbia - 2 California - 6 Connecticut - 4 Florida - 11 Georgia - 5 Kansas - 1 Maryland - 1 Mississippi - 1 North Carolina - 3 Ohio - 1 Oklahoma - 1 Ontario - 1 Oregon - 1 Pennsylvania - 1 Puerto Rico - 1 Texas - 7 Washington - 1 Wisconsin - 1 Three youngest: SS Ahmad Christian (11/23/93, 46th Round) C Dustin Houle (11/9/93, 8th Round) C Mario Amaral (10/14/93, 17th Round) Three oldest: Andy Moye (9/11/87, 15th Round) Chad Pierce (11/20/87, 38th Round) Michael Francisco (8/4/88. 48th Round)

Map of 2006-2010 Brewers Draft Picks


Here is a map I made plotting the 2006-2010 Brewer drafts (Rounds 1-20). Some of the patterns just reflect the concentration of baseball talent, but I also think it demonstrates the Brewers' scouting focus in the Southeast. Plots are color-coded by round (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20) and you can click to see more details.


2011 MLB Draft Predictions Contest

We're roughly five days away from the first day of the June Draft, so I thought some people might be interested in doing a predictions contest just for fun.  The Brewers pick at #12 and #15 in the...

Sporcle: Award Winners Who Played for Milwaukee


Counting former, current or future winners, there have been six MVPs, eight Cy Youngs, and six Rookie of the Years who have played for Milwaukee (Braves/Brewers) at some point in their careers, as of 2011. See how many you can name in this short Sporcle quiz I made.

Sporcle: Milwaukee Single Season rWAR All-Time Roster


Brief Sporcle quiz for anyone bored on the off day. 25-man roster constructed from the best single season rWAR (Baseball Reference) leaders in Milwaukee baseball history. 5+ GS in that season required to qualify for a position, designated hitter based on batted runs/OPS+, bullpen based on ERA+ for pitchers with 40+ IP. Some tricky answers, and one infuriating selection for the bench (beating a more beloved Milwaukee Brewer by a couple runs above replacement, according to rWAR)


Betancourt, xBABIP and Batted Balls

I think most people who frequent Brew Crew Ball are familiar with the stat BABIP (batting average on balls in play), which is usually taken as a measure of how "lucky" or "unlucky" a hitter has...


A Look at Potential SS Platoons in 2011

The biggest question mark entering the 2011 season is probably the shortstop situation following the departure of Alcides Escobar.  There has been some pretty apocalyptic commentary on Yuniesky...


The Cost of Zack Greinke

We all know Zack Greinke is ridiculously good, and given the Brewers' payroll restrictions is probably the best pitcher the team has a possibility of pursuing.  As with any trade rumor on the...


I Wish

I Wish by Doug Melvin Hey, this is radio station W-D-O-U-GWe're takin' calls on the wish lineMaking your wacky wishes come true Hello? I wish my pitchers were a little bit tallerI wish I had a...


Developing Pitching in the NL Central

One of the most common criticisms of the Brewers organization these days seems to be the notion that the Brewers are particularly incompetent at drafting and developing pitching.  This doesn't seem...

Villanueva optioned to AAA, Hawkins activated




Fact-checking Scott Boras

In a recent discussion with Tom Haudricourt, Scott Boras made comparisons between Prince Fielder and Mark Teixeira, and implied that the former would be seeking a contract similar to Teixeira's...


Can the Brewers sign Cliff Lee?

Something to consider... The biggest name at the trade deadline this season is most likely Cliff Lee, and since his contract is finished at the end of this season, he will probably be the biggest...

Sporcle: Brewers WAR Leaders


Here's an interesting sporcle quiz for everybody: the Brewers batter and pitcher leaders in Wins Above Replacement for each season since 1970. I used WAR data from Baseball Reference pre-2002 and Fangraphs WAR post-2002. A few interesting names, see if you can guess them!


What to do with Kottaras and Lucroy long-term?

With Angel Salome’s major league potential falling increasingly into question, Lucroy has pretty much unanimously been declared the Brewers’ catcher of the future.  And, while I think...


Statistical trend: Prince needs (around) 54 AB to get going.

Prince Fielder connected for his first home run of the season today in what was his 54th at-bat of the season, ending yet another "home run drought" to start the season.  There's no reason to be...

Highest-paid Brewers Sporcle


With all the discussion of a Prince Fielder extension, which would surely make him the highest paid player on the team for years to come, I began to wonder what players have previously held that distinction in Brewers history. So I made this Sporcle quiz of the highest paid Brewers for every season since 1985. It's probably not too difficult - there were only one or two I don't think I would have gotten. Give it a try!

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