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Good news - Gill's player from Buffalo activated by GB Packers


Weird news to post, I know, but can't hurt to have "Gill can take talented, under-recruited player at mediocre school in mediocre conference and get him to the NFL" as a card to play in the recruiting game.


Worries about the Strength & Conditioning program

Who is "Big" John Williams, why was he brought to KU, what was his coaching history and track record?  And what seems to be the problem so far?  Will it get better? At SC State: h...


Gill's path at Buffalo - will it be the same at KU?

I am still trying to make sense of not just the calamity that is the 2010 inaugural season for Turner Gill, but also of the future for Gill's teams here at KU.  Gill's new offense, defense, and...

Sherron Collins makes the Bobcats roster


I wasn't following this particularly closely, so maybe he was expected to make the roster all along. But I do know that he didn't have a guaranteed contract until yesterday (today?/the day before?). So good news for him. The link shows other Big 12 cuts and non-cuts (such as Aaron Miles not making the Golden State roster). If you go to SBN's Ridiculous Upside blog, you can see a list of all of the young cuts and non-cuts.

How bad a defender do you have to be to make DH your best position, per The Hardball Times. ...

How bad a defender do you have to be to make DH your best position, per The Hardball Times. ...there are just flat out some players who should be plopped at DH. What this threshold is varies by position, as follows [based on FanGraphs]: Catcher: -27.8 fielding runs First base: -4.6 fielding runs Second base: -18.5 fielding runs Third base: -18.5 fielding runs Shortstop: -23.1 fielding runs Left field: -9.3 fielding runs Center field: -18.5 fielding runs Right field: -9.3 fielding runs http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/to-dh-or-not-to-dh-that-is-the-question/

Bull Run Recruiting Map


I know the content has been flying at us (and thanks for that, good job, btw), but Denver, I'm sure you still have lots of free time - during which you should build a map similar to the one that Bull Run has on their site.

Rany - Royals Report Card Part 2


"Brayan Pena – Expectations: Low to Moderate; Grade: B- Pena wound up with numbers awfully similar to his numbers in 2009, which hides the fact that his book was A Tale of Two Seasons. He started just 12 of the Royals’ first 125 games, and in that time was 9-for-61 with two doubles and five walks, for a line of .148/.221/.180. He would start 25 of the last 37 games, over which he hit .320/.362/.433."


Repairing a broken head coach

I don't have the time right now, but I think this is a topic worth discussing: 1. It is looking more and more like HCTG isn't going anywhere any time soon (based on the general understanding of his...


Where did it go wrong for Turner Gill?

Checking in from RockChalkTalk, KU's SBN blog - as you might have noticed, there have been some SERIOUS problems for Coach Gill since he's taken over at Kansas. The biggest issues seem to be basic...

Scout says KU has a new BBall commit: Naadir Tharpe

Pos: PG Pos Rank: #17 Pos Rating: 4 Stars "Biography: Poised. Smart. High basketball IQ. Does a terrific job for a young player controlling the tempo and getting his teammates involved. Needs to get stronger, but that will come with time."

BELITTLE - why some people want Mangino back

B - Belittle everyone around you, whether they're you're colleagues, your subordinates, or your superiors. E- Emasculate people because encouraging them makes you seem weak. L - Learning is...


Who are we rooting for? Nebraska or K-state?

Who are we rooting for? Nebraska or K-state? It makes sense to root against K-State, them being our rival and all--but KSU is the underdog and NU is the Big 12 traitor.


Fangraph's "Numbers for the Numbered Starters" and "sucky" Sean O'Sullivan

A recent Fangraphs story broke out the BB/9, K/9, GB%, and xFIP for starters 1 through 4 for 2010.  While I'm not going to comment on the methods used by the article (which actually aren't very...

David Price pitchFX analysis - Mike Fast (TheProcessReport.com)


Goes through Price's history (albeit short) at the ML level and how he's thrown and changed his pitch repertoire during that time. Mike Fast is a whiz with pitchFX, and he gives you the nuts and bolts from this point of view.

Robert Griffin from Baylor - is he an NFL prospect?

Griffin has the athletic tools, and he even seems to have better passing discipline than most pocket QBs. But is he considered by NFL scouts to be a draft choice in the first three rounds? (and...

Boise State takes heat for schedule, but is Nebraska's any better? At a 2009 congressional hearing...

Boise State takes heat for schedule, but is Nebraska's any better? At a 2009 congressional hearing about the BCS, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch...asked Nebraska Chancellor Harvey Perlman (then chairman of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee) what more Utah could have done to prove its merits. "They could have played the schedule Nebraska played," Perlman replied. Condescending as the comment was, few could have disputed the notion that [Utah] didn't play the same level of competition as a team from the Big 12 like Perlman's Huskers....But is that still the case in 2010? With debate raging over Boise State's schedule and merits of playing in the BCS championship game, it's worth revisiting Perlman's statement. Would the Broncos -- or TCU or Utah, for that matter -- really prove that much more by playing Nebraska's 2010 schedule? So far, No. 3 Boise State has beaten two ranked foes (Virginia Tech and Oregon State). If No. 25 Nevada continues its torrid play over the next two months, the Broncos could well face a third ranked team on Nov. 26. Meanwhile, the sixth-ranked Huskers could feasibly end up playing ... none. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/stewart_mandel/09/30/boise-state-nebraska-schedules/index.html

Baylor BBall - Perry Jones (RidiculousUpside.com)


Not being BB season, I hadn't heard much about this kid. Lot of hype, but I could still see McMorris eating him up in all three phases.

