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Sam Fels was born and raised on the North Side of Chicago. He's been a die hard Cubs and Hawks fan all his life, which probably explains why he's warped in the head. He also grew up in Chicago rooting against Michael Jordan for reasons only known to him, which is why that warped head is irreparable. It also explains his cynical view. He graduated from Emerson College in 2003 with a degree he no longer can find or remember what is was for. He has been a stand-up comedian since 2004, and there might even be five people in Chicago who can recall seeing him on stage. He moved back home from LA in 2008 to relaunch the independent Blackhawks fanzine The Blue Line, renaming it The Committed Indian. He joined Second City Hockey in November of that year, and has been wasting his and the time of others ever since.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago Cubs
  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Soccer Liverpool FC
User Blog

Need More Than A Water Back: Southampton v. LFC


Liverpool have to back up their first win over a top six side by getting past a relegation side.

The Big Kill: Liverpool 3 - Spurs 2


Liverpool finally get a big scalp, and some luck along the way to get it.

To Prove To Your Friends...: Liverpool v. Spurs


Liverpool look once again for a result with resonance.

The Following Preview Has Been Approved....


Liverpool crush Wigan

Around The Turn: Wigan v Liverpool


Liverpool either close strong like it means something or play like it doesn't. Which it doesn't.

Can It Be Done?


What will it take for Liverpool to grab a European spot?

Missed It By That Much: Liverpool 3 - Zenit 1


Almost. But almost is always the lament.

Miracle Needed: Liverpool v. Zenit


Liverpool need "one of those nights."

Naturally: Liverpool 5 - Swansea 0


Liverpool thrash the Swans

Playing Out The String?: Liverpool v. Swansea


Liverpool return to the league, but do they think it matters?

Tis A Fine Barn, English: Zenit 2 - Liverpool 0


Liverpool had a plan. But everyone's got a plan.

One Bad Motherland


Liverpool put all the eggs in the Euorpa basket, headed to Russia.

And That's That: Liverpool 0 - West Brom 2


Liverpool's season in ashes in familiar fashion.

The Hanging Curveball: Liverpool v. West Brom


You couldn't ask for much more.

We All Dream


Jamie Carragher announces he will retire at the end of the season.

Behind The Curtain: vs. City


Time to look at some charts and stuff

99 Ways To Die: Man City 2 - Liverpool 2


Liverpool throw it away again.

Sisyphus: Man City v. Liverpool


Liverpool once again try to beat a team ahead of them.

Music's Over, Find A Chair


The transfer window closes, how'd it go?

It Was There: Arsenal 2 - Liverpool 2


Liverpool throw away another vital win away to a competitor for 4th.

Enough Rebounds To Make Charles Barkley Happy


Liverpool look to come back from yet another bad loss.

A Bigger Minnow: Oldham v. Liverpool


Liverpool look to avoid getting lower league egg on their faces. Because lower league eggs smell worse.

Tell Your Statistics To Shut Up


Finally back to having fun with numbers

You Can't Make Romance On A Subway Line


Liverpool thrash Norwich

The Drink Of Water: Liverpool v. Norwich


Liverpool settle home for a bit before daunting away fixtures.

Is Brendan Not A Fire-Starter?


Looking at whether Brendan Rodgers is only a reactor or not.

Waiting To Inherit The Earth: Man U 2 - L'pool 1


Liverpool meekly go down.

Q&A with Busby Babe


What the other side is saying

Here Comes That Vomit Again: ManUre v. Liverpool


Liverpool head to Old Trafford looking for signature win.

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