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Wild Predictions and Thank-You Notes

My own approach to creativity and originality lies in taking someone else's work and making it like 5% mine. In the present case, I plan to steal take inspiration from two different sources: PtR's...

'Twas the night before Finals

'Twas the night before Finals, throughout AAANot a bleacher was stirring because, "Hey, it won't bethe mid second quarter for about 21 hours, let's go get wasted." The TVs were turned off in New...


Quiz time

Because we need some way to pass the time... 1. Which team is this? In a five-year period beginning in the 00s decade - Won 69.3% of its regular season games, starting with their championship...


A warning about the Memphis Voorhees

A team that never says die should never be considered defeated.


Fall seven rise eight to pound the rock

With two more wins in the Western Conference Finals, our San Antonio Spurs will return to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2007. Of course, that was the case just one year ago. Didn't...

Attaboy, Georgie!

I hate - hate hate HATE - seeing opposing fans at the AT&T, and it sucks that Laker fans are infecting the Pacers' building.


Spurs Down The Stretch - Part One

For whatever reason, SPAM (Spurs Peak After/At March) is not in the PtR Glossary. I found that surprising; SPAM didn't originate here, but neither did "Go Spurs Go" and it turns up in the Comments...

Our Spurs and the other, less awesome contenders

Here's the weekly updates on were the NBA's top five teams measure up in five main categories. As well as a look forward to the coming week's Spurs opponents.


A Tale of Two Seats

So I'm at work on a slow-moving afternoon when nothing particular is taking place; my phone rings. "Ahoy ahoy," says I. "What are you doing?" says the voice on the other end. It belongs to my...


The Spurs Contender Watch: The March to April

It gets a little warmer moving out of February and into March. Maybe that's because there's more...Heat? Winning Percentage (Win%) 1. San Antonio Spurs .770 (63-19)2. Miami Heat .759 (62-20)3....

Running down the NBA's top contenders

Since we're entering the stretch run of the NBA season, this seems like an appropriate time to take stock of all the NBA teams with a shot to win the Big Larry. We'll do this every Tuesday.


It's good to be a homer

Stats are good to let you know where things stand, but for one Spurs fan, it's nice to know it's still possible to wear rose-colored glasses where the Silver & Black are concerned.


Applying Pop's humor principle to every NBA team

What does the league look like from a humor perspective? Which franchises are the hit shows, the edgy stand-ups, the cutting edge sketch comedies?


The (Hated) Silver and Black and the Media Message

Andrea Duke's piece for PTR was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. And I wanted to discuss the idea from that piece that the media "filters and shapes reality". It's appropriate that she...


Stupid Power Rankings: The Best Uniforms (besides the Spurs)

If there's one thing NBA fans can't get enough of, it's a Power Ranking. For those of you who don't know, a Power Ranking is an attempt to answer the question "Who's the best?" when the answer...


RGIII, BigFun, and the protection of assets

What do Robert Griffin the third and Tim Duncan have in common? Interestingly enough, very little. And the reason for that is a pretty big deal.

Amare Stoudemire plans to work with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer

Here's a drinking game for you: Read the article and drink a coffee mug full of Everclear every time the word "defense" comes up.

Jack, Interrupted

Would the Spurs' history have been different if Stephen Jackson had stayed in San Antonio?

Memorial Day and The Greatest Shot In Spurs History

Reliving the Memorial Day Miracle of 1999


Which one's Bruce, and which one's Kawhi?

Take a look at these two stat lines and decide which player belongs to which line.

Henry Abbott: No More Hack-A

Mountain out of an anthill IMO. Most guys don't shoot 'em so bad that you can profit from the Hack-A.

Round Two: Suspended Admiration

The long wait to see who the Spurs will face in the 2nd round is about to end, and with it goes one fan's ability to root for his 2nd team and players.

A Meaningful First-Round Sweep

A look at what the Jazz and the Thunder have to do with the Spurs right now.

Tony Parker Is NOT The NBA MVP

He's been playing great, but Tony Parker is NOT the most valuable player in the NBA.

Spurs Succeed In Lockout Seasons, Thirteen Years Apart

Comparing the lockout years: 1999 and 2012 have more in common than you'd think.

Duncan Could Be The First Ever

Tim Duncan has the chance to accomplish something never done before in the history of the NBA.


Ignoring The Simplest Explanation To The Lakers Blowout

Occam's Razor, Chess Tournaments and a willing suspension of disbelief can combine to tell another story about how the Lakers beat the Spurs this past Wednesday.


An Interview With The Smartest Person At ESPN

A fictitious interview with the only person at ESPN who is always right. The only one who expected a great year from the Spurs before the season started.


Always a Spur: Your Favorites

(Thanks to George Hill for the inspiration) I'm one guy who has a hard time rooting against players who used to play in the Silver and Black. For one thing, most NBA players seem to be decent,...


Playing in The NBA: Dream Job, or Meatgrinder

For the next time you catch yourself wondering why that guy missed such an "easy" shot.

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