Callaspo Struggling With The Angels - Fangraphs


It's been brought up a few times, but Jack Moore takes a closer look at Callaspo's recent struggles.


Royals behind the plate for 2011, aka "I hate to be insensitive, but Kendall’s injury has benefitted the Royals" - Rany

Now that Brayan has gotten a chance to play and Kendall is out for the beginning of next season, has GMDM's outlook changed on whether younger, less-gritty Pena and May can hold down the fort? ...


Wither Betemit's days of positive 3B UZR?

Or was he ever really a decent fielder?  Fangraphs gives him UZRs of 2004: 0.9 2005: 2.0 2006: -5.1 2007: -1.5 2008: -4.1 But in 2005 he made 6 errors in 63 games at 3B, so it's not like he was...


Webb/Pick at QB - To Rotate Or Not?

This is being discussed in the Roundtable post, but the following is a bit long for a comment there-- Webb looks to have taken the reins as starting QB, but Pick is apparently still seeing action...

Double-A Transition Monitor: Johnny Giavotella, Tom Milone, Brandon Laird


Johnny Giavotella: Kansas City Royals prospect Giavotella's 2009 season in the Carolina League was regarded as a bit disappointing by some, but he had a strong second half and was well-positioned for success this year. Succeed he did, hitting .322/.395/.460 for Double-A Northwest Arkansas, with 61 walks, 67 strikeouts in 522 at-bats. He's always had an excellent feel for the strike zone and maintained that this year. He was especially hot in the second half, hitting .374/.438/.571. His defense drew mixed reviews in the lower minors, but he improved his error rate this year and if he keeps hitting his glove should be good enough. All told, it was a very successful transition. I gave him a C+ in the 2010 book; that will be at least a B- in the '11 edition.


Charting the season's goals vs NDSU

Denverjhawk had some goals listed on his 2010 season's wish list.  How did the team look in terms of living up to these against North Dakota State University? h...

Rookie Profile: Kila Ka'aihue -- John Sickels


Always good writeup by Sickels on Kila's MiLB progression and what scouts have thought of him along the way.

Kila Busts Out - Fangraphs


Not a whole lot to see here, mostly a call to judge Kila on more AB than just the ones he'll get this season.

A Post About Ned Yost (Pena/Kendall)


Short bit about how Pena should get the bulk of the starts, not Kendall. Old news to us, of course, but finding out about Pena's true ability as a ML hitter (and defender, as per commenters) is worth more than the (theoretical) wins Kendall might provide.

Butler hates the DH


Anyone weigh in on this:? "Butler wants no part of being a DH." from ESPN Insider

Top 5 Royals Facebook comments of the Day #2

  1. I'm not actually going to post these every day. Just humor me.
  2. Matt Yutzy - Trade Butler n Guillen they are the two worst players the royals have had in years!! Notice how those two made two outs to start the ninth!! Butler is a fat baby face ! He leads the majors in hitting into double plays!!
  3. Ryan Heffernon - Jose guillen will get traded but it isnt great news, guillens the only player on our team that is a power threat and tgat can drive in runs. Jose Guillen is very missunderstood and was actually a good player.
  4. Casey Jones - Would be an awesome player if he pulled up his helmet. AAA has little league helmets where you can't pull the helmet down without it being all jacked up.
  5. Daniel O'Dell - i would have rather lost than have gordan win it for us

Top 5 Royals Facebook comments of the day

  1. Bryan West I'm so tired of hearing about "developement for the future", they've been telling us for 15 years that we will contend in two or three years. Well, how's that working out? 9,041 day since the last Royals post season game, 9,041 days until the next?
  2. Terry Bowen wtf i cant belive we traded pods
  3. Tyson Greenwalt they just keep screwing themselves over it pisses me off when they trade their best players its like they dont care if they keep losing
  4. Jason Bulman i hate to say it but i am about to trade my hometown team for something else. At least the Cards are respectable
  5. Steven Jackson Somebody smack Ned Yost in the mouth. If you want to create more playing time for Maier, GET RID OF GORDON! ITS THAT FU**ING SIMPLE!

Moustakas off to a cold start -- **With Alberto Callaspo shipped off to Anaheim and Alex Gordon...


Moustakas off to a cold start -- **With Alberto Callaspo shipped off to Anaheim and Alex Gordon definitely an outfielder, Mike Moustakas is the front runner to open 2011 as the Royals third baseman. He's off to a cold start his first two weeks at Omaha, hitting .220/.231/.380 in his first 13 games. He's shown some pop with two doubles and two homers, but his plate discipline has been dismal with one walk and nine strikeouts so far. Sample size is an issue of course, but check out the platoon split: 2-for-22 against lefties (.091), 9-for-28 (.321) with all of his extra base hits against right-handers. "A little overmatched right now" is what I've heard from a PCL source. I hope to get to see him play in person sometime in August.

from John Sickels
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