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Why Jeremy Lin and Greivis Vasquez Are Relative Equals on the Court


"Basically, it comes down to what kind of point guard you want: a streaky scorer with some passing and handling ability, or a below-average scorer with a traditional point-guard skills? Again, these numbers reinforce the idea that there isn't much separation between the two point guards."

Trey Burke Ideal Fit For Kings


Now this article I agree with IF we don't move up

Three Steps to Turn The Kings Into A Playoff Team (Yahoo!)


1. Trade DeMarcus 2. Overpay for Jeff Teague 3. Draft Oladipo (Don't know how) Give me a break on all 3

Front Page Yahoo! Article On Shaq Helping Boogie


"While everyone wants Cousins to mature, it's possible that a certain baseline of immaturity is just part of his personality. As an extremely talented player who also found space for irreverence, Shaq could be the right person to teach Cousins how to maintain that balance."

AEG's Partnership Terms Are Unclear


This had potential to be deal killing but the fact that Shirey is confident in Burkle's ability to out together and fund operating partners just gies to further show Burkle's confidence in investing in Sacramento

Article by Aaron Bruski Comparing Sac-Seattle Markets, Attendance, and Ownership


Bruski has been Kings fans' favorite national reporter to read (or listen to on 1140) during this whole deal. I don't think hes biased, I just think he has his finger on the pulse of this situation better than almost anyone else

Diddy Announces Water Partnership With Burkle and Whalberg


Celebrities have been rumored to be a part of the ownership group, mostly due to Burkle's star-studded friends list. What is clear, if the Kings stay and are sold to the Burkle-Mastrov group, Hydrawater will be promoted through the franchise in some way. But will Diddy and Whalberg be part owners of the Sacramento Kings? Maybe.

Kings Dominate Stern's All Star Post Conference


Seriously about half the questions were about Sacramento-Seattle. Not to keep trying to read tea leaves or anything but I keep getting more and more and more...hopefull

Steinberg Presses Ahead With Microsoft Data Requests


Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is not backing down from a request for information about Microsoft's dealings with California, a gesture interpreted as a warning to prospective Sacramento Kings buyer and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "There's something that doesn't feel right about making money working directly with the state of California – in fact, having some of their largest contracts with the state of California – and at the same time using at least some of those gains or profits to try to move a major asset out of the state of California in its capital city,"

Why can’t NBA teams fill arenas, even after giving away free tickets?


National media takes the usual, out of nowhere, blow to Sacramento and the Kings: "Which brings us back to the original point. If you can secure free or heavily discounted tickets through either the team or ticket brokering sites, why not take in that night’s contest? Even if it is against the Sacramento Kings?"

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