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Predicting Possible Playoff Probabilities


What are the likelihoods of winning a given playoff series?

Fixing Ryan Cook


What can Ryan Cook do to improve on his dreadful September?

NOT JINXING IT! A's Hitting versus Tigers Pitching


This is entirely theoretical, of course, because the A's are totally not going to win the division. Did the anti-jinx work?

Brace Yourselves: Let's Talk More Daric Barton!


An in-depth look at some of Daric Barton's more useful skills

The Case for Michael Taylor


Are 81 PA's enough to prove that someone can't cut it as a major leaguer?

A New Undervalued Commodity: Pitcher Inconsistency


How can a pitcher's inability to produce consistent results actually help a team?

How the Stats are Made: An Interview


Dan Lependorf is an R&D intern at Baseball Info Solutions, and he agreed to be interviewed about the process of how baseball statistics make it from the diamond to your computer screen.

A Statistical Defense (sort of) of the Sac Bunt


Sacrifice bunts have long been the bane of baseball statisticians. But in certain situations, the stats might just vindicate them.

Why I Never Stopped Believing in Josh Reddick


Even through his struggles at the plate, Reddick is still invaluable to the success of the A's.

Art Class: The Beauty (and Utility) of Framing


The newest discoveries in sabermetrics show that catchers have a much greater impact on the strike zone than we ever thought before.

Smoke, Mirrors, Magic and the A's Pitching Staff


The A's have the lowest ERA in the American League, but by advanced metrics the pitching staff has been well below average. What gives?

Hold the Phones... Strikeouts DO Matter!


Just how important are strikeouts to a pitcher's success? Why are high strikeout rates good predictors of a strong ERA, while low strikeout rates are not predictive of a strong hitter?


Recent Sign-And-Trades: A Retrospective

Many Kings fans, in the comments section of StR, the airwaves, and twitter, are upset with the sign-and-trade of Tyreke for Greivis Vasquez and a 2nd-round pick. The reason is that in their eyes,...

Does Striking Out Matter?


Since the beginning of baseball, it's been drilled into us that a strikeout is the worst possible result. But does striking out have anything to do with the worth of a hitter?

The AN Poet Laureates


The winners of our Bad Oakland A's Poetry Contest!

The Bad Oakland A's Poetry Contest


The only place to share your writing (in)ability with the Oakland A's

It's Time to Trust Jesse Chavez


Coming into the year, Jesse Chavez had a career ERA of 5.67. In 2013, he's got an ERA of 2.53. What gives?

Bartolo Colon's Historic Season


Where does Bartolo Colon's season so far rank in baseball history in terms of his ability to not walk batters?

Will the Real Josh Donaldson Please Stand Up?


In early 2012, A's 3B Josh Donaldson was a worse hitter than Barry Zito. In 2013, he has a legitimate case for the All-Star team. Which is the Real Josh Donaldson? What can this teach us about developing hitting prospects?

Once You Pop, the Fun Don't Stop


Why should we care about infield pop-up rates? How might these findings help us understand the Oakland A's pitching staff?

Great Debates: Do Hot Streaks Exist?


Can a player truly be "in the zone"? Or are hot streaks just random statistical variation? We examine the arguments of two prominent men in the baseball field.

Times they are a'Changin': Parker's Struggles

Editors' Note: This is another in a series of FanPosts from those AN members looking towards a weekly front page writing gig. This note will appear above every FanPost for this purpose....

What's Eating Brett Anderson?

A quick look at Brett Anderson's numbers is pretty ghastly after his first five starts. He's now got a 1-4 record with a pretty unsightly 7.23 ERA. The most recent start against Boston was the...


A Bee in My Bonnet

I just recently moved back to Sacramento after a five year stay in New York. For the last half-decade, Sactown Royalty has been by far my best source for Kings coverage- but the Sacramento Bee was...

Latest word is the Kings' multi-year offer to Jason Thompson would start with a salary of about $6...


Latest word is the Kings' multi-year offer to Jason Thompson would start with a salary of about $6 million in the first year. As I expected, more than Chuck Hayes, less than Marcus Thornton. Still working on the specifics of the deal.

Jason Jones via Twitter

The 2010 Oakland A's in Haiku

A series of Haikus that I have written on the 2010 Oakland A's. Please contribute your own in the comments!


Smoak to M's, Lee to Rangers

The New York Post reported that the M's sent [Cliff] Lee and reliever Mark Lowe to Texas for first baseman Justin Smoak and three other minor-leaguers.


Kings at Knicks- View From Section 413, Madison Square Garden

I am a native Sacramentan in school in New York, and was lucky enough to go to the game tonight. I was so pumped by tonight's win that I decided to enter the foray of FanPosts here on STR. While I...


The Mysterious Case of Eric Patterson

While I was checking minor league stats last night, I noticed that Eric Patterson had another great night at the plate, going 4 for 5 with a home run. When I looked into his stats, I discovered...

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