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The Quiet Effect of Eric Mangini

With all of the latest trade news and Jim Harbaugh vs. 49er beat reporter thing that hasn't been discussed much is Eric Mangini, a defensive minded ex-head coach hired to be an...


Jerry Sloan wants to return to coaching...

And apparently he wants to go to a small market. Anyone think he'd be interested in Sacramento? Rotoworld mentioned Milwaukee but I'm not too sure he'd want to deal with another diva PG. Then...

Brian Robinson (aka @206empire) The Hypocrite!


Browsed Carmichael Dave's twitter timeline and he posted this link. Thought it was absolutely hilarious that someone like Brian Robinson, who by the way is a poor representation of SBN writers everywhere, would accuse CMD of profiting off of the Playing to Win Tour... He's just one of those hypocrites up north. Read, laugh, and move along.


Looking ahead to 2013-14 (Gotta get our minds off of the SB Loss and move forward)

I really hope this post gets some attention. I wanted to start a forum for discussion on the Niners needs and potential moves going into this offseason. While losing the Superbowl sucks and will...


Downtown Plaza Arena

Just this even feasible considering the timing the Mayor has from now until the BofG meeting? It took a year for the railyards deal to be put together and that was a tight squeeze. I...


Tons of questions about the direction of this team...

After watching last night's game, I was left wondering exactly, "What in the hell are we trying to accomplish?" In regards to the roster, the game plan, the starting lineup, and etc. The first...


Varejao Rumors

What's the likelihood he gets traded? He's been an absolute beast this year and I think it's good to have him as a veteran presence with all the youngsters on the team. I don't see Zeller...


Our Rebuild Project...Will it Ever Turn into Something Good?

What is going on with our team? If the definition of crazy holds true, then I and maybe everyone else here on StR, are poster-childs for it. I say this because every night I watch our team...


Fantasy Basketball

Is there a SBN site for fantasy basketball? Sorry, kind of rotoworld but would like to find an ongoing discussion on FBB when I feel like nerding it out. Thanks! Also, for sake...


Thomas Robinson and the SF position

So just a rant here...WTF is it with questions regarding whether one of our PFs can play SF? It was atrocious with JT and I will be doubly disgusted if they did that with Thomas Robinson. I think...


Tomorrow = Big Day

Tomorrow, my wife and I will be bringing our son into the world. I've got so many thoughts going through my head right now and I just hope I can be a great dad. Some of my most fondest memories...


Damian Lillard

Personally, if MKG, Robinson, and Beal are off the board by the time the Kings pick...I'm all for drafting Lillard. I think this guy can be a real force in this league and can make an instant...

Utah Jazz Blog - Millsap to Kings a good idea?


The SLC Dunk Blog threw out there that trading one of Millsap or Al Jefferson would be beneficial for both teams since: 1) The Kings need/want another big and 2) The Kings need to spend some $$$ to reach the salary floor. I'm thinking Millsap would be great. Jefferson is the better offensive player but we already have a few alpha dogs. Millsap does the dirty work and would be an awesome pairing in my opinion...thoughts?

